Pokemon Inheritance (Italian/GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Inheritance
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Ruby
Status: Demo
Language: Italian
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The GENSOKYO Region has always been considered a peculiar example in geography and history books. Its predominantly insular conformation, formed by a huge archipelago, and its incredible closure to the outside world, sometimes even to the cities that inhabit it, is the origin of legends, theories, and speculations.

But the truth is that little is known about this region. Everything it represents in its static peace is nothing more than a reflection hidden by a veil of lies.

A legend tells that very soon the balance of the region will break and the world will change forever, but what role do you play in all this? Will you have the courage to stand up and make your own choices, or will you just be a puppet of power?

What happened fifty years ago?

Why is it considered home to the most modern avant-garde in the POKéMON world, and at the same time a newly born region?

Under the waters of an ocean that seems interminable lies an uncomfortable truth, covered up by those who fear it.

List of Features

  • Male / Female Character
  • Player's first island/home island
  • The first major island in the region ha the POKéMON academy, headquarters of the GROUP
  • The event of the first POKéMON and first theoretical lessons
  • The forest of the academy / Practical lessons
  • Fighting scenes
  • Pokedex with new sprites
  • There are three large organizations that try to divide the control of the region under the table, the GROUP, or the scientific organization, the SPIRIT, ie the spiritual community, and a hidden third, known as "Deus Ex Machina", more formally DEM, their purpose and formation remain unknown. There are, however, two other criminal organizations that will try to overturn the lies of the region by trying to revive its most hidden secrets; needless to say, they will play a central role in the plot. They are the Shadow Team and the Light Team.
  • The plot will involve almost all the legendary POKéMON of the first three generations, some more or less. Everyone will be catchable.
  • It will be possible to find a wide range of POKéMON from the very first courses.
  • A ferry system will move you around the region until you can visit it on your own.
  • The game will leave plenty of room for exploration and gameplay.
  • The ocean will also have its large part in history, with SUB you can visit the underwater world, which will also be a central part of the history of the hack.
  • The name, “POKéMON Inheritance” comes from the region's hidden history, and the reason it is in this crazy state.


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Developer: Xafira

Original Source: https://www.pokemonhacking.it/showthread.php?tid=2238