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Hack Name: Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen+
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: v1.4.2, Completed, 02 May 2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The intention of this hack is to be the definitive FireRed and LeafGreen experience, adding in many quality of life and gameplay conveniences to make the game more bearable to play in 2021 while attempting to make the postgame better. The main goals of this project are as follows:
  • Implement options that can make the gameplay more or less difficult, giving the player more choice over the type of run they'll have.
  • Optionally remove unnecessary time wasters in the gameplay (health bar animations, text delays, etc.) while adding in methods of speeding up basic gameplay.
  • Maintain full compatibility with all of the games that vanilla FireRed and LeafGreen can link with and maintain the core Gen 3 gameplay.
  • Make the postgame more robust and make each Sevii Island unique and distinct.
  • Step on established canon as little as possible.

List of Features

  • A Key System has been implemented similar to Black 2 and White 2. Accessed from the main menu, this contains several difficulty options as well as the version toggle.
  • 2-in-1. This hack includes both FireRed and LeafGreen in their entirety, played with one savefile. This allows to player to organically catch the version exclusives in one playthrough. The current version can be toggled from the Key System.
  • Easy and Challenge Modes toggles; a built-in Nuzlocke ruleset; IV and EV calculation modifiers; a "No Free Heals" mode that prevents healing by any means except items; and an Experience Modifier are all accessed from the Key System.
  • The built-in Nuzlocke implementation is a special version of the standard ruleset to allow for a semi-normal playthrough. Fainted Pokémon cannot be revived by any means (including with the PC), and the player can catch Pokémon other than their first encounter in an area, those Pokémon will just be automatically fainted so they are unusable. This allows a Nuzlocke player to still fill up their Pokédex normally.
  • With No Free Heals toggled on, the PC will not heal Pokémon deposited into it in addition to disabling heals from the Pokémon Center and other healing spots.
  • Press L in the Key System menu to access the help entries that explain each option more thoroughly.
Better Postgame
  • Faraway and Southern Islands ported from Emerald. All 4 event islands are accessible through gameplay accomplishments.
  • More obtainable Pokémon. Alongside all Kanto Pokémon, 90% of Johto Pokémon and 5 Hoenn Pokémon are obtainable for a total of 246 Pokémon available in one playthrough without trading.
  • Special care has been taken to ensure that all obtainable Pokémon are valid and legal in Gen 3. (With the possible exception of English Faraway Island Mew.)
  • A new Pokédex mode, Extended Mode, lists all Pokémon available without trading and is given out instead of the National Dex. The National Dex is now only obtainable by trading in a Pokémon, not in the Extended Mode. Never wonder again if blanks in the Pokédex are obtainable without trading.
  • Some new areas are added to house the new Pokémon, including a Safari Zone expansion.
  • Master Trainers for the 151 Kanto Pokémon are similar to the Let's Go games with earnable titles for defeating them. Titles can be shown off to other FRLG+ players in link battles.
  • Unlockable Gym Leader rematches.
  • The RS Battle Tower has been ported, and its Level 100 mode has been changed to Open Level like in Emerald so it is more accessible.
Quality of Life improvements
  • Instant text option.
  • Running indoors; toggleable auto-running.
  • Other travel speedups: a faster gear for the bike, hold B to surf faster, cut trees stay cut permanently, BW Repel system, boulder puzzles stay solved permanently, etc.
  • Expanded inventory space with two new pockets to ease bag navigation. The player can hold one stack of every possible item at once.
  • Infinite TM uses.
  • EV-reducing berries ported from Emerald and made available.
  • A new Battle Anim Speed setting in the options menu that skips the slide-in animation at the start of every battle, animates health bars faster/instantly, and can skip in-battle text delays.
  • Move Tutors charge after the first time they teach a move, allowing infinite tutor reuses.
  • The Move Reminder can teach moves from a Pokémon's pre-evolutions (with some caveats, see the full features document).
  • Indicators for which stats are modified by a Pokémon's nature on the summary screen.
  • Press select on the initial Pokédex screen to open the last viewed entry. No need for excessive inputs to see where the roamer went.
  • No evolution restrictions: Pokémon will evolve regardless of whether or not they're in the Kanto Dex.
  • Trade evolutions can also be evolved with a Key Item obtained during the story.
  • All Deoxys forms are included; they are implemented in a way that links compatible with vanilla games.
  • No link restrictions. Trade with the other Gen 3 games the moment the Pokédex is obtained.
  • Softlock prevention mechanisms are in place.
  • All Revision 1 bug fixes are included here, and other vanilla bugs, localization oversights, and tile errors that were never addressed are also fixed.
  • The Roaming IV bug has not been fixed to keep the Legendary Beasts legal.
  • The summary screen can display the met location of any Pokémon obtained in Gen 3, including Pokémon from Orre.
  • Abilities have effects in the overworld, ported from Emerald.
  • The Day Care has been made more convenient overall, and Everstone passing down natures has been ported from Emerald.


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Developer: Deokishisu

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=454382&highlight=Hack