Pokemon Redemption (Italian/GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Redemption
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Emerald
Status: Demo
Language: Italian
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


You are Cyrus' former right-hand man and, after realizing how insane the person guiding you was, you decided to leave and get away from the intentions of Team Galactic. However, your escape from the Team Galactic base does not go as planned and you end up losing your one and most trusted pokemon companion: you, therefore, decide to lose your tracks.

After Cyrus goes missing, your peace is broken by a message of help from Dr. Cavagnoli: he asks that you intervene to foil the plans of the new Hoenn Champion, given your past and your experience in the sector. Although you promised yourself to retire to private life and forget the past, you understand that this can be another occasion: you did not act when you could and you left the fate of an entire region in the hands of a little boy. No, this must no longer happen: it is not only your redemption ... but you also owe it to your trusted companion.

So you decide to move to the home of an elderly gentleman in the Hoenn region, a friend of Dr. Cavagnoli. This person has already dealt with another criminal organization in the past and intends to do everything possible to help you, starting with providing you with a room where you can rest and carefully plan your next moves.

The champion is a mysterious figure: despite reigns undisputed, he has been able to bring the majority of the population to his side by promoting trade, transport and concentrating a lot of scientific research efforts on two projects for the development of renewable energy. These projects are called the Idro and Magma project. However, a much darker reality lurks in the eyes of the population, and it's your job to bring it to the surface and stop the new Champion's intent.

Your goal is therefore to defeat the gyms to gain access to the league and, in the meantime, try to counteract the progress of the organizations as you can to prevent their true intent from being realized.

List of Features

  • Introduced the Pokémon from 4th to 6th gen
  • Introduced the type FOLLETTO
  • Separate physical moves from special ones - Physical Special Split (which in 3rd gen depended solely on the type)
  • Inserted new moves from 4th to 6th gen
  • Added new effects and modified some of the already existing effects to make them compliant with the new generations
  • Changed the title screen
  • Removed the footprints and readjusted the pokédex at the graphic level so that you do not notice this "lack"
  • Removed pokémon animations because they do not exist for sprites from 4th gen onwards
  • New abilities for pokemon introduced in later generations
  • New animations for recently introduced moves
  • Adding and/or modifying the soundtracks to make the work more original and make the boss battles more exciting
  • Modification of the MT and Move Tutors present in the game
  • Editing of the Movesets of the Pokémon already present and insertion for the new ones (this includes both learning of moves by level and by MT or Move Tutor)
  • Modify species of pokemon obtainable pokemon (trying, given the large amount of pokemon, to avoid unnecessary repetitions or previous or subsequent evolutionary stages of pokemon already present)
  • Modification of the Starters: to keep a wheel of types we have decided to move from the monotony of the classic Grass, Water, Fire to aim for something different and more compelling; since even the dragon type was trivial and perhaps a little too strong for the beginning we, therefore, opted for three SPECTRUM type starters
  • Editing of Overworld and Battle Sprites (Elite Four, Gym Leader, Rival, Professor, Protagonist)
  • MT are reusable
  • Different coloring of the stats that are enhanced and weakened within the pokemon index
  • Day / Night alternation
  • Modification of the Pokédex to respect wild Pokémon and trainers that may be encountered throughout the story
  • Possibility to run in the buildings
  • Removed the option to switch Pokémon once a Pokémon is defeated to the opponent
  • Adjusted the Trainers to make the presence of 3 Ghost-Type Starters more balanced
  • Increased the difficulty level of Trainers in the first areas


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Developer: Alghisius

Original Source: https://www.pokemonhacking.it/showthread.php?tid=4880