Pokemon AshGray Walkthrough,Guide

Pokemon AshGray Walkthrough, Guide

Pokemon AshGray Walkthrough,Guide

Info: Pokemon AshGray Walkthrough,Guide
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Author: Olivia R.

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Walkthrough by Olivia R.

Pokemon Ash Gray version beta 4.5.3. detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Fire Red ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Ash Gray (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

Notable things in this hack:

-No use of HMs! There are now key items that have their functions, but this alleviates the pain of having to teach a mon moves you probably won't want later on. Of course, some of the more useful ones like Fly and Waterfall aren’t gonna be in this hack. Surf is here, but is used for Lapras only when you get it at Orange Islands.
-Tackle has 50 power and 100 accuracy, as it was in Gen-5
-Some of the story mons will learn different moves, such as Charmander being able to learn Seismic Toss and Submission and Pikachu being able to learn Double-Edge, Iron Tail and Volt Tackle, keeping in line with the moves they had in the anime.
-TMs are multi-use!

-Day/night system

-This rom hack follows the events in the original Pokemon anime, so if you're a fan of that, you'll certainly enjoy this one.

-If you carry Ash's main Pokemon for certain areas. In other words, events that happen in anime have you choosing a mon to do some story events, and you do get rewards after most anime episode plots. Rewards will be listed in the appendix.

-There will be moments where Ash had lost in the anime, and that happens in this rom hack by way of the battles being against mons which have much higher levels. Technically, none of the fights are really unwinnable, as astute players may grind levels and stats or something and manage to beat the seemingly hopeless battles, but the game will continue as if you lost.

GLITCH: Like other ROM hacks, there will likely be bad eggs in your PC like the one in Box3. Don't bother messing with them unless you want to crash your game, and definitely don't use some cheat codes (you can probably use a few if interested, but don't use certain ones).

GLITCH: Do not use the Teachy TV. It is broken.


Use CTRL-F and the four-character code in square brackets to jump around

Prologue [PROL]

Pallet Town [PALL] and [PAL2]
Route 1 [RTE1] and [RT1R]

Viridian City [VIRI] and [VIR2]

Route 2/Viridian Forest [VIRF]

Pewter City [PEWT]

Route 3 [RTE3]

Mt Moon [MMOO]

Route 4 [RTE4]

Cerulean City [CERU] and [CER2]
Route 19 [RT19]

Route 20 [RT20]

Route 5 [RTE5]

Hidden Village [HDVL]

Route 6 [RTE6]

Vermillion City [VERM]

S.S. Anne [ANNE]

Pokemon Island [PKIL]

Porta Vista [POVT]

Maiden’s Peak [MDPK]

Route 7 [RTE7] and [RT7R]

Saffron City [SAFF] and [SAF2]
Route 8 [RTE8]
Lavender Town [LAVE]

Pokemon Tower [PTWR]
Celadon City [CELA]

Route 13 [RT13]

Gringey City [GRIG]

Diglett’s Tunnel [DIGT]

Route 9 [RTE9]

Fuchsia City [FUCH]

Safari Zone [SAFZ]
Route 11 [RT11]

Sunny Town [SUNN]

North Pole [NOPO]

Route 12 [RT12]
Dark City [DARK]
Exeggutor Forest [EXFO]
Mossgreen Village [MOSG]
Neon Town [NEON]
Grampa Canyon [GRAM]

Cinnabar Island [CINN]
Route 15 [RT15]

Rock Tunnel [ROCK]

Route 21 [RT21]

Underwater [UNWR]

New Island [NEWI]

Route 18 [RT18]

Mt Hideaway [HIDE]
Pokemopolis Ruins [PKMR]

Victory Road [VICT]
Indigo Plateau [INDP]

Route 23 [RT23]

Valencia Island [VALE]

Mikan Island [MIKA]

Mandarin Island North [MANN]

Sunburst Island [SUNB]

Crystal Cove [CCOV]

Show Boat [SHBT]

Kinnow Island [KINO]

Navel Island [NAVE]
Grepaberry Islands [GREP]

Moro Island [MORO]
Golden Island [GOLD]
Murcott Island [MCOT]

Mandarin Island South [MANS]

Yambera Town [YAMB]
Trovitopolis [TPOL]

Trovita Island [TROV]

Fairchild Island [FAIR]

Cleopatra Island [CLEO]

Shamouti Island [SHAM]

Fire Island [FISL]

Lightning Island [LISL]

Ice Island [IISL]
Appendix [APPE]


Get past the text blurb, then the Prof. Oak screens (you won't be able to pick your character/gender, we're gonna play as Ash himself. Of course you can rename him anything, and you can do the same with Gary as well). Also as a reminder, this guide will contain spoilers, both of the rom hack and the anime plot.


What to do at the start? Well there's a Potion in your PC as always, but this isn't important. Try examining the Poke Ball in your room (you can't leave the upstairs anyways). The Poke Ball contains...your pajamas. Ash will lose his hat and will wear green. Basically you're supposed to go to bed. You'll dream about getting your first mon! Basically you'll be dreaming of the starters.

Once that's done, check the Poke Ball on the dresser, which is actually a Pokealarm Clock. Like any anime protagonist, Ash is late. We can go downstairs, talk to mom, and guess what we need to go to Oak's lab. Out of your house, are we supposed to go north or south? Obviously not north, because the lady there mentions you need to get a starter. Unfortunately there might not be any left!

To the south is Gary's house. You can talk to Daisy, who mentions Gary is already there at his gramps. To the south is Route 21, but you can't do anything here. There's also nothing to do at Jack's house or John's house. The research lab is just to the north of these homes, but you should probably take note of those weird cliffs to the east. Remember them for later, then go up the steps to Oak's Research Lab.

Welp, Gary runs into us as we try to enter. Rude as always. Enter, and you can go through the back door to reach the corral and interact with the Pokemon. The bottom line though is we need to go upstairs and talk to Oak. You'll tell him you're ready, now it's time to open up some Poke Balls in the machine! Well you could, but here's the kicker, despite all being considered starters, it looks like you're too late! Everyone else has taken them! Talk to Oak, and he'll consider an option for you...Pikachu! Take it of course, but also you'll receive your Dex and five Poke Balls with it!

As you leave, you'll see your mom at the bottom of the steps. Awesome! We got the Running Shoes. We also get the Fame Checker and the Town Map as well. Pikachu will also burst from its ball for a bit, but whatever. It's time to start on our Pokemon journey.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 95% (surf), 100% (old rod), 100% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Pidgey: 35%

Spearow: 30%

Rattata: 25%

Sandshrew: 9%

Gyarados: 5% (surf), 60% (super rod)

Mankey: 1%

(don’t worry about the above list, you will be forced into events that skip the encounters here for the most part and by the time you can backtrack here the Pokemon will not be of interest at that point)

Go up and you'll be treated to a cutscene. Wild Pidgey appeared! Well actually this is done in a cutscene, not an actual battle. So Ash will call Pikachu to battle it, but it will just go to a nearby tree and sit there. The Pidgey will then fly away. You need to talk to the Pikachu now. Do this and a Spearow will show up behind it. The first ACTUAL battle this time.

Do yourself a favor and RUN. Why run? Because if you try to fight it Pikachu will not obey you.

Afterwards, the Spearow will call for more help to try and peck you out. Just run to the north now, you can't head back anyways. If you get into an encounter, just run because you still can't actually get Pikachu to obey. Eventually you'll wind up at the water’s edge. Press A at the water and it'll give you the option to swim in.

Do this and you'll swim left and up, to Misty! She notices your hurt Pikachu and directs you to a PokeCenter up in Viridian City. Next thing you know you're on her bike, and it's raining! Move east and south, and the Spearows will show up to block you. Pikachu will be launched, getting power from the thunderstorm that showed up, then will shock the Spearows away. The storm subsides, and, whoa, is that Ho-Oh? You'll be automatically off the bike now. There's really nowhere else to go, so head east and up.


Mons found:

Psyduck: 100% (surf), 5% (super rod)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 40% (super rod)

Goldeen: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

At the entrance is Officer Jenny and a sign. She's on the lookout for thieves, well we can easily guess who they will end up being. She'll notice we have our hurt Pikachu and will walk us to the PokeCenter. What a snazzy building! Go in, oh wow, Misty came in right behind us. Oops, looks like her bike is ruined thanks to us using it and the thunderstorm and all. She'll of course leave.

Anyways you'll want to heal of course, but there's something new in the NW corner, a phone booth! Feel free to call your mom. If you use the PC, you'll notice that the Pokemon Storage System is called "Oak's Lab" neat. There's a Bad Egg in Box3, don't touch it. Rest is pretty much the same as in normal game. Anyways, heal up and exit.

When you do, an Ekans and a Koffing appear near you. You guessed it, the classic Team Rocket goons, Jesse and James! And Meowth too, although after the traditional dialogue he doesn't say a thing. Their goal is to steal the PokeCenter's mons. It's your first real battle (one you can actually do too, because Pikachu will now obey you).

Team Rocket Cohorts: Ekans Lv5, Koffing Lv5, P300

Nurse Joy will give you typical battle tips, but you probably know the deal by now. Note that you don't have to worry about losing this battle, as the story will continue anyways. Whichever happens, they'll still make an attempt at a steal. Pikachu will send them blasting off (sadly it happens offscreen, and I'm sure you can't really program this kinda stuff in a Pokemon rom)!

Why not explore the city now? You'll see a gym to the west, and well some bad dudes are guarding it. As it stands, they're not even gonna hide who the gym leader is (if you've played Pokemon, you'd already know anyways). There's a Great Ball behind the gym; it's hidden. The Xanadu Nursery to the south is also locked but we’ll be here much later.

Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Looks like there's really not much to do. You can of course buy stuff and train a bit more and possibly catch some mons to the west on Route 16 if you wish, although you'll be stopped if you try to go as far as Victory Road. When you're all set and ready to go, head north to Route 2. Nothing else here, so head north to Viridian Forest.

Mons found (Route 16):

Rattata: 45%

Pidgey: 45%

Spearow: 10%


Mons found:

Caterpie: 40%

Weedle: 40%

Pidgey: 11%

Kakuna: 4%

Metapod: 4%

Pidgeotto: 1%

The moment you step foot in the tall grass the first time you will get into an encounter with a Lv5 Caterpie. You should catch it if you're following Ash's storyline, of course, but you can deviate if you wish.

Get the Potion to the east of course, and head back to the start. Move north, through lots of grass, then east and then south to find another Potion in the field. Go west of the entrance to a clearing then go straight north. Head left to find a Poke Ball, then try to leave the grass here. When you reach the grass' edge, a Pidgeotto Lv7 will show up. If you want to follow Ash's storyline, catch this one.

Bug Catcher Sammy: Weedle Lv9, P108

After Sammy, talk to the lass who will actually heal your mons! Nifty. Keep going, and you'll see who else? Jesse and James! This time they're after Pikachu. Your first double battle.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Ekans Lv8, Koffing Lv8, P960

They leave. The bug catcher on the left is actually Samurai!

Bug Catcher Samurai: Pinsir Lv10, Metapod Lv8, P96

Beating him has him mentioning buzzing. Uh oh. If you happen to have a Metapod in your party, you will automatically be in cutscene, and asked to choose Metapod. A Beedrill comes in, and then it snatches your Metapod! Well if you remember the episode, don't worry, you'll get Metapod back eventually. Continue north into the house. Talking to Samurai has him scolding you, but he's still gonna heal you. The item here is an Antidote.

Exit and you'll see Metapod to the left. Retrieve it, and a Beedrill Lv8 attacks! Defeat it, then continue SW.

Bug Catcher Charlie: Metapod Lv7, Caterpie Lv7, Metapod Lv7, P84

To the west and north is the exit to the forest.

Back on Route 2, dead ahead you'll see Flint's Rock Shop. The only thing he sells is a Hard Stone though, but it's at a cheap P100. Head north to reach Pewter City.


Despite your possible familiarness, there's barely anything to really do in Pewter City. To the right is a water path and a conspicuous machine in a brick house. Of course you're not able to exit to the right until you can battle Brock, because Flint will stop you. In the PokeCenter, there's a girl who will do the Profile thing.

Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

The house NE of the PokeMart has Brock's siblings! The house beyond the ledge to the north has Tough Tim, who will toughen your mon (in other words, raise your Tough status, keep this guy in mind for a much later anime subplot), except you need a Yellow Shard to do it. That's basically it for what this place has, yep, nothing much. Let's go to the gym.

In the gym, it's just Brock, no other trainers.

Leader Brock: Onix Lv14, P1400

This monetary award will likely not happen, because not a single one of your mons can really do enough damage to win against him and he's likely several levels ahead of you. You're supposed to lose. However, I believe it is still possible to beat Brock, possibly by grinding a whole lot in Viridian Forest (this will take time). That being said, even if you do manage to beat his Onix, the game will continue as if you lost.

Exit the gym for Flint to show up. He'll take you to the brick house and explains Brock's backstory. Inside, he'll give you a Light Ball for Pikachu to hold. Return to the gym when you're all set, and let's rematch Brock.

Leader Brock: P384

Geodude Lv12, Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport

You're supposed to win this one, afterwards the sprinkler system turns on. Brock's siblings all jump in as the area inside rains (read: sprinkler system). This interruption will not faze Brock, who will immediately rematch for the official gym battle this time.

Leader Brock: P1400, Boulder Badge, TM39 Rock Tomb

Onix Lv14, Bind, Tackle, Rock Throw, Screech

Note for this battle, because of the sprinklers, Electric attacks will actually do more damage. But wait, you ask, doesn't Onix have part Ground typing to be immune to Electric? Not the case here. Using Pikachu's Thundershock on Onix reveals you can actually attack Onix with it. After the battle and the rewards given, Brock tells you how he'd rather be a breeder rather than a trainer. Flint shows up and tells Brock to fulfill his dreams and for him to take care of the siblings.

Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

Now I don't know when the PokeMart actually expanded their wares, but as you can tell, they do have new items now. Buy what you need and let's go to Route 3.


Mons found:

Spearow: 35%

Pidgey: 30%

NidoranM: 14%

Mankey: 10%

Jigglypuff: 10%

NidoranF: 1%

Bug Catcher Colton: Caterpie Lv10, Weedle Lv10, Caterpie Lv10, P120

Lass Janice: Pidgey Lv9, Pidgey Lv9, P144

Youngster Ben: Rattata Lv11, Ekans Lv11, P176

Bug Catcher Greg: Weedle Lv9, Kakuna Lv9, Caterpie Lv9, Metapod Lv9, P108

Lass Sally: Rattata Lv10, NidoranF Lv10, P160

Youngster Calvin: Zubat Lv14, P224

Lass Robin: Jigglypuff Lv14, P224

After these trainers, you can find a youngster near some grass. He'll heal your mons. Go up and you'll be on Route 4, where a scientist is being harassed by a Zubat. Step in to battle it (Lv7). The scientist is Seymour, and it seems some crisis is going on at Mt. Moon, which is right here. Note the rocks you can climb for later.


Mons found:

Route 3 Entrance:

Paras: 44%

Zubat: 29%

Sandshrew: 26%

Clefairy: 1%

Middle section:

Zubat: 53%

Sandshrew: 30%

Paras: 15%

Clefairy: 2%

Route 4 Exit:

Pidgey: 69%

Rattata: 30%

Clefairy: 1%

You can go north or east. Both paths lead to a trainer. We'll start north first.

Lass Miriam: Oddish Lv11, Bellsprout Lv11, P176

Get the Potion to the north and head up this ladder.

2F, you can get a Nugget by heading all the way east.

Hiker Gord: Geodude Lv10, Geodude Lv10, Onix Lv10, P360

Use the steps to head back to 1F. The only thing here besides a trainer is a Star Piece.

Black Belt Jason: Machop Lv11, Sandshrew Lv11, Geodude Lv11, P264

Back at the entrance, take the east path.

Super Nerd Jovan: Magnemite Lv11, Voltorb Lv11, P264

We'll ignore the path north of Jovan for now and continue east. East of Jovan head around the rock to find TM09 Psych Up

Bug Catcher Kent: Weedle Lv11, Kakuna Lv11, P132

Back at 2F, the item to the south is a Rare Candy. Head back to 1F by the west ladder. TM46 Thief is up the steps here.

Hiker Vlog (yes, that's his name): Geodude Lv11, Sandshrew Lv11, P440

Now let's take the path north of Jovan. As soon as you reach the steps, guess who? Team Rocket! This time they're going for the single battle routine.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Ekans Lv15, Koffing Lv15, P900

Seems they were here for the Moon Stone, and after they leave, well they'll let you find it I guess. Take the ladder to 2F.

Youngster Josh: Rattata Lv10, Rattata Lv10, Zubat Lv10, P160

Lass Iris: Clefairy Lv14, P224

SW from Iris is an Escape Rope. Go NE now to the ladder back to 1F.

Bug Catcher Robby: Caterpie Lv10, Metapod Lv10, Caterpie Lv10, P120

To the north of the ladder you can pick up a Revive. You see the Clefairy to the west? We'll be there pretty soon...

Ruin Maniac Gunther: Diglett Lv13, Diglett Lv13, P624

Just follow the path as it goes around, and you'll be where the Clefairys are. Go to the big rock and take the Moon Stone. Of course you can use this to evolve Clefairy or Jigglypuff if you caught one, as well as others. Going towards the Clefairy, Team Rocket appears once again (you will have to get used to them coming up often). But this time all the Clefairys surround them, and make them blast off. Then Seymour shows up and decides to live here with the Clefairys (creepy). An Antidote is by the nearby ladder. We're close to leaving this mountain; all we gotta do is use the ladder and the exit is there!


Mons found:

Tentacool: 100% (surf)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 84% (super rod)

Rattata: 35%

Spearow: 35%

Ekans: 25%

Krabby: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Mankey: 5%

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

Just go east (note the rock wall). There's no trainers to fight, but there is a sign that Gary has written on. To the south, at the area past the ledge on the right side, is a small gray dot which is where you can pick up a Razz Berry (it can be hard to see, especially at night). TM17 Protect is on the upper ledges. You can see a cave, along with a PC (?) beyond the fence. Players who are familiar with the point of no return on Route 4 will not have to worry, as you can go back to Mt Moon by heading behind the trees NE of the grass patch.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 100% (surf)
Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 84% (super rod)

Krabby: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

Hmm, what's with all the people near this house west of the PokeCenter? Try to enter this building and Officer Jenny (who's obviously not the same Jenny we saw at Viridian) will question you. Your Trainer Card proves your innocence, and Jenny states that the burglars didn't steal money, but rather a giant hose and a vacuum. Sounds like the kind of thing our Team Rocket goons would use! Anyways you're not able to enter this house anyways.

Exploration commence! To the south of the house is the Bike Shop, but you know the drill, the price for a bike is far too steep. You can't imagine paying that much for a bike.

Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

Well, frankly there's really not much to explore besides the PokeCenter, PokeMart, Bike Shop, the building you can't enter yet, and the water pool (which you can swim in, but nothing important is here. Lastly, there's the gym, so let's head inside. Three ladies are at the back, you may recognize them as the Sensational Sisters. They don't feel like battling anymore, because of the winning trainers from our town. You can choose to take the badge or not, it doesn't matter because Misty shows up once you make a choice. Quarreling ensues, but afterwards you have control.

Go to Misty, then you'll realize something, Pikachu doesn't want to battle Misty! This is where you can use the PC to take it out of the party. Now we'll battle her for a badge.

Leader Misty: P608

Staryu Lv17, Tackle, Counter, Water Gun

Starmie Lv19, Rapid Spin, Water Gun, Tackle, Recover

In case you're wondering, you have to win against her. Rumbling happens afterwards; Team Rocket is back! As you'd expect, they're the culprits behind the stolen vacuum and hose, and plan to suck up the water Pokemon. Misty will heal you, and you'll be back at the PC screen. Now's a good time to get Pikachu back in.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Ekans Lv17, Koffing Lv17, P1020

Goodbye Team Rocket, we'll be seeing you real soon anyways. Misty will then leave to get stronger, but what about your badge? Just talk to Daisy (the middle girl) to get it as well as TM03 Water Pulse.

Looks like the crowd at the house is gone, so we can now enter! It's a mess inside, and the homeowner mentions that a TM for Dig was stolen. Oof. Anyways, you can head north past the house now. There's a few homes here. The one nearest to the house you were in has a gentleman who talks about the badges (although the point about using HMs out of battle is moot, Ash Gray doesn't use HMs!). The easternmost house has Cute Caitlyn who will "cuteify" your Pokemon, but only if you have a Star Piece with you (remember the one from Mt Moon?). I'm not sure if "cuteifying" a Pokemon has any real effect though.

Now you can go south of Cute Caitlyn's home to Route 5, and even collect TM28 Dig here and enter the Hidden Village and stuff, but let's hold off on that and continue north.

ROUTE 19 [RT19]

Mons found:

Oddish: 25%

Weedle: 20%

Caterpie: 20%

Abra: 15%

Pidgey: 15%

Kakuna: 4%

Metapod: 1%

Bug Catcher Cale: Caterpie Lv10, Weedle Lv10, Metapod Lv10, Kakuna Lv10, P120

Lass Ali: Pidgey Lv12, Oddish Lv12, Bellsprout Lv12, P192

Youngster Timmy: Sandshrew Lv14, Ekans Lv14, P224

Lass Reli: NidoranM Lv16, NidoranF Lv16 P256

Camper Ethan: Mankey Lv18, P360

Lass Becky: Rattata Lv18, P360

Collector Ishmael: Lickitung Lv14, Chansey Lv15, Wigglytuff Lv14, P560

Super Nerd Pete: Magnemite Lv15, Voltorb Lv15, P360

Aroma Lady Michelle: Tangela Lv18, P576

Camper Brian: Spearow Lv20, Rattata Lv20, P400

Yep, that's a lot like Nugget Bridge from the original games, except with twice the trainers. Before you battle them though, you can go to the narrow passage to the left and press A at the end for a hidden Blue Shard. At the end of the trainer gauntlet...is that a gym sign? AJ's Undefeated Gym. Seems unofficial, but it's not sanctioned by the League. 99 wins and zero losses? I wonder what this is about. Talking to him, he'll accept your challenge but then again after he wins his 100th time he'll be setting out.

Expert AJ: P784 (seemingly hopeless fight)

Sandshrew Lv28, Fissure, Rollout, Rapid Spin, Dig

I don't think it matters if you win or lose. The sign does change though, which is neat.

The house above AJ has some Pokemon around and a town map for some reason, but nothing else. There's a rock wall to note for later if you want an item, plus another item behind the building that seems to be unreachable! Yeah I can't get it without using the Walk Through Walls Gameshark Code, but it contains TM45 Attract. Let's go east to Route 20.

ROUTE 20 [RT20]

Mons found:

Psyduck: 100% (surf), 5% (super rod)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 40% (super rod)

Oddish: 25%

Goldeen: 20% (good rod)

Weedle: 20%

Caterpie: 20%

Abra: 15%

Pidgey: 15%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Kakuna: 4%

Metapod: 1%

Just so you know, we'll be going to the Technical Institute of Training. Why is it foggy here? And what are these people doing? Joe here is the lowest-ranked student at the Tech, and he needs your help so battle him I guess.

School Kid Joe: Weepinbell Lv17, P272

He mentions that if he graduates he can compete in the league without taking the adventure part. As well as namedropping Giselle. Keep going.

School Kid Priscilla: Paras Lv15, Ponyta Lv15, P240

School Kid Kelsey: NidoranM Lv15, NidoranF Lv15, P240

School Kid Jerry: Rattata Lv15, Spearow Lv15, P240

School Kid Jenn: Spearow Lv13, Spearow Lv13, Spearow Lv13, Farfetch'd Lv13, P208

School Kid Flint: Rattata Lv14, Ekans Lv14, P224

You'll want to approach Flint from as far as possible, so that he moves a good distance allowing you to get TM43 Secret Power after battling him. Of course you can always come back after you get the Hatchet to cut the tree down nearby.

School Kid Chad: Ekans Lv14, Sandshrew Lv14, P224

School Kid Haley: Oddish Lv13, Pidgey Lv13, Clefairy Lv13, P208

Well, we're here at the Institute! Nothing else outside, you can go behind the fence to the west for a shortcut back to Route 19, but let's just enter already. Way bigger on the outside, that's for sure. Talk to the girl at the left side. It's Giselle.

School Kid Giselle: Cubone Lv20, P320

Other things to do are to look at the chalkboard for info about statuses and talk to the teacher and student, as well as the exam she's taking. You'll get a five-question exam here, on stuff most of you probably know or should know, and need to obviously get at least 4 out of 5 correct (the correct answers are No, No, Yes, No, Yes). Afterwards you can talk to the teacher to get the Teachy TV. READ THE GLITCH AT THE START OF THE WALKTHROUGH (in other words never use the Teachy TV). Now let's actually check out Route 5.


Mons found:

First and last sections:

Krabby: 100% (surf)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 40% (super rod)

Pidgey: 40%

Meowth: 35%

Oddish: 25%

Goldeen: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Psyduck: 5% (super rod)

Middle section (with Charmander):

Meowth: 50%

Pidgey: 30%

Oddish: 9%

Bellsprout: 9%

Abra: 2%

If you haven't picked up the Dig TM yet, it's at the SW end of the main fence. We can go further south. Or perhaps we can detour a bit to the west of the main Route 5 entrance and follow the grass patch here? Let's do so. We'll reach a Hidden Village.

GLITCH: If you head back to Cerulean City from the grass patch, there's a section beyond the fence that looks messed up.


Mons found:

Staryu: 90% (surf), 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Goldeen: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Oddish: 31%

Paras: 25%

Bellsprout: 15%

Rattata: 15%

Caterpie: 14%

Magikarp: 10% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Psyduck: 5% (super rod)

Assuming you took the path at the SW end of Cerulean City and entered here, you'll see an Oddish. Battle commence? Not quite, a Bulbasaur shows up and gets it away from you. Follow it. You'll reach a sign saying not to catch any mons here, hmm...

North from the next set of steps is a Full Heal. Cross the bridge and hmm, what are these spots? Step on one to fall in a hole! You'll be in some cave (somehow named Route 6) and if you check the rocks, you'll either find nothing there or find an Escape Rope! Make sure you have some BEFORE entering any of these holes. The first two you see don't lead anywhere, and you'll be stuck without an Escape Rope.

Just ignore these holes as you go south, west, and north. You'll find the Bulbasaur along with Melanie, who'll explain why she's here and did what she did with the Pokemon by setting up the village and trying to catch the trainers who try to catch Pokemon here. She'll then say that Bulbasaur would make an excellent addition to your roster, but you gotta battle it, so talk to it to battle! It's Lv10, if you defeat it instead of catch it it will actually still be there until you catch it. In Ash's storyline, Bulbasaur never evolved, so if you’re following the story, be sure to prevent it from doing so (you can get an Everstone soon by the way).

Jump the ledge by the cuttable trees and head south and east to find a Max Elixir. Keep going east and you'll be back on Route 5.

GLITCH: Near the Max Elixir, a bit to the east, are six or so patches of grass that, for some reason, you cannot walk across. I thought I was stuck, but the bottom patch can be walked on.

Back on Route 5, head south and you'll find a weird stump. Further south is a Charmander! You can interact with it but it won't do anything. A PokeCenter is here, and you can get an Everstone in the rock to the north of it. Inside are two trainers seemingly trading together. The one on the right is Damian, and he's...well, not that nice to that Charmander is he now? Free up some space in your party if needed, then go back to the Charmander. It's a part of your team now, but you'll realize it has 1 HP! Take it back to the PokeCenter. Damian isn't here, but heal up anyways. As you exit, Damian shows up. Yeesh, what a jerk! We'll have to battle this guy.

Ace Trainer Damian: Machop Lv16, Drowsee Lv16, Rhyhorn Lv16, P1280

A word about Charmander, it has the Lucky Egg item, which actually increases the EXP it gets. Also when you evolve it for the first time, it will actually stop obeying you. You'll have to wait until a further event to get this mon to obey you again.

Mons found (section with fisherman’s house):

Goldeen: 70% (old rod), 80% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Poliwag: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

Head south. I believe the Squirtle Squad event is supposed to occur, but for some reason, the Underground Path is completely open. Go east to find a girl who will heal your mons and a house that has the Fishing Guru. He'll give you an Old Rod! What you really want to do now is press A at the edge of the water (not actually to use the Old Rod from the menu or by registering it with Select, but by pressing A at the water’s edge). A Squirtle shows up. If you have Pikachu, choose to battle it, and a cutscene battle takes place, where Pikachu is badly hurt and even worse, taken from you. Enter the cave.

Mons found:

Zubat: 100%

Unfortunately you don't have Flash or the item equivalent, but you'll just have to go along. Dead ahead is your Pikachu and a Squirtle, and here's the kicker, you need a Super Potion to heal Pikachu to get it back, so keep heading north. Zubat is the only Pokemon you'll find in these caverns, and there are trainers here.

Camper Jeff: Spearow Lv16, Raticate Lv16, P320

Bug Catcher Elijah: Butterfree Lv20, P240

Picnicker Isabelle: Pidgey Lv16, Pidgey Lv16, Pidgey Lv16, P320

Enter the PokeMart here and the clerk will rant about how his merchandise had been taken by Team Rocket. Luckily, he has a Super Potion with him, which will go into the Key Items pocket (If you go here before the Squirtle event, the wares are the same as in Cerulean City). Return to where Pikachu is and give it the Super Potion. Now it's back with you, and the Squirtle will also join! (I came here with a free slot, but I'm unsure if it goes to the PC to free space or not). If you remember, this was the shades-wearing Squirtle that will actually bring its item along, the Blackglasses!

Again, this Squirtle never evolved during the course of the anime storyline, so if you want to follow that storyline just prevent it from evolving/give it an Everstone while training it. I'm really unsure why the event for the Squirtle Squad didn't trigger, but thankfully the game wasn't actually broken here. You can't swim in the lake where you fish the Squirtle by the way, but you can fish for Goldeen with your Old Rod. Other waterways will net you Magikarp. Officer Jenny will now say the way is clear and we can continue on the underground path. Take it to Route 6.


Mons found:

Krabby: 100% (on beach and with surf)

Can't do much with those breakable rocks, but we can go directly south to reach Vermillion City. Or we can go west to continue with Ash's story. Bill's Lighthouse is here. Walk to the beach to encounter a Krabby! You'll have to run around this area to encounter it, and you can encounter more, but when you're done, enter the lighthouse.

The door's locked, so ring the bell. Use the PC you see to call Oak who'll explain why you can only carry six mons with you (but you know that already). And like in the show, you see a Kabuto costume. Bill wants you to push a button so he can finally get out of it. He'll give his usual exposition shill, and mentions that he wants to see Dragonite (as a bonus, it shows up on your dex!). Now you're done with this segment, let's go to Vermillion City


Mons found:

Krabby: 100% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 44% (super rod)

Shellder: 40% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

Head to the PokeCenter and talk to the boy to confirm the next event, which is of course challenging Lt. Surge. The boy of course mentions how tough the Lt. is of course, and that he has to heal his Rattata. Talk to the girl to get the Vs. Seeker! The house to the east has Cool Carl, who'll "cool-ify" your mon much like Cute Caitlyn, except it's for coolness and for the price of a Red Shard.

Mart Wares

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

Route 9 is to the east, but the tree prevents you from going anywhere. You also cannot board the S.S. Anne without a ticket. The Pokemon Fan Club is above the gym. Make sure you have the three Kanto starters, unevolved, and talk to the individual members and show them. If you do, you can talk to the chairman to get an Exp. Share! Enter the gym now. This time, we have two cronies to take care of.

Engineer Dwayne: Magnemite Lv21, Voltorb Lv21, P1008

Battle Girl Tess: Electabuzz Lv23, P644


You'll have to talk to both of these guys a second time, in order to remove the electric fences. Ready?

Leader Lt. Surge: P800, Thunderbadge, TM34 Shock Wave

Raichu Lv25, Thunderbolt, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Body Slam

Note that if you lose to Lt. Surge, you can get a Thunderstone from the PokeCenter if you wish to evolve Pikachu, but if you know the story you probably shouldn't do this. Just train more (here's a hint, the Dig TM will be helpful, and TMs are reusable too).

Head east and you'll find the dopey girls, who'll give you the S.A. Ticket! Now we can board.


Board the ship, and as you go past the sailor, it starts to cruise! First things first, head right to find Nurse Joy, which is a good healing spot. You'll find a lot of bored trainers here on this ship, so her presence is quite welcome. Head south from her to the kitchen. Get the Great Ball in the SW corner, then inspect the trash cans at the east side to get some berries. Leave and let's start battling some trainers to pass time, starting with the nearest cabin.

Gentleman Thomas: Growlithe Lv18, Growlithe Lv18, P1584

The next cabin doesn't have a trainer, but a girl who gives advice. Go to the next cabin.

Gentleman Arthur: NidoranM Lv19, NidoranF Lv19, P1672

Again, nothing in the next cabin over other than a retired couple, go to the next cabin. Well, again, no battle, just a bunch of kids talking about their starters. The guy near this cabin is the Magikarp salesman, and you can buy one in P500, but you're better off fishing one instead. Into the next cabin.

Youngster Tyler: Starmie Lv21, P336

Get TM31 Brick Break and continue inspecting cabins. Well this is the last one, and the guy here isn't a trainer either. There's an upstairs and a downstairs corridor here. Let's go south to the downstairs corridor first. You can get a Hyper Potion in the nearby trashcan, and let's go ahead and inspect more cabins! The first one has a girl who has an Oddish, but doesn't battle. The next one has a sailor, as does the next one you come across after that.

Sailor Duncan: Horsea Lv17, Shellder Lv17, Tentacool Lv17, P544

Sailor Dylan: Horsea Lv17, Horsea Lv17, Horsea Lv17, P544

Get the Ether in Dylan's room.

Sailor Huey: Tentacool Lv18, Staryu Lv18, P576

TM44 Rest is inside this cabin. That's it for the bottom area, as the last cabin is locked. Head back up and to the second floor! This time the cabins are from left to right. In the first one, you have to talk to the Sailor to battle him.

Sailor Trevor: Machop Lv17, Tentacool Lv17, P544

The next area has two sailors. The one on the left mentions that dust is in the room. Sure enough, a Stardust is inside, but you'll have to battle the other guy.

Sailor Phillip: Machop Lv20, P640

The old man in the next cabin mentions a Hatchet, hmm... Next cabin.

Lass Dawn: Rattata Lv18, Pikachu Lv18, P288

Sailor Jackson: Growlithe Lv17, Ponyta Lv17, P1224

An X Attack is in this cabin. Next is a sailor who mentions the Orange Archipelago. Don't worry, we'll be there in this rom hack some time. Another non-battler is in the final cabin. You can head up to the captain's room via the NE stairs, but there's nothing of interest. We should go upstairs to the SW. Another hallway later and we're on the main deck!

Sailor Edmond: Magikarp Lv18, Shellder Lv18, P576

Now let's talk to the gentleman with the Raticate, excuse me, Ratic8, and battle him.

Gentleman Brooks: Raticate Lv20, P1760

Uh, no, how was that a draw? Anyways, hopefully you have a Butterfree with you for this event. We'll trade with his Raticate. Note that it's Lv20 and holds a Macho Brace item. Make your way back to the entrance...is that James? He'll buy a Magikarp and run off, not noticing you. You'll want to go to B1F now, because our goal is to go to that locked cabin. Uh oh, Team Rocket grunts!

Team Rocket Grunt: Machop Lv18, Zubat Lv18, P1080

Team Rocket Goon: Grimer Lv18, NidoranM Lv18, P1080

Team Rocket Lackey: Beedrill Lv21, P1260

Team Rocket Superior: Tentacool Lv20, Golbat Lv22, P1320

And the moment you've been waiting for, the locked cabin. Enter to get the Hatchet! Hooray for your first HM replacement tool! Try to go back upstairs for your best buds Jesse & James to show up. It seems they were the ones who gave the tickets to people by being the dopey girls (ah yes, James first crossdressed in this one).

Team Rocket Cohorts: Ekans Lv25, Koffing Lv25, P1500

Team Rocket goes away. Want your Butterfree back? You can by going back to the main deck and talking with Brooks. Afterwards, head downstairs and east, then you'll hear a rumble. Run to the Captain's room and talk to him. He'll run off and the ship will suddenly capsize! You'll now be on the ceiling! You'll want to go to the crack in the wall and use the Hatchet now. You'll be in the Kanto Ocean. Swim east and you'll spot your friendly goons tossing Magikarp into the ocean. It'll evolve into Gyarados, then blast them off. It's our turn to battle the Gyarados. It's Lv25. Then it will summon more Gyarados and it will start to rain.


Here we are on Pokemon Island. Huh? Your mons are gone! Head west. You'll see a phone booth, but it's not working, plus a Slowpoke on a rock. Head west and Zapdos will push you further west. The Poke Ball here is one of your mons! Take it, although you cannot do anything yet with your mons. The remaining ones are near these weird train tracks in this area that says "KEEP OUT!", and there's also a giant Pikachu (which is actually a machine) here.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 95% (surf)

Horsea: 80% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

Talk to the lady to return to the mainland, at Porta Vista. It mentions Route 6 when you arrive, well checking the map reveals that well we are there, sort of. If you go south, you'll realize that you're actually at the breakable rocks from before. So we are on Route 6 after all. We can talk to the girl who brought us here to heal our mons. This arc covers the episodes Beauty and the Beach and Tentacool & Tentacruel.

Swimmer Todd: Goldeen Lv20, P1200

Swimmer Cara: Horsea Lv15, Horsea Lv15, Shellder Lv15, Horsea Lv15, P360

Swimmer Ellen: Krabby Lv18, Slowpoke Lv18, P432

Swimmer Eric: Tentacool Lv20, P1200

We see Brutella's Ocean Chateau and Moe's Seaside Restaurant here. Brutella's has nothing of interest, and the owner is quite unfriendly. At Moe's talk to the old man, and he'll mention how the competing Brutella will probably buy his yacht, looks like someone's losing. Your mom and Oak are here too. Leave and go to the gathering of people above you. It's the Porta Vista Beach Beauty and Pokemon Costume Contest. Your hated rival Gary is here too, but he's not interested in battling and walks off.

Follow him north to another building. If you go around it, you can talk to the guy who mentions that a Nastina is building a new hotel, and the camera pans west to the construction site. Go inside the building at the top of the hill and talk to Nastina in the middle, who tells you that something should be done regarding the Tentacool who disrupt the construction project. Accept the job and go back to the guy behind the building. He'll say the same thing as before, except now Tentacool have arrived! The four Tentacool then fuse together and create Tentacruel! You'll have to battle a Lv25 Tentacruel. You actually are not able to catch it, if you must know, so defeat it. Doing so will have it issue a "warning" and it will leave. The guy will now fairy (this is supposed to say ferry) guests to and from Maiden's Peak.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 90% (surf)

Qwilfish: 40% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Horsea: 5% (surf), 80% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)
Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

You're in a different part of Route 6. If you go along the beach's edge and west, you'll reach the events for the next episode (we're currently on the Ghost of Maiden's Peak, that is the one after this). To the north is Saffron City but you cannot enter from this direction. The guy can ferry us back after the event, and mentions that Nastina's construction site was demolished while we traveled here. Talk to the girl on the ledge, she'll mysteriously disappear! The old woman mentions something about it. The guy at the house talks about a Summer's End Festival and the painting near him is the same as that woman you saw. If you inspect Maiden's Peak itself, you'll be in a battle with a "ghost"! You have to run, as your mon will be too scared to do anything.

After you run, talk to the old lady again, who'll give you a Spell Tag. She'll go away now, so examine Maiden's Peak again and your dex will ID the ghost as Gastly! It will explain its motives and how it disguises itself as the young AND the old woman, but then it will go away without a battle. That's it for this event. Let's head along the beach and to the left to reach the next one on Route 7.


You're seeing what I'm seeing, a group of Butterfrees! This is Butterfree Bluff, where you'd come to release your Butterfree so it would mate. You ought to have Butterfree with you for this one (if you don't, go back to the PC in Nastina's to retrieve it). Butterfree will try to dance with the pink one, but will be rejected! You can try again and again, but you really want to head north and talk to the man here. He's the scarf salesman! He'll sell all the color scarves, but I believe the one you're looking for is the Yellow Scarf, which enhances toughness. Just like in the anime, because Butterfree has to show strength. Your Butterfree should hold this Yellow Scarf, then go back and release it. It's done right when you hear the Pallet Town theme. Talk to the girl again to get a Heart Scale!

Attempt to go north and left and a girl will appear, laughing. You'll jump back. This signals that you obviously aren't supposed to go this way. Go right and that same girl will appear, but you won't jump back.


You're actually in Saffron City by this time, and the screen darkens as you do (you may have noticed this if you went behind the Underground Path house in Route 5, or earlier if you went east of the Butterfree Bluff). Talking to the girl will cause her to disappear. Keep going north, and you'll see two ladies who congratulate you on being the millionth visitor to Saffron City! Of course, those who are familiar know this is our Team Rocket cohorts (another one of the times James crossdresses too). They take you directly to Silph Co and toss you onto a warp tile!

If you have Pikachu, don't worry, the event where James grabbed Pikachu doesn't occur. The room you come to has just a TV and no exits, but using the TV will put Team Rocket on air. Just then, the creepy girl from before comes into the room and warps Ash out of that room. You'll teleport to the PokeCenter (as opposed to outside the gym).

Might as well heal up and explore. The ledge near the Butterfree Bluff is just SE of the center. To the east is Mr. Psychic's house (guess correctly to get TM29 Psychic, the answers are random). To the west is where the Rocket goons got you, and the sign mentions the warp pads (these replace the Fly HM). But that price? Forget about it. You can enter Silph Co., and there's no warp tile anymore, but there's actually nothing to do here and you can't climb up any floors.

You can't head through the east exit, and nearby is an...insane asylum? Nothing of importance inside.

Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Repel: P350

One of the houses to the west of Silph Co. has Smart Sid (who requires a Green Shard for smartness). The NW house seems to lack electricity when you look at the TV. To the north is the Route 5 cliffside, which of course if you had the climbing tool, you could go back here, but that'll have to wait. Only one place to go, and that's the gym. Attempting to enter has an old man running to you to reconsider the thought, but you've seen the show, so Ash will go in anyways.

Entering the gym, you'll notice if you examine the statues there that no one has won (maybe Gary, John, and Jack are busy somewhere else). Trying to go through the next door, some punk stops us and battles us to prove we can challenge her.

Psychic Johan: Drowsee Lv25, Slowpoke Lv25, Drowsee Lv25, Mr. Mime Lv25, P500

Go in and you'll see the girl. Agree to the match and Sabrina appears behind her.

Leader Sabrina: Abra Lv35, P3500

You're not supposed to win (though as with the first Brock fight, it's possible to do if you're cheating or have grinded a whole lot). Regardless, you'll have to be the little girl's friend and are now shrunken into a toy town!

Well it's Saffron City, except the people are dolls and all the doors are locked. The ways east and west are not accessible, and neither is the gym. What is accessible though is the north exit. Going here has that old man (who is Sabrina's father by the way) teleporting you back. He'll once again scorn your idea of challenging Sabrina. You'll of course not comply, so he'll actually order you to find a Ghost type that can battle Sabrina. Which means we'll be heading to Lavender Town shortly. The father will be in front of the gym now and will not let you pass until you go that way. So head east to Route 8. Also in case you're wondering, you can't go left at Route 7 yet.


Mons found:

Rattata: 30%

Pidgey: 30%

Spearow: 20%

Ekans: 20%

Fog will thicken at this point.

Lass Andrea: Meowth Lv24, Meowth Lv24, Meowth Lv24, P384

Burglar Bumpy: Meowth Lv24, Meowth Lv24, P480

Gamer Stan: Poliwag Lv22, Poliwag Lv22, Poliwhirl Lv22, P1584

Super Nerd Glenn: Grimer Lv22, Muk Lv22, Grimer Lv22, P528

Lass Megan: Pidgey Lv19, Rattata Lv19, NidoranM Lv19, Meowth Lv19, Pikachu Lv19, P304

Twins Jan&Kate: Clefairy Lv22, Jigglypuff Lv22, P528

Gamer Rich: Growlithe Lv24, Vulpix Lv24, P1728

Lass Julia: Clefairy Lv22, Clefairy Lv22, P352


People mention the dead Mr. Fuji whose ghost haunts the Pokemon Tower. His son resides in the middle house: the Pokemon Adoption House. If you have a mon who's friendly with you, you can actually adopt one of the Pokemon here. Well, it's probably not worth it, since they are the common mons Rattata, Oddish, Pidgey, and Spearow, and chances are you caught at least one of each already. The Name Rater is also here in the south house.

Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Repel: P350

Nothing else noteworthy so let's enter the tower. You'll hear a blood-curdling scream (actually Lugia's cry), but you can still enter.


Mons found:

Ghost: 100% (not catchable, before Silph Scope)

Gastly: 98% (after you get Silph Scope from Sabrina's father)

Haunter: 2% (after you get the Silph Scope from Sabrina’s father)

Sadly, it's dark, and there are holes in the floor. If you fall in a hole, the stairs back up are at the northeast end. If you run into a Ghost, just run. You'll want to head to the north exit. Here, the room is not dark, and it's a fancy dining table with plates laid out. But you'll want to go to the rope at the end of the table. It tells you to pull this. Well, take the schmuck bait and do so. The dishes will all move around eeriely. Try to leave and a Haunter shows up, drops a chandelier on you, and then it pulls your spirit out of your body! The Haunter takes you to a different room. Nothing to do but talk to the Haunter, Ash will understand it just wants a playmate, but he has goals and such, and has to decline. Talk to your body and you'll be back, and Haunter will decide to join you! It's Lv25 and comes with a handy Smoke Ball item.

Are you ready to leave? One more thing before we do, Team Rocket!

Team Rocket Cohorts: Ekans Lv28, Koffing Lv28, P1680

Oh yeah, you guys didn't realize this is a haunted mansion? Why bother even going here then?

SAFFRON CITY (revisited) [SAF2]

Talk to the old man at the gym entrance, and he'll realize you have a Haunter with you. Ready for a rematch? Talk to the girl, Sabrina appears behind her, and you’ll be prompted to choose Haunter. Next thing you know, Haunter's gone! Looks like you’ll have to battle Sabrina without it.

Leader Sabrina: P1120 (seemingly hopeless battle)

Kadabra Lv35, Psybeam, Teleport, Recover, Calm Mind

Again, you're not supposed to beat her. Next thing you know, Haunter shows up and starts playing around. This causes Sabrina to laugh. The old man from before finally reveals he's the father. The little girl in front of you disappears, it was the younger form of Sabrina if you didn't know. We actually get the Marsh Badge and TM04 Calm Mind to go with it! Now talk to the father to get a Silph Scope! We can now go back to the Pokemon Tower to identify and catch the ghosts there if we want to. Now we should go to Route 7.

ROUTE 7 (revisited) [RT7R]

You'll see a PC as you continue west. This is actually a video phone. You'll call Oak, about your four badges, but your rivals all have 5 at the moment (though they don't have Sabrina's). He also says that Gary has caught over thirty mons. On the rock is a Tasty Donut (which is actually a rice ball). That's not all though, you can get a Protein by inspecting a nearby rock, then a Red Shard on a rock a bit east of there. Near the video phone, you can pick up an Ether and an Antidote on two more rocks. To the west of the rock is a Full Heal.

Keep heading west to see a Mankey. Give it the Tasty Donut, and it will hop around. You'll be prompted to catch it. It will get angry and mess with you, and also take your hat! It will also evolve into Primeape! You'll then get your shot at catching a Lv20 Primeape. Afterwards, you'll get your hat back. Keep going west and we’ll be at Celadon City.


As you enter, the smell of perfume is in the air. The Game Corner-like building here is the Perfume store. Of course feel free to explore before we continue our story. The Gym is next to the Perfume store, but the lady in front says that Erika isn't here. Some lady in front of the department store is missing her son. The first floor of the department store is the Service Counter, nothing of major importance.

2F: Trainer's Market

Top clerk wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Ultra Ball: P1200

Net Ball: P1000

Dive Ball: P1000

Nest Ball: P1000

Repeat Ball: P1000

Timer Ball: P1000

Luxury Ball: P1000

Premier Ball: P5000

Bottom clerk wares:

Potion: P300

Super Potion: P700

Hyper Potion: P1200

Max Potion: P2500

Revive: P1500

Awakening: P250

Antidote: P100

Burn Heal: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Parlyz Heal: P200

A pretty decent first floor, being able to buy most Poke Balls and lots of healing items including Max Potions.

3F: Luxury Items

Apparently this is a lounge too, and one guy is suggesting to watch porn! The old man is watching basketball apparently. I think these are both strange easter eggs or something. The Item Finder, Go-Goggles, Silph Scope, and Warp Pad (replaces Fly HM) are sold here, unfortunately they are all priced at P1,000,000. No way you'd have this money by this point, and you should already have a Silph Scope already. This should mean that you'd be getting the others at some point in the story, right?

4F: TM Shop

Left clerk wares:

TM06 Toxic: P3000

TM11 Sunny Day: P2000

TM18 Rain Dance: P2000

TM37 Sandstorm: P2000

Right clerk wares:

TM16 Light Screen: P3000

TM17 Protect: P3000

TM20 Safeguard: P3000

TM33 Reflect: P3000

5F: Drugstore

Top clerk wares:

HP Up: P9800

Protein: P9800

Iron: P9800

Calcium: P9800

Zinc: P9800

Carbos: P9800

Bottom clerk wares:

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

X Speed: P350

X Special: P350

X Accuracy: P950

Guard Spec: P700

Dire Hit: P650

Rooftop: Vending Machines

Fresh Water: P200

Soda Pop: P300

Lemonade: P350

Phew! That covers the department store. Regarding the lost kids, Officer Jenny is putting up posters to the south (this coincides with the next episode btw). Route 13 is to the west. On Scissor Street (a.k.a. Breeder's Lane) the big building here is the Pokemon Lover's Club. You need to be a member to reach the top floor, but let's hold off on this for now. We also have the Salon Roquet here along with Suzy’s All Natural Pokemon Salon, which is for the next episode after the one involving the children. If you head to the building south of there, it is a restaurant. And you can get a free Leftovers from a guy at the NW. Nothing in the home to the east (which is actually a hotel). On Hollywood Boulevard is Beautiful Belle, and she'll beautify a mon for a Blue Shard. I believe this just about covers all those shards I guess. The theater here is completely vacant. Well, we've got some anime episode plots to take care of, so enter the Perfume store near the PokeCenter.

Yes, some very girly girls are here, and you can buy stuff, read, the Sea Incense and Lax Incense, both at P9600. We're of course here for something else, so talk to the familiar sprite here (it's Erika). She'll ask you do you like perfume, and no matter how you answer, she'll then spout out why it's great, with cheerleading-style words, and ask you to leave.

Leave and talk to the woman at the gym entrance who scorns you because you made the remark about perfume. Go in the direction of the department store and Team Rocket makes their appearance. Well, they're not actually tied up like in the show, but they will get you in somehow by dressing you as a girl (if I recall, this is the first episode where Team Rocket helps Ash). This is also the first time, I believe, that Meowth actually talks in this hack (I swear I didn't see any dialogue from Meowth before this). Unfortunately Team Rocket themselves don't actually disguise themselves for whatever reason, even though in the episode they did disguise themselves as Ash's parents.

Well, you're in, time to battle some trainers.

GLITCH: While in battle, the HP bars are a bit discolored, also when you send out a mon Ash's wig changes color from blonde to white.

Lass Kay: Bellsprout Lv23, Weepinbell Lv23, P368

Beauty Bridget: Oddish Lv21, Bellsprout Lv21, Oddish Lv21, Bellsprout Lv21, P1512

Beauty Tamia: Bellsprout Lv24, Bellsprout Lv24, P1728

Ace Trainer Mary: Bellsprout Lv22, Oddish Lv22, Weepinbell Lv22, Gloom Lv22, Ivysaur Lv22, P792

Lass Lisa: Oddish Lv23, Gloom Lv23, P368

Picnicker Tina: Bulbasaur Lv24, Ivysaur Lv24, P480

Beauty Lori: Exeggcute Lv24, P1728

Unlike in the anime, Erika sees through your disguise.

Leader Erika: P1216 (seemingly hopeless battle)

Tangela Lv35, Ingrain, Constrict, Stun Spore, Mega Drain

Weepinbell Lv32, Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder, Poisonpowder, Acid

Gloom Lv38, Sleep Powder, Sludge Bomb, Moonlight, Giga Drain

Team Rocket comes in after the match regardless of outcome, intent on stealing the perfume, and now the gym's on fire! Attempt to leave, and then you'll hear a Gloom's cry. It's in the NE corner, get it in your arms and run out of there. You'll get the Rainbow Badge for this deed, and also TM19 Giga Drain. She'll then re-enter the gym (but wasn't it on fire earlier?). If you enter it yourself, well there's no trees (apart from the ones you can cut with the hatchet) and the trainers are all in their positions and thank you for saving them. Weird.

Now that that's done, let's kick off the next episode's plot, involving the missing Arnold and other missing kids. Go to the Pokemon Lover's Club, then speak to the granny and say Yes three times to become an official member. This will allow you to head upstairs (the guard won't let you pass if you don't talk to the granny and say Yes three times). Go upstairs again, and you'll see kids who make Pokemon cries. Enter the building (building on a building?). The people inside seem crazy, but talk to the gentleman in the center to explain what's going on. If you talk to the Hypno, you'll act like a Seel (like Misty did, but she's not with you). Talk to the Drowzee to take it, then exit and the Drowsee will use Dream Eater, which snaps the children out of Hypno's Hypnosis. The gentleman comes out and gives you a Twistedspoon!

With that done, Arnold is back with his mom in front of the department store. You'll see a funny scene where Misty accidentally catches the Psyduck if you go into the PokeCenter. On to the next anime plot! Enter Salon Roquet, wait, "Roquet"? You're kidding right? They talk about giving Pokemon makeovers, but there's really nothing you can do here. Leave and enter Suzy's All Natural Pokemon Salon next door. Suzy is treating a Chansey, then it's done and the trainer walks out with the Chansey. Brock then comes in, wishing to be a breeder like Suzy. Suzy's got an issue with Salon Roquet taking all the customers. Brock then goes to investigate, so let's follow.

Back at Salon Roquet, the attendants are missing, and the NE corner is open. Head downstairs. It says Rocket Hideout (this is probably a leftover), and you'll see Brock confronting Team Rocket. Seems so obvious at this point.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Ekans Lv30, Koffing Lv30, P1800

Suzy comes in after the battle, gives the cohorts a lecture on inner beauty vs. outer beauty, and uses her Vulpix's Fire Spin to blast them off. She'll then hand Vulpix over to Brock. We'll also get a Blue Scarf. Brock will then leave too. There's nothing left to do here. You're now done with Celadon City at this point.

ROUTE 13 [RT13]

Mons found:

Rattata: 40%

Spearow: 35%

Ekans: 25%

Make note of the rock wall as you go and pick up a hidden Rare Candy about three spaces left of the climbable surface. A Hitmonchan shows up eventually. It's Lv30, and you can attempt to catch it, but it's not gonna let you. Finish the battle and a trainer "hovers" over to him (this is probably an error). This is Anthony, who's training his Hitmonchan to battle in the P1 Grand Prix. You probably saw the girl here as well, who's name is Rebecca, and is Anthony's daughter. She's mad at her daddy because he's too composed on training and should come home with her, but daddy's got a goal in his mind. He's going to be the champion. As he leaves, Rebecca asks you a favor to defeat his Hitmonchan. Wonderful. She's also gonna run off, you might as well follow the two. We've got some trainers to battle on the way.

Hiker Alan: Geodude Lv21, Onix Lv21, P756

Camper Drew: Rattata Lv19, Sandshrew Lv19, Ekans Lv19, Sandshrew Lv19, P380

Hiker Brice: Geodude Lv20, Machop Lv20, Geodude Lv20, P720

Camper Chris: Growlithe Lv21, Charmander Lv21, P420

Hiker Jeremy: Machop Lv20, Onix Lv20, P720

Bug Catcher Brent: Beedrill Lv19, Beedrill Lv19, P228

Talk to the woman at the building here to challenge and participate in the P1 Grand Prix.

Battle Girl Alicia: Machop Lv18, Machop Lv18, Geodude Lv18, Machop Lv18, P504

Talk to her again and she'll leave. Time to enter. But first, enter the grass patch and get the item to the NW; it's TM40 Aerial Ace! Now enter and talk to the attendant, who'll say you need to enter exactly one mon to compete, and it must be a fighting type. Big issue arises because you'll have to get rid of your other mons to do so. For story purposes, choose Primeape. Also take note of who you see back there!

Black Belt Hitoshi: Machop Lv20, P480

Assuming you chose Primeape, the one you caught back before Celadon City, it won't obey you (just like in the storyline, I haven't checked if you decided to catch a Mankey and evolve it into a Primeape yet, but we're talking about the Primeape that Ash catches in the story). I don't believe you actually have to win the battle here, but after it happens, Primeape will now obey at this point, as it's pumped to win. Rounds two and three should proceed as normal.

Black Belt Hideki: Machoke Lv22, P528

Black Belt Aaron: Machamp Lv25, P600

Semifinal round! It's time for Team Rocket! They seem to have stolen a mon!

Team Rocket Cohorts: Hitmonlee Lv28, P1680

Hmm, nothing about a bomb like the episode. Anyways the finals has you up against Anthony himself.

Black Belt Anthony: Hitmonchan Lv30 (holds Black Belt), P960

As promised, Anthony will return to his family. Winning this tournament gives you the Black Belt. Rebecca thanks you, and Anthony offers to train Primeape for his own. He can't get your "only" mon though, so you'll be prompted to withdraw from the PC. Now select Primeape and that'll be the end of this episode arc. Continue left, but go to the grass patch just to the south of the city entrance and pick up a Blue Shard at the end.


Okay it says Route 14, but it's really Gringey City in the anime, with its buildings and such. Enter the PokeCenter. Hmm, why is it dark? Oh, the power's out. Nurse Joy's services as well as the PC are unavailable right now. She does hint at going to the nearby Power Plant of course. We'll be going there for the Sparks Fly For Magnemite episode plot. To the south is a man who will be for the next episode's plot, so ignore him for now and head into the Power Plant.

Mons found:

Magnemite: 56%

Grimer: 34%

Magneton: 10%

The overall layout of the Power Plant shouldn't be different from the original in FR/LG. Pick up the Hyper Potion and keep going. When you can go east or south, go east for a detour that leads to an Elixir, then keep going south. At the next fork where you can go east or south, detour south for a bit to acquire TM17 Protect (again?) then continue east. Again, detour to the south for another TM, TM24 Thunderbolt. The path curves up, and there's a big room to the north where you can pick up a Parlyz Heal. At this point you can just follow the path all the way to the west. Talk to the scientists, who explain the problem being the Muk nearby. This is a Lv25 Muk that you should catch if you're following Ash's story. We get the Magnet for our deed. Leave and go back to the PokeCenter, you can use it now!

For our next episode plot, talk to the guy near the trucks. A group of Diglett will burst around you both, and he rants about them. Also he mentions he wishes to build the Giva Dam. He notices you're a trainer and asks for your help to deal with these things. Now, you can barely see it, but there's some steps to the SE. Go here to find some trainers (supposedly a part of Gary's gang who came for Diglett too).

Picnicker Heidi: Pikachu Lv20, Clefairy Lv20, P400

Pokemaniac Mark: Rhyhorn Lv29, Lickitung Lv29, P1392

Hiker Clark: Geodude Lv21, Onix Lv21, P756

To the south is Diglett's Tunnel along with a hot spring that you can rest in to heal your mons.

GLITCH: A minor one, but if you go on the brown rocks up one set of steps to the hot spring and head to the right, part of Ash's cap clips out.


Mons found:

Diglett: 95%

Dugtrio: 5%

It's really Diglett's Cave, but whatever. Remember to lead with a Flying type if you want to avoid Arena Trap and just keep heading SE until you reach the end.

Outside is a throng of Diglett who will not battle you. They appear to be building stuff. If you continue south to the Underground Path, Team Rocket will appear to attack. They've gotten much stronger now.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Arbok Lv30, Weezing Lv30, P1800

You might be tempted to continue, but first return through Diglett's Tunnel and then back to the foreman, explaining the situation. We'll get the Soft Sand for this. Now let's go through Diglett's Tunnel one more time and through the Underground Path to reach Route 9.


Mons found (1st section):

Ekans: 40%

Spearow: 35%

NidoranF: 14%

NidoranM: 11%

Do you remember this route? If not, use the hatchet to cut the big tree to the west. You'll end up at Vermillion City. This means we want to go east for our next gym challenge. Two more big trees are at the SW with a climbable wall and a Great Ball.

Youngster Dave: Nidorino Lv24, Nidorina Lv24, P384

Camper Desi: Ekans Lv25, Fearow Lv25, P500

Lass Alysia: Parasect Lv30, P600

Gamer Hugo: Meowth Lv23, Poliwhirl Lv27, P1944

What's this weird mansion? You can get an Escape Rope from the rock to the right by the way. Enter and the gym music plays. Examine either statue to see that "to enter the POISON CHAMBER and the MASTER attack the NINJA must turn SOUTH and go BACK". This may puzzle you a bit. The solution is to go behind one of the statues, face it, and go through the dialogue until it reach the "go BACK" part. What this means is the button you need to press is B. This will open the fence.

Stepping foot past the fence will cause a Venonat to appear in front of you. The gym by the way actually has invisible walls, kinda like the original. If you press A at them (or the dark spots in the first area which is probably a glitch) you will see the walls shine which can help. Examine the Poke Ball...it's a Voltorb! Afterwards, keep following the path until a woman shows up with the Venonat in tow. It's Aya.

Battle Girl Aya: Venonat Lv32, P896

She'll tell you what I just told you, how to make the invisible walls flash. Hmm, do we know who this brother is by any chance? Now we should follow the maze until we reach the main platform, at that point, her brother, Koga comes in.

Leader Koga: P1216, Soul Badge and TM06 Toxic

Venomoth Lv40, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Signal Beam, Psybeam

Golbat Lv38, Poison Fang, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Toxic

Huh, no Team Rocket incursion this time around. Two badges to go. Keep heading east.

Mons found (Ranch section):

Nidorino: 30%

Nidorina: 30%

Mankey: 20%

Rhyhorn: 10%

Scyther: 5%

Kangaskhan: 5%

You're technically still on Route 9, but we are now at the ranch part. To the south are some mon pens, and they give a good indicator as to which ones you might find in the grass around here. When ready, head north to the Laramie Big P Ranch. The girl will challenge you.

PKMN Breeder Lara: Growlithe Lv31, P868

She'll mention this is a reserve and we shouldn't catch any mons here (if you tried, you’ll realize they will dodge every time). Next thing you know some dude soars in with a Dodrio and just sort of bullies the girl and the Ponyta. If you don't know, this is Dario. Thanks to his dumb antics Lara's bruised and can't even enter the contest. Talk to the Ponyta to try and calm it down. Talk to Lara again and she'll get the idea that you should race in her place.

Enter and talk to her to start. You'll be on Ponyta while Dario is on his Dodrio (there's no other competitors like in the episode though). The general direction is of course straight north. There will be a segment where you have to cross stepping stones over water, but just make sure you have a good lead. Win, then talk to Lara to get the Quick Claw. You can go back to the race course if you want, but there's nothing of importance, unless you want some bike-like action by riding Ponyta again (did it evolve to Rapidash here?).

The couple you see to the right of the ranch mention Tommy who's been seen with some wild Kangaskhan. Keep going east and the screen blacks out while the R/S/E gym battle music plays for a bit. An Officer Jenny pops from the grass, but lets us off with a warning because we obviously wouldn't have known (plus we can't possibly be poachers now). At this point, we need to head east into Fuchsia City to do this event.


Mons found:

Psyduck: 100% (surf), 5% (super rod)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Goldeen: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Seaking: 40% (super rod)

Poliwag: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Not much of a city right now is there? The rest of the buildings are actually further to the south. The Safari Zone itself is to the north, that's our next destination too. The Safari Guide Hut is to the south of there. Seems Team Rocket is involved with this. Before we go there, let's check out wares and such, but let's also not go too far.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Revive: P1500

Full Heal: P600

Max Repel: P700

Some Safari Zone tips are in the house east of the PokeMart. The Move Deleter is also next door if you want. Both houses have a PC, as does the PokeCenter. The house east of the PokeCenter is the warden's home. He's not home, but make note of the rock that needs a special tool (the item is a Dire Hit). Also a Christmas Story reference if you look at the glass casings. The next is a Fishing Guru's brother’s hut, where you can get the Good Rod. Plot time. Enter the Safari Zone. Go to the NW corner and inspect the left poster, which is a hint at one of the episode plots later on. Also you’ll startle the guy behind the table. The surly guy will let you in for P500 provided you don't do any rulebreaking, otherwise you'll have to answer to his "Thunderbolt Revolver". You'll get 30 Safari Balls to play with.


Mons found:

Entrance Area:

Tauros: 75%

Rhyhorn: 10%
Scyther: 10%

Venonat: 4%

Chansey: 1%

East area:

Tauros: 76%

Rhyhorn: 10%

NidoranF: 5%

Paras: 4%
Kangaskhan: 4%

NidoranM: 1%

North area:

Kangaskhan: 65%

Paras: 11%

Exeggcute: 10%

Tauros: 10%

Chansey: 4%

West area:

Tauros: 43%

Doduo: 20%
NidoranM: 20%

Nidorino: 10%

NidoranF: 5%

Nidorina: 1%

Kangaskhan: 1%

The Safari Zone layout is unchanged from FR/LG. We're in Center Area at the moment. Interestingly if you wish to catch anything, you have to change direction in the grass (this doesn't use up steps) but running in the grass won't net you anything. Anyways, you don't have a choice of path, so head to the east exit, which is Area 1. Climb the cliffside and get the HP Up, then down to the SW to continue. Further NW is a Max Potion, afterwards back to the cliff and down on the east side. There's a Full Restore here.

Go west from the rest house to the next area. If you head south, you'll be back in the central area. You will want to take the first cliffside, where you see the Kangaskhan. There's Tommy, or Tomo as it says here. Since he's been away from his real family for five years, he believes that the Kangaskhan are his real family, before he leaves with one of the Kangaskhan. At this point you can continue exploring Area 2. TM47 Steel Wing is NW of the Kangaskhan pit, just leave the cliffside, get on the other cliffside, and go north. A Protein is nearby, and then if you go west and south, an X Special. The Restricted Zone is past that point, so let's ignore it and head back, this time south to Area 3. The first item you see is a Max Revive, and you can go to the Central Area by heading east too. Another Max Potion is acquired if you go on the nearby cliffside and exit to the west. The rest house here has a girl who caught a Chansey but will offer to trade for a Rattata, in case you have bad luck with those Chansey. Just kidding, she won't trade at all. Anyways I ran out of steps at this point so I left.

Return to Route 9 to see a Kangaskhan and the kid with his family! The reward for this episode's plot is, by talking to little Tomo, actually to teach the move Substitute, which you can only do once. Now, I believe the next episode is the Japan-only episode, but we need to go back to the restricted section of the Safari Zone. While there, feel free to catch at least one Tauros, because Ash of course caught some. If you didn't know, there's a guy in one of the rest houses who mentions something about a rare Dratini...

And in the restricted section, once we head west, who else but Team Rocket!

Team Rocket Cohorts: Arbok Lv34, Weezing Lv34, P2040

Their plan is to use an Underwater Electric Bomb to catch the rare Dratini. The warden tries to stop them, but a Dratini doesn't pop out, a Dragonair does instead. The bomb gets tossed to them and they blast off. The warden mentions that it's the one Dratini he remembers taking care of years ago, and thanks to our help, it's safe. We get the Dragon Scale. Pick up TM32 Double Team nearby as well. Enter the house and talk to the guy to get TM02 Dragon Claw. There sure were a lot of items around here. That should be about it for this place and these episode plots, unless I forgot a few mons (let me know).

Anyways, if you haven't already, receive the Good Rod from the fishing guru, I mean the fishing guru's brother. You can test it on the pool above. When ready, the next plot is to the south of the PokeCenter. We can't go on, since we don't have a bike. What to do? Try going to the PokeCenter and talking to Nurse Joy. Hopefully you helped the warden in the last plot. Nurse Joy will want you to deliver some medicine to Sunny Town to help a sick mon. We'll get the Pokemon Medicine and the Bike from her. Now go back and use the bike to continue.

ROUTE 11 [RT11]

As you go, it's a downhill rush. There's a rest stop to the west with vending machines. We'll be dealing with the Bridge Bike Gang!

Biker Chopper: Golem Lv33, P1320

After him is Tyra. It will start to rain at this point.

Biker Tyra: Cloyster Lv33, P1320

Biker Raul: Mankey Lv29, Primeape Lv29, P1160

Biker Kara: Poliwag Lv28, Poliwag Lv28, Poliwhirl Lv30, Poliwag Lv28, P1120

Biker Donna: Weezing Lv29, Muk Lv29, P1160

Biker Buck: Krabby Lv28, Seadra Lv28, Krabby Lv28, P1120


Mons found:

Tentacool: 100% (surf)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Krabby: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

After the gate, you'll still technically be at Route 11, but we've arrived at Sunny Town in actuality. Talk to the Nurse Joy in the PokeCenter here and you'll deliver the medicine and be asked to keep the bike! When you leave, it will rain again! (I really hate rain)

GLITCH: Well I'm not sure if it's a glitch or not. The rain is one thing, but if you head back to the bike path, it won't be raining at all. Furthermore, regardless of the time of day that it is, it will always be daytime here.

Regardless, the rain is here because of the next episode's plot. Go into the nearby mansion. This is the House of Imite. Get a Full Restore to the left and TM48 Skill Swap a bit north of the Ash clone. You ready? Battle the Ash clone, who is Duplica.

PKMN Trainer Duplica: Ditto Lv35, P2100

She wants to be a big star. Like, someone who usually is in Pokemon Contests and such. Explore the mansion to pass the time. You can get TM27 Return in a room to the north.

Leave the mansion and the rain is gone, but Pikachu is exhausted! You'll be told to go to the nearest PokeCenter. Well, we have one here, right? Let's go back here. Nurse Joy will still heal us, but will point out that the transport system has been broken. There's a guy at the PC to prove that. It's Dr. Akihabara, and we are in the banned Electric Soldier Porygon episode plot. According to him, his prototype Porygon has unfortunately been stolen. Thieves (well you know who they are by now) have infiltrated the digital world and are now attempting to take the mons on the computer using that system. We don't even get a choice before he whisks us away.

Wow, this area is appropriate, a big cyber-maze with conveyor tiles and too much flashing, much like the real episode! Trying to figure out a route will give you a headache. At the start, go up, as the other three paths just make you start over. Go south next, then west at the next yellow tile. Finally head east and we've reached the culprits.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Porygon Lv40, P2400

Looks like someone decided to push the vaccine, which could kill us! Team Rocket disappears, soon you'll be transported back. Talk to Dr. Akihabara to get the Up-grade. Also I've translated what the Porygon says to ASCII, it says "PORYGON!"

Our next episode plot is actually the holiday episode! You'll see a Jynx to the south of the House of Imite. It has a boot with a picture of who else, Santa Claus! A Lapras appears and actually talks telepathically to you. We will then go to the North Pole!


Mons found:

Main area:

Seel: 50%

Shellder: 40%

Cloyster: 4%
Dewgong: 4%
Jynx: 2%


Seel: 70%

Shellder: 28%

Dewgong: 1%
Cloyster: 1%

You can run around in the snow to catch mons, though it will be a bit awkward. Due north, you can find an Ice Heal, and to the right is Santa's Workshop. Enter to see more Jynx (you can't catch) and talk to Santa to return his boot. As a reward, you get a Poke Doll. But you're not done here. Head behind the workshop now and climb the steps. A snowstorm will blow (well you can't see it here). If you try to backtrack, you won't be able to. There's a Revive as you keep climbing. Enter the cave and go into the smaller one. While you won't go anywhere new, your story mons (assuming you have Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and/or Pikachu with you, I had Pidgeotto too but it didn't actually go out) will comfort you until the storm subsides. At this point, go around the cave and head down three sets of steps on the right, then go right and all the way around to get TM14 Blizzard! You're done with these mini-segments now, let's go back to the Lapras and sail back (note this is a one-time area btw).

Continue to the south to find the next episode plot, probably one you don't want to remember (although luckily this part is mercifully short and without combat). Going towards the wild Pikachu, it'll run off.

ROUTE 12 [RT12]

Run into the forest and cross the log (I don't think you can fish for mons here). There's a group of Pikachu here, and you should have yours as well, and it will come out to play. It will circle the group but will not run away. You'll be prompted to choose Pikachu to remove from your party. Leave the forest, and you won't get far before the gym music (?) plays. Pikachu returns to you!

You’re on Route 12 again. I like to call this route the route that never ends. That’s because until you reach Cinnabar Island, you’ll be stuck with this route all the way through the next several episode plots.

Mons found:

Oddish: 30%

Bellsprout: 30%

Venonat: 20%

Weepinbell: 5%

Gloom: 5%

Venomoth: 5%

Ditto: 5%

You will want to cut the tree with the hatchet. You'll find an Eevee near the trees. The Eevee must belong to someone since it has a tag and it reads "Stone Town". I hope you have room in your party because you won't return it unless you do. Amazingly this means that it does join your party (at Lv10) and is listed as owned in your dex. Now Stone Town is just to the NW, and it’s not really a town as it has one building and you can’t even enter it because one of the guys is in the way. When you go there you'll see a kid named Mikey and the Eevee brothers. Select Eevee and you'll give it back. Around the building you'll see a sign saying Evolution Mountain and a cliff to take note of. Talk to each of the Eevee brothers for a battle.

Kindler Pyro: Flareon Lv35, P840, get a Fire Stone afterwards by talking to him again.

Swimmer Rainer: Vaporeon Lv35, P2100, get a Water Stone afterwards by talking to him again.

Rocker Sparky: Jolteon Lv35, P700, get a Thunderstone afterwards by talking to him again

Well that's really it for this plot. You can use those stones for other mons if you wish, or if you got stones from before (like if you lost to Lt. Surge and got a Thunderstone from Nurse Joy in Vermillion City) or are a jerk and decide to use Eevee instead of returning it. But for the sake of things this follows the main plot. No Team Rocket interference here either. Let's move on.

Just to the west of the Stone Town entrance talk to the old man and he'll play a song. He'll ask for food, but we don't have any. Well, let's just keep going I guess. You'll see a Snorlax apparently blocking the spring here, and this is the Route 20 Farm (this sign must be incorrect). The house here is locked, so let's head around. The man here mentions that his crops have failed due to the Snorlax. If we keep going west, there's a fence maze. You can get a hidden Pinap Berry in a dead end. But let's not go too far now. Go back to the old man who confirms that the Snorlax is his (I believe you have to interact with the Snorlax, as well as the other guy nearby, to trigger this). You'll get the Poke Flute. Go to the Snorlax, use it, and it will attack! Don't worry about this Lv30 Snorlax, it's not the one Ash caught. Anyways the river will run again. Talk to the guy who complained earlier to be awarded with a Miracle Seed. Continue into the fence maze and exit to the north, which is Dark City.


While you are going through the fence maze the music does change to the Rocket theme. If you talk to the kid, his mother runs up and scolds the boy before running him to the house. You'll find that house, and the next one, to be locked. When you go up, three kids show up and toss a boulder at you. They hate you and they hate Pokemon! The one place that is open is at the sign: the Dark City Diner. Talk to the owner to hear what's going on: the denizens dislike trainers, and he also explains about the Yas and the Kas gyms. They're in a gang war and are hiring wandering trainers (like Ash) in the effort to become official gyms.

Oh, and Team Rocket seems to have been hired by the Kas gym, having not paid the owner their tab too. Funny, they say stay out of this but they're still hardy for a battle.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Arbok Lv36, Weezing Lv36, P2160

Leave the restaurant and head north to find the two gyms...and a Nurse Joy between them! She's a bystander, but will offer to heal your mons. Since the Kas gym hired Team Rocket, let's enter the Yas gym. The trainers won't battle you, so talk to the leader. You don't think their cause is worthy and are attacked by the gym leader, and then, the gym trainers!

Leader of Yas Gym: Scyther Lv40, P4000

PKMN Trainer Gym Members: Mankey Lv30, Machoke Lv32, Hitmonlee Lv35, Hitmonchan Lv35, P2100

Now let's enter the nearby Kas gym. The trainers here again don't do anything, so talk to the leader. Hearing of your success, he immediately challenges you.

Leader of Kas Gym: Electabuzz Lv40, P4000

The trainers won't ambush you this time, and he's gonna battle the Yas gym leader. Leave and the event occurs. Ash immediately gets between the buildings while the gym leaders and their trainers (didn't they have purple hair when inside?) confront each other. The Nurse Joy bystander then steps forward, being the league inspector herself, properly negotiating things and proving that neither of them would ever have a qualified gym due to street fighting. We'll get the Soothe Bell from her for finishing this quest. The three kids from before are at the restaurant congratulating...Pikachu? And that one kid also is happy, but the rest of the houses remain locked. Return to the fence maze and head west now.

GLITCH: Two spaces west of the fence maze exit act like solids and can't be crossed.

Beauty Grace: Pidgeotto Lv29, Wigglytuff Lv29, P2088

Picnicker Kindra: Gloom Lv28, Oddish Lv28, Oddish Lv28, P560

Uh oh, an argument is happening in front of the circus tent. The lady then storms off. Talk to the man left behind, this is Melvin. He'll tell you to go inside. There's barely a crowd here, they all hate his performance, but you're gonna be his assistant. His Exeggcute uses Hypnosis on you to make you catch an Exeggutor. Well, you can still control yourself, so use the PC as needed and continue on the route. Take the south path to get TM18 Rain Dance, then battle some trainers on your way.

Beauty Olivia: Bulbasaur Lv29, Ivysaur Lv29, P2088

Bird Keeper Edwin: Pidgeotto Lv26, Farfetch'd Lv26, Doduo Lv26, Pidgey Lv26, P624

Biker Ernest: Koffing Lv25, Koffing Lv25, Weezing Lv25, Koffing Lv25, Grimer Lv25, P1000

Juggler Chester: Voltorb Lv28, Voltorb Lv28, Electrode Lv28, P1680

Biker Alex: Koffing Lv28, Grimer Lv28, Weezing Lv28, P1120

Picnicker Becky: Pikachu Lv29, Raichu Lv29, P580

Picnicker Celia: Clefairy Lv33, P660

Picnicker Yazmin: Bellsprout Lv29, Oddish Lv29, Tangela Lv29, P580


Mons found:

Exeggcute: 79%

Exeggutor: 21%

Yeah, it's supposed to be Leaf Forest in the anime. Along the way, get a Leaf Stone. Here's the kicker, you can't leave yet because of the hypnosis, so if you haven't caught an Exeggcute already (I already got one from the Safari Zone so no biggie), do so now, then return to the PC and use a Leaf Stone on one you catch. Or just catch an Exeggutor, either way. In any case, you'll be prompted to select Exeggutor. You'll then battle Melvin!

Juggler Melvin: Exeggcute Lv25, Exeggutor Lv28, P1680

Your reward for this episode's plot is the offer to teach the move Softboiled to a mon. This is also the episode where Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, so if you have followed the anime plot at this point, or if you want, evolve it now if you haven't already. Of course, you'll still have to deal with an obedience issue, and the next episode plot is where Charmeleon stopped obeying Ash in the anime anyways. We should go through Exeggutor Forest now without hitches, and the way is completely linear.


You should head north along the road now to reach Mossgreen Village. You'll first see the All Natural Herb Shop. Talk to the granny inside for some creepy info about a herb that can grow hair on the nose and tongue. When this happens, her granddaughter shows up and tells her not to frighten the customers. She also says that they're supposed to be helping trainers with "miracle potions". The girl will ask you to battle and will wait outside. But before you do, you can buy stuff at the herb shop now.

Energypowder: P500

Energy Root: P800

Heal Powder: P450

Revival Herb: P2800

If you don't know already, the girl's name is Cassandra, and she wants to train her cowardly Paras.

Aroma Lady Cassandra: Paras Lv35, P1120

It will run off and she'll ask you to find it (okay, so why don't you make us follow you?) Again, like Stone Town, Mossgreen Village isn't really a village if all it has is just one building, but regardless, there's trees and flowers. You need to examine the trees to find the Paras. I found it in a NE tree, which was surrounded by four flowers and three other trees. After you find it, it runs back to Cassandra. Even moreso, it evolves into Parasect the moment you talk to Cassandra. We get a Big Mushroom for this. Also, if you go back into the herb shop, you will find a new item, Berry Juice, is here, for P100.

Now let's go through the trees to the west of town. Go to the first dead end and you can find a hidden PP Up.

Bird Keeper Robert: Pidgey Lv26, Pidgeotto Lv26, Spearow Lv26, Fearow Lv26, P624

Picnicker Gwen: Pidgey Lv27, Meowth Lv27, Pidgey Lv27, Pidgeotto Lv27, P540

There's a hidden Yellow Shard at another dead end.

Biker Jared: Koffing Lv28, Koffing Lv28, Koffing Lv28, P1120

Picnicker Valerie: Poliwag Lv30, Poliwag Lv30, P600

Bird Keeper Perry: Spearow Lv25, Pidgey Lv25, Pidgey Lv25, Spearow Lv25, Spearow Lv25, P600

Picnicker Alma: Goldeen Lv28, Poliwag Lv28, Horsea Lv28, P560

What's going on with these trainers? They're all incredibly rude to you. In any case, continue to Neon Town.


There's an outdoor stage and a casino here. Attempt to talk to the guy and he'll be rude and battle you.

Rocker Sebastian: Electrode Lv35, Magneton Lv35, P700

Officer Jenny will interject now and tell you to find a hotel to sleep in. Also because no one here apparently can sleep.

GLITCH: When Officer Jenny gets in between you two, if you were standing south of the guy, you’ll end up on the stage below.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Revive: P1500

Full Heal: P600

Awakening: P250

Max Repel: P700

Enter the casino and talk to the man at the left side to get a Coin Case. Cool. The fisherman nearby will give you 10 coins, while the scientist on the right side gives you 20 coins.

Leftmost counter:

50 coins: P1000

500 coins: P10000

Left prize counter:

Smoke Ball: 800 coins

Miracle Seed: 1000 coins

Charcoal: 1000 coins

Mystic Water: 1000 coins

Yellow Flute: 1600 coins

Middle prize counter:

Abra: 180 coins

Clefairy: 500 coins

Dratini: 2800 coins

Scyther: 5500 coins

Porygon: 9999 coins

Right prize counter:

TM13 Ice Beam: 4000 coins

TM23 Iron Tail: 3500 coins

TM24 Thunderbolt: 4000 coins

TM30 Shadow Ball: 4500 coins

TM35 Flamethrower: 4000 coins

Whenever you feel like gambling/buying coins here you go. Go west past the PokeMart. Well, this hack doesn't have the hotel for some reason, but you'll see that Jigglypuff on a rock. It seems to have no voice. This part may seem hard to figure out, but you do remember that the herb shop has a new item right? One that says it can clear a sore throat? Go buy the Berry Juice for P100 and head back to the Jigglypuff. Now it will sing! You'll wake up eventually, with our jiggly friend angry, but then you can now take it with you to help the sleepless ones in Neon Town rest. Go to the stage and it will jump on. Of course, like before, everyone will fall asleep and our jiggly friend will run off in a rage (no we won't get to see face markings here). Talk to the guy to see some different lines. Unfortunately the trainers from before are still rude, and there's really no real reward for this quest. Let's just keep going west.


Mons found:

Geodude: 40%

Rhyhorn: 20%

Cubone: 15%

Sandshrew: 15%

Graveler: 8%
Onix: 2%

Head down the steps to see Gary. He'll talk about the Great Fossil Rush, but luckily he's friendly enough to give you the Pickaxe key item. Now we can smash rocks! He'll go further to the south, arguing with a scientist because he apparently found fossil manure instead.

GLITCH: I got into an encounter and afterwards Gary is not talking with the scientist. He ended up back in his first location here, but with the dialogue about fossil manure from before.

Proceed south to see some people who are near rocks. You'll find they're trainers too. Also when you use the pickaxe on rocks, you could find items, such as Escape Rope, Repel, Pearl, Big Pearl, Big Mushroom, Nugget, Sun Stone, Moon Stone, Green Shard, Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Antidote, Parlyz Heal, Awakening, Guard Spec, Dire Hit, X Speed, X Special, X Accuracy, or X Attack. There’s probably more.

Hiker Richard: Graveler Lv32, Rhydon Lv32, P1280

Hiker Douglas: Geodude Lv28, Geodude Lv28, Geodude Lv28, Onix Lv28, P1120

Crush Girl Jocelyn: Hitmonchan Lv30, Hitmonchan Lv30, P720

Pokemaniac Mark: Rhyhorn Lv30, Lickitung Lv30, P1440

You'll want to go south to the rock here and smash it. There is a hole. Enter it, then smash rocks as you go.

Mons found:

Omanyte: 64%

Kabuto: 34%

Omastar: 1%
Kabutops: 1%

Follow the spiral path and head up the steps at the NE end when you can, as there's a dead end if you continue going clockwise. At the top, go in either direction, but preferably south and then west. Use the pickaxe on the rock, then press A again to get a Max Revive. Now head for the NW corner and you'll find an Aerodactyl! It will grab you and fly up to the surface. And then it will attack you! It's Lv30. After the encounter, Jigglypuff appears and uses Sing. It will be gone by then, but now you have this weird egg! Before going anywhere at this point, go back east to Grampa Canyon and head to the grass patch here to find a Max Elixir. Also I missed an item behind two rocks earlier, which is actually a Nugget.

There’s a PC in the next area, so don’t worry about backtracking too far. Anyways, it should be obvious what this egg hatches into if you know the anime. It's gonna be a Togepi! Also if you are following the anime plot, this was the episode where Charmeleon evolves into Charizard, so do that if you want. Anyways, we are, once again, back on Route 12. The route that never ends! We're next to a public hospital though, maybe it has some use! Pikachu will act strange at this point, time to head in.

Inside, talk to Doctor Proctor behind the counter. Pikachu will come out and it has something in its throat. It had swallowed a berry whole, but in the anime it was an apple. Oh well. For our trouble we get a Leppa Berry. Go behind the counter to get a Zinc, and use the PC as needed. I don't believe there is much in this episode's plot, not even the Chansey shows up!

As you go left, inspect the next sign. It looks like a younger James! If you go to the building to the left, the door is locked. A Growlithe cry can be heard too. Talk to the officer at the building to the left, you'll confirm that it's James, and he'll ask you to step inside. Well, he'll actually do this if you try to enter anyway (although you should inspect the sign before doing this regardless). Before inspecting the poster, take the right set of steps to a Protein. A Carbos is in the NE corner, and an Escape Rope is in the NW corner. Now go to the poster with the two people behind it; confirmed to be caskets with James' buried parents.

Team Rocket comes in, with a reluctant James being pushed by Jesse. Just then, the dead parents spring to life, then they all leave. But they're just upstairs. Approaching them will trigger a scene where James is furious that his parents have faked their deaths and their reasons for having James marry to continue the family line. Jessiebelle, which is the supposed bride-to-be, is supposed to look like Jesse I guess. But of course James is reluctant. You will have to battle Jessiebelle for this event.

Lady Jessiebelle: Vileplume Lv38, P1824

Team Rocket leaves after this. You will, of course, follow. Outside, you'll run to the scene where James is being dragged by Jessiebelle, with Jesse and Meowth watching. The Growlithe, which is nicknamed Growlie, runs at Jessiebelle and chases her away. This scene happens real quick, but this ends the scenario. No reward for this really, and the door that Growlie came out of is still locked. Move on west.

You'll see a Farfetch'd at a forest entrance. It will run when you talk to it. You'll find it again at the entrance of the forest, and it will of course run again. Keep talking to it each time, until you see a trainer. Basically you bumped into him, and he gives you your Poke Balls back. Unfortunately they're empty! What happened? The guy's at the entrance, and he admits to stealing your mons. He'll claim that his Farfetch'd is weak, but I somehow doubt that. By the way, there are no wild mons in the grass here.

Camper Keith: Farfetch'd Lv40, P800, and a Stick

Use the PC out of the forest, it's yet another video telephone. This is definitely important! Because Oak will upgrade your dex! Now you finally have a National dex! Also we're going to assume that you have already hatched the egg, because now we have a battle with Misty who shows up wanting the Togepi!

Swimmer Misty: Horsea Lv30, Goldeen Lv35, Staryu Lv38, Psyduck Lv38, Starmie Lv40, P960

Regardless of how this goes, you will be prompted to give her the Togepi, so do so for this event to finish. As you continue west, you'll be stopped by a hiker. You cannot avoid this.

Hiker Harold: Rhyhorn Lv40, P1600

Assuming you have Bulbasaur with you, it will start glowing! What's going on? Either way, rush to the PokeCenter (finally!). Nurse Joy informs you that Bulbasaur is getting ready to evolve, which, well, I assume that if you have a high-level Bulbasaur at this point then it basically has been resisting evolution for some time now.

Mons found:

Oddish: 50%

Bellsprout: 25%

Gloom: 10%

Meowth: 9%

Weepinbell: 5%

Lickitung: 1%

Go north from the PokeCenter and you'll see a group of Bulbasaur in front of a Venusaur. Talking to it causes the Bulbasaurs on the field to evolve into Ivysaurs. Your Bulbasaur, on the other hand, resists evolution. This angers the Venusaur, but Ash gives a pep talk to prove that Bulbasaur can do his own without evolving, and the Venusaur calms down. The reward for this episode's plot is to teach Bulbasaur Solarbeam.

As usual, continue west on Route 12, the route that never ends. You'll see Team Rocket with a Lickitung. Jessie of course catches it, and then they just run off. But not far, because Jessie is now on a rock, which is the Princess Pokemon Festival Contest. James, Meowth, and some guy are here, and this guy tells you only women can participate. Talk to Misty who's to the left of James and Meowth. Now in the anime episode, Misty participated directly in the contest against Jessie, but here, if you talk to her, she'll actually make you participate for her. Talk to Jessie to begin.

Team Rocket Jessie (for some reason James is with her in the battle sprite): Arbok Lv38, Weezing Lv38, Meowth Lv20, Lickitung Lv35, P2100

As usual, Team Rocket leaves after this embarrassing loss. Even though you battled for Misty, the guy gives the prize to her. If you talk to her, you can get one of the Poke Dolls she got.

And so we go west once again, where the next building is the Little Kiddle Pre-school. Seems the girl here is awaiting us and will enter. Inside, talk to her again to find her distraught about a Pokemon Trainer allegedly not making it, and that the kids were supposed to play with the trainer's mons. Basically, we have to do that favor now. You can't interact with the books or blackboard here, so head into the playground. Talk to the first kid in the group of four and say Yes to have Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Squirtle come out on the field (they are still with you). Talk to the lone kid named Timmy. He wants to meet a Meowth because he was rescued when a Beedrill attacked him.

To the left is a Police Station, which has no one inside, but at least it has a convenient PC. Head to the rock wall to the NW. A boulder will come down, then a wild Meowth shows up! This could be the one that saved Timmy, so take it with you. Backtrack to the playground, make Timmy happy by giving him the Meowth. Talk to the teacher back inside for your reward, a Rare Candy.

Continue left, and then you'll hear "Stop, thief!" A burglar runs into you and initiates battle.

Burglar Carl: Meowth Lv30, Meowth Lv32, P640

About six Growlithes surround the two of you after the match. Apparently the burglar is an undercover cop who is training the K-9 units. With the misunderstanding cleared, the pack disappears. Let's go back to that empty police station. Jenny's there and asks if you want to train your mons police-style. In other words, we're battling her.

Officer Jenny: Growlithe Lv25, Growlithe Lv27, Growlithe Lv29, Growlithe Lv31, Growlithe Lv33, Growlithe Lv35, P1680 and TM20 Safeguard

Yep, that's quite an annoying matchup, six Growlithe all with the Intimidate ability to cripple your physical attackers.

As you continue west, you will probably see an odd tree in the background. Walk in front of it and a flash occurs. Talk to it to find Todd Snap. He says he has the job of photographing Pokemon, and that he had an elderly couple want to see pictures of Pikachu. You'll be prompted to choose Pikachu here. He takes the picture, and then Team Rocket make themselves known (oh we know they were the seniors, it should be obvious at this point).

Team Rocket Cohorts: Lickitung Lv38, Arbok Lv38, Weezing Lv38, P2280

Todd had no idea. Anyways, he'll take a picture of your current team as the episode reward. It will be in your trainer card, in the back.

He does mention something about an entrance exam, and that is conveniently on the way there.

Picnicker Jane: Gloom Lv30, Pidgeotto Lv30, Gloom Lv30, P600

Youngster Simon: Raticate Lv30, Nidorino Lv30, Graveler Lv30, P1080

It's the building to the north of these trainers. Looks like a huge gym too. There's a couple of trainers inside too.

Super Nerd Amir: Doduo Lv30, Slowpoke Lv30, Exeggcute Lv30, P720

Bug Catcher Dill: Venonat Lv31, Scyther Lv31, P992

Also here is Todd, who will take a picture of your current team at any time, plus a Nurse Joy that can heal your mons.

Now talk to the guy behind the desk. You are not permitted to use your team, and you're given a test of sorts. You can guess these, but these are the exact same True/False questions Ash received in the anime. If you must know the correct answers, they are Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No, and No. Regardless of whether you pass or fail, you will move on to the second round of testing, and be forced to battle the guy with a random team, battling him three times.

Collector Dimitri: Charmander Lv50, Graveler Lv50, Voltorb Lv50, P2000

Collector Dimitri: Tangela Lv50, Kingler Lv50, Snorlax Lv50, P2000

Collector Dimitri: Pidgeotto Lv50, Jolteon Lv50, Vaporeon Lv50, P2000

I've replayed this event again to see if he gets to use different mons. I don't think he does. Also the mons you get probably depends on what your Trainer ID is. I also don't believe you have to ace this exam or win the battles, as Ash definitely didn't when he did it in the anime. If you do, you'll be told you can enter the Pokemon League without any badges, but I'm unsure if this has any major effect on the gameplay going onwards.

I wonder how long we'll be going west on the route that never ends?

Youngster Kirk: Cubone Lv30, Vulpix Lv30, Golbat Lv30, P1080

Beauty Tiffany: Persian Lv35, P1400

We have two buildings here. Enter the smaller one to find a restaurant with no customers in it. The world-class chef at the back has a knack for seeing his favorite mons, which end up being randomized. So if you are lucky enough to have one of them on your team at the moment (or unlucky enough for him to mention one you most likely don't have, like Zapdos), he'll basically prompt you to it. If you don't have it, you'll be prompted later to show one eventually, otherwise, he'll give you a random berry and you can talk to him again to see him talk about another favorite mon.

Now enter the Five Star Breeding Center to the north of there. There's another convenient PC. Talk to the nurse here to leave one of your mons here (it can be any one of them, so it’s a good idea to just pick one you don’t use so you don’t worry about it later). Something doesn't seem right though. If you talk to Kirk outside, he mentions that this "daycare" may not be legit. Basically, you're supposed to leave a mon here, exit the building, then re-enter. The two will be gone. Inspect the PC that is on to find a Secret Holding Area. Go ahead and open it. This causes stairs to open in the room.

Oh yes, it's another Rocket Hideout. The first dead end is reached by going north. You'll find TM12 Taunt here. Also these cages have trapped mons! You'll find your favorite Team Rocket goons here inspecting the cages, and James mentions he caught a Weepinbell too. It seems that their intention was to steal the mons, unaware that their fellow goons are doing it themselves, and that the Weepinbell evolved into a Victreebel. Then they'll notice you and battle you.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv40, Lickitung Lv40, Arbok Lv40, Weezing Lv40, P2400

After they leave, it's time to confront the fake breeders, Butch and Cassidy. They say their own Rocket motto and tell you that their boss doesn't trust our favorite goons. It's time for a double battle.

Team Rocket Duo: Primeape Lv42, Raticate Lv42, P5040

You'll get the Pokemon that was left with them back. Nothing else here. We'll soon be done with the route that never ends, simply by going south and to the ferry station. Gary intercepts us at this point, saying that Cinnabar Island is just a tourist destination and that if we're trying to challenge a gym, we'll be wasting our time. Just get on that boat he went on. Thankfully, it's a free ride.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 100% (surf)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Shellder: 40% (super rod)

Krabby: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

Finally a functioning town with a PokeCenter and a PokeMart! There's also a Pokemon Lab here.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Revive: P1500

Full Heal: P600

Max Repel: P700

Inside the Pokemon Lab, go to the right to spot a guy who'll resurrect fossils...if we have any. A lady wants to trade a Gyarados for your Charizard, but let's not bother, especially if you already know that Charizard plays a major role in the upcoming gym battle. Talk to the suspicious guy near the gym for a riddle...that he basically answers for you. The gym is of course to the north, but it's closed down because the place is nothing but a tourist trap. He says that you can stay at the Big Riddle Inn, which is just north of the PokeMart. Inside, he'll say he doesn't have a room open, and that the Pokemon Lab is under attack from thieves (gee I sure do wonder). It's so obvious at this point who's in front of the lab.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv42, Lickitung Lv42, Arbok Lv42, Weezing Lv42, P2520

Didn't we just fight them in the last episode plot? I'm sure that in the original episodes neither of them had us fighting our favorite cohorts. Anyways, back to the Big Riddle Inn, where the shades dude gives us the lowdown that the secret gym is in a place that firefighters will never win.

Why not take a dip in the nearby hot spring? It's another way to heal your mons by the way. Inspect the wall here for an entrance to the place firefighters will never win, which I'm sure you know is a volcano. Enter and you'll hear the gym music. We're here, just go to the shades dude for his wig riddle. It's Blaine! (sadly he looks like his regular self and not what he looked like in the anime). We're gonna have a three-on-three match (not REALLY a three-on-three as in like what Gen-5 does, though). If you have more than three mons, well you'll be prompted to use the PC to drop off the ones you won’t use.

Leader Blaine: P1440, Volcano Badge, TM38 Fire Blast (seemingly hopeless battle)

Ninetales Lv42, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Toxic

Rhydon Lv40, Horn Drill, Take Down, Rock Blast, Sunny Day

Magmar Lv45, Fire Blast, Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Skull Bash

Well here's the thing. You can win this battle and actually end up skipping the next episode's plot if you do. If you don't, heal your mons at the PokeCenter, then return to the volcano. Team Rocket is here trying to take the Magmar. They have the same team as last time, same levels and everything. Blaine will then tell you to challenge him at the top. At the top, he'll make it a one-on-one. If you have Charizard, pick it for story purposes, and it will come out as if to entice you to pick it. You'll be once again prompted to store your remaining mons.

Leader Blaine: Magmar Lv45, P9000, Volcano Badge, and TM38 Fire Blast

Note that Charizard will obey you during this battle. Now that you have the seventh badge, go back to the hot spring, then talk to the old man to the west to get a Raft. We got our Surf equivalent! As we go east, a Wartortle bumps into Ash. Follow it using your raft.

GLITCH: When you fish while on the raft, Ash will not be sitting on anything.

ROUTE 15 [RT15]

Mons found:

Tentacool: 100% (surf)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Krabby: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

Head north to the island to find the distressed Wartortle amidst a lot of shells. These must be Squirtles and a Blastoise! If you have Squirtle, it'll pop out too, wearing its signature shades (even though I didn't have them with him at the time). Are you tempted to use the Poke Flute? No? Just inspect the big shell to hear the familiar jiggly tune. You'll be prompted to use the flute anyways, and they'll all wake up. Jigglypuff runs! The Lv40 Blastoise will also attack! But afterwards it's gonna remain calm. I think that's about it for this event. By the way, if you run around the shore, you will get into encounters with Tentacool, so watch out as you continue north.

Tuber Billy: Staryu Lv33, Poliwhirl Lv33, P396

Swimmer Spencer: Seadra Lv33, Tentacruel Lv33, P1584

Fisherman Wade: Magikarp Lv27, Magikarp Lv27, Magikarp Lv27, Magikarp Lv27, Magikarp Lv27, Magikarp Lv27, P972

Fisherman Ronald: Seaking Lv28, Goldeen Lv28, Seaking Lv28, Seaking Lv28, P1008

Swimmer Sherry: Tentacool Lv32, Psyduck Lv32, Seadra Lv32, P768

You'll reach the entrance to Rock Tunnel. Hmm? Looks like it leads from Cinnabar Island to Cerulean City. Is this really what our next destination will be?


Mons found:

Graveler: 35%

Golbat: 30%

Poliwhirl: 15%

Machoke: 15% (1st area), 10% (2nd area)

Onix: 5% (1st area), 10% (2nd area)

Rock Tunnel's layout is mostly the same as before, it's just the entry/exit destinations that are different. Along with the trainers and a few other layout changes.

Ace Trainer Tina: Butterfree Lv40, Golduck Lv40, Rapidash Lv40, P3200

Get a Pearl to the north, then go south, east, and north.

Lass Ariana: Pidgeotto Lv38, Sandslash Lv38, Raichu Lv38, Venusaur Lv40, P640

Picnicker Leah: Dugtrio Lv42, Persian Lv42, P840


Pokemaniac Winston: Dugtrio Lv45, P2160

There's a Revive at the SW.

Aroma Lady Martha: Exeggutor Lv42, Vileplume Lv42, P1176

Pokemaniac Steve: Primeape Lv42, Alakazam Lv42, P2016

Hiker Desmond: Golem Lv40, Golem Lv40, Golem Lv40, P1600

Hiker Eric: Machoke Lv42, Onix Lv42, P1512

1F again:

Pokemaniac Ashton: Magneton Lv42, Slowbro Lv42, P2016

Hiker Oliver: Omastar Lv40, Kabutops Lv40, Aerodactyl Lv40, P1440

Hiker Lucas: Graveler Lv42, Onix Lv42, P1512

B1F again:

Beauty Sandy: Ninetales Lv45, P1800

To the south is...a trainer? I think. But he doesn't challenge you. I think this youngster trainer may be glitched. To the north is a Max Ether. Continue west.

Hiker Kumar: Graveler Lv40, Rhydon Lv40, Graveler Lv40, P1600

Pokemaniac Cooper: Chansey Lv40, Chansey Lv40, Chansey Lv40, P1920

1F once again:

Hiker Lenny: Graveler Lv38, Machoke Lv38, Graveler Lv38, Golem Lv40, P1440

A Repel is to the east of the exit here.

CERULEAN CITY (revisited) [CER2]

We're back-ah!

Lass Crissy: Golbat Lv31, Sandslash Lv31, Parasect Lv31, P496

A phone will ring once you step away. Check the PC to the east. The Sensational Sisters are calling, asking you to look for Misty, because, well, you see her from time to time. Misty is of course in the city, but we might want to heal and buy stuff first, since we're probably exhausted from earlier.

Misty is near the entrance. She's here to give her Horsea a better pool to swim in. She'll go and see what's up, now you should go to the gym and talk to Daisy. Unfortunately, we do have to cough up some cash. P500 for one ticket. As you enter, the show starts. Oh but of course Team Rocket is going to spoil the show (no crossdressing scenes though). Ash runs up to battle.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv44, Lickitung Lv44, Arbok Lv44, Weezing Lv44, P2640

They always spoil everything. Misty thanks you for the help and mentions that the audience (what audience?) loved the show. Our reward is the very rewarding Super Rod! We'll have to travel through Mt Moon to get our last badge though.

With the Raft with me I did a few bits of backtracking. Notably you can return to the island of giant Pokemon (Pokemon Land) by sailing west of Porta Vista (you need the pickaxe at Route 6 of course). Also at the construction site, you can find a Star Piece.

GLITCH: Some of the encounters on the water with Tentacool are glitched at the Porta Vista/Pokemon Land area. Sometimes the screen immediately enters battle, and sometimes it just hangs there. Try to avoid encounters here in any case. I think this is what caused me to lose the Pokemon option in the menu, so I recommend not backtracking here.

When you're ready, head west of Cerulean City back to Route 4. You'll spot a Clefairy, which pounces you, and you'll realize you've just lost your Pickaxe! Return to Mt. Moon and the spot where you found the Moon Stone. You'll see several Clefairy here and a spaceship! Talk to Seymour who confirms that the Clefairy were from outer space! They'll also use your pickaxe to tear down a wall, then board the rocket. Seymour hops in at that opportunity. Well they're gone, and you get your Pickaxe back. You'll find a Meteorite here, but I don’t think it has a use in-game. You can take a shortcut to the east. While you backtrack, when you find the water, go down the river to the left edge to find TM37 Sandstorm.

The next episode plot takes place in Viridian City. You can skip Viridian Forest by using your Hatchet on the tree nearby, although of course we need our scaling equipment for that item on the rock. Head south, cut another tree down, and enter the building. It's empty, so go to the other side. A Parlyz Heal is here as well.

Mons found (east section of Route 2):

Rattata: 45%

Pidgey: 45%

Caterpie: 5%

Weedle: 5%

VIRIDIAN CITY (revisited) [VIR2]

The Mart wares have been updated. This goes for every single PokeMart in the game as well.

Ultra Ball: P1200

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Full Restore: P3000

Hyper Potion: P1200

Max Potion: P2500

Revive: P1500

Full Heal: P600

Max Repel: P700

We should get ourselves ready for the gym, but look out everyone, the guys at the front state that ever since he's got his newest mon, he's been undefeated. You know who I haven't seen in awhile? Gary! He'll shove you aside when you attempt to enter. Try to follow him and one of the guys will prevent you until the match is over. A rumble occurs, and it seems that the match is in fact over.

Looks like Gary's on the floor, he must've been beat. He gets up once you speak to him, telling us about this new mon that's not just super powerful, but evil as well. As he says this, Team Rocket, you know, our favorite goons, show up at the opposite end. They're in charge of the gym after a new promotion (those of us who seen the anime quite obviously know that Giovanni had to leave because of an accident that happened, they're obviously not promoted). Ash then walks up and faces his final gym challenge.

Leader Team Rocket: P1600

Machamp Lv50, Cross Chop, Seismic Toss, Rock Tomb, Earthquake

Kingler Lv50, Bubblebeam, Crabhammer, Mud Shot, Guillotine

Rhydon Lv50, Earthquake, Take Down, Horn Drill, Sandstorm

But it isn't over yet. Now they're gonna throw their own Pokemon instead of the ones they were given.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv45, Lickitung Lv45, Weezing Lv45, Arbok Lv45, P2700

Ah, it seems they're not gonna give you the Earth Badge, as they will admit to cheating and will try to literally blow you away. As a result of this stupidity they blast off instead, and Ash gains the Earth Badge which was dropped. In the corner is TM26 Earthquake! Talk to Gary now, and he'll run out as the building collapses. You'll automatically follow, and as you make it out, there goes the whole gym.

While you may be tempted to go to the League to the west now, Officer Jenny will prevent you, saying that preparations are still being made. Your next destination: Pallet Town! Go back on Route 1, you can swim or cut trees and such. If you go downriver, you can find a Repel on the south end. To the east is the plot involving the Orange Islands, but this walkthrough will still follow the episodes, and we want to go to Pallet Town for the next one. When you reach the entrance you'll bounce back due to an invisible wall. Mr. Mime appears, and so does Stella after some time. After some talking you'll battle her.

Tamer Stella: P2700

Mr. Mime Lv45, Psychic, Light Screen, Reflect, Calm Mind

She'll then go. We're not going into the plot where Ash was in a Mr. Mime costume, sadly. But we can go home to see that mom has a Mr. Mime at home, named Mimie (shouldn't this be Mimey?). Even better, we actually get the Warp Program! This replaces the Fly HM, if you must know, but we must use a PC to utilize it.

To continue our plot, we've got to go back to the lab. On the first floor is the professor and Gary. Talk to the Oak and well he'll confirm that the top two are in fact Gary and you. Gary of course has earned 10 badges. Gary has seen 60 mons, while it's highly likely you've actually seen more at this point, possibly even owned several more too. But Oak will not abide by this and say that Gary has caught more (in the anime he says he's caught over 200). Then an explosion happens at the corral. You know who it is by now, and they really don't need an introduction.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv47, Lickitung Lv47, Weezing Lv47, Arbok Lv47, P2820

Why can't good things happen to bad people? I don't know, maybe it's because when they do they tend to badly impact others. Gary will head on home for now, wishing to see you at the League itself, and Oak mentions the Seafoam islands, wanting to know how Slowpoke evolves. He also namedrops Professor Westwood and we should also follow the Pallet River south. Hmm...

ROUTE 21 [RT21]

Get on your raft and head south.

Mons found:

Tentacool: 100% (surf)

Magikarp: 100% (old rod)

Krabby: 80% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Shellder: 20% (good rod) 45% (super rod)

Swimmer Carrie: Seaking Lv45, Poliwhirl Lv45, Seaking Lv45, P1080

Swimmer Dean: Starmie Lv50, P2400

Fisherman Chip: Seaking Lv48, Tentacruel Lv48, P1728

Swimmer Nora: Golduck Lv45, Cloyster Lv45, Seadra Lv45, P180

Bird Keeper Hank: Fearow Lv50, P2400

Swimmer Lucy: Gyarados Lv48, Gyarados Lv48, P1150

Once you reach the islands, go inside the house and talk to Westwood, the fifth in a line of Westwoods. His conundrum is about the relationship between Shellder and Slowpoke, and how the latter evolves. You can interact with the Slowpoke outside on the rock, but nothing important happens. What you need to do is catch a Shellder, if you don't have one already (use the Super Rod to do so), then get it out of the PC in his home and then go to the Slowpoke. Doing this makes it evolve into Slowbro! Go back to Westwood and he saw it from the window. Thanks to this discovery, we receive a Heart Scale.

Go east. You'll see a Pikachu on a ledge. This is Puka. No one is inside the nearby home. Use the raft and head east to the weird ring. You'll suddenly lose control! You'll end up back at the empty house, this time with a guy named Victor at the bedside. Puka rescued us. After the story Puka comes in and the two leave to challenge the wave known as Humunga-dunga. Exit to see the event (I like the way the wave was generated) and the flag planted on the rock! Afterwards, feel free to head back inside and Victor can challenge you to a battle.

Swimmer Victor: P3600

Pikachu Lv60, Surf, Thunder, Rain Dance, Double Edge

You can keep going to the east past the rock now, to Route 22 and another trainer.

Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 80% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 65% (surf)

Qwilfish: 40% (super rod)

Hoppip: 30% (surf)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

PKMN Trainer Raymond: Donphan Lv40, Venomoth Lv40, Pinsir Lv40, Machamp Lv40, Golem Lv40, P2400

Get ready folks, we're dealing with the first movie of the anime now. As you head south, a Dragonite shows up with a video hologram greeting you to go to New Island. Say yes to get the Neo Ticket. And then it will rain as the Dragonite goes. To the right is Old Shore Wharf and a PokeCenter...where's Nurse Joy? Enter the wharf to see a number of excited trainers. Officer Jenny here explains an interesting story, as well as the disappearance of Nurse Joy. Well, looks like the inclimate weather has cancelled our trip. So what exactly should we do?

Well, if you inspected the water early, it seemed too rough to use the raft. The way there involves attempting to use the raft at the east side, just south of the PokeCenter. Of course this results in the raft being cut in half. You'll now be underwater.


Mons found:
1st area:

Horsea: 60%

Staryu: 30%

Seadra: 5%
Seel: 4%

Dewgong: 1%

2nd area:

Psyduck: 65%

Golduck: 35%

First head west for a Pearl, then from your starting location go south and west. Take the south path and pick up the Water Stone before exiting south.


Nurse Joy greets you but denies she's the missing nurse. Enter and the door behind you will close. You'll see several mons here, along with trainers you can battle.

Ace Trainer Corey: Rhyhorn Lv45, Hitmonlee Lv45, Scyther Lv45, Sandslash Lv45, Pidgeot Lv45, Venusaur Lv45, P3600

Parasol Lady Neesha: Wigglytuff Lv45, Ninetales Lv45, Vileplume Lv45, Rapidash Lv45, Dewgong Lv45, Blastoise Lv45, P1800

Collector Fergus: Seadra Lv45, Golduck Lv45, Vaporeon Lv45, Tentacruel Lv45, Nidoqueen Lv45, Gyarados Lv45, P1800

Hopefully you had a good idea of what you were facing, as all of their mons are nearby anyways. Go north and talk to Nurse Joy. Your mons will be released now (let's assume you had Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charizard here, because they were with Ash during the movie plot). Talk to Nurse Joy to heal again. But once you do this, Mewtwo comes in! It's the real master! Naturally Mewtwo's not gonna be a slave to a ball. Corey will send his Rhyhorn, who'll immediately run off after an attack. And then you’ll be the one to challenge Mewtwo.

PKMN Trainer Mewtwo: P4500 (seemingly hopeless fight)

Venusaur Lv75, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Earthquake

Blastoise Lv75, Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Earthquake

Charizard Lv75, Fire Blast, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Steel Wing

With levels that high, you can bet it wouldn't be possible to beat these pumped-up starters. But of course if you've grinded your mons off I can definitely see it being possible. After the match, you'll see several dark Poke Balls to the sides, which will be used by Mewtwo to extract DNA and make clones, and Mewtwo also plans on destroying the planet! You'll witness your mons being caught by the balls and Pikachu runs, attempting attacks to prevent them from catching it, but it eventually gets caught.

You may have noticed something new showed up in the place Pikachu got caught. It's actually a hole you can jump in. Do so, and Ash will immediately reach a conveyor. This gets him all his mons back! There's nothing to do in this room, you can't even use the PC here. As you leave through the hole in the wall, the clones come out from behind Ash. They'll be battling the real mons of the trainers from before. If you talk to Nurse Joy in the NE, she seemed to have been mind-controlled, but now she’s normal again.

Talk to Mewtwo twice. Mew will show up. You'll then witness Mewtwo fight Mew. What you must do is get between the two. This of course petrifies Ash. Pikachu runs up to try and revive him, and this moves the other mons in the room to tears to revive Ash. Of course, this gives Mewtwo the big epiphany and the famous quote shows up. You'll be back at the Old Shore Wharf. This plot is complete!

If you want to go to New Island, you'll discover in place of that big facility a big tree with rocks to scale. Of course we can't actually reach it now. Exit the wharf to see Mew flying. Nurse Joy is back in this PokeCenter by the way. Unfortunately, you have lost your Raft, and I don't think you can get another one, so if you missed anything at this point, bad luck to you.

Teleport back to your house and go downstairs for your mom to talk to you. She scolds you for your lack of training but also tells you to go to the Xanadu Nursery. We basically have to do the chore of picking up Fertilizer. Return to Viridian City and attempt to enter for Potter to come out. He'll mention that trainers with Grass mons come here often.

Inside, there's a lot of plants. There's nothing in the room to the north, so let's examine the rare plant in the middle. You should have Bulbasaur with you. Attempt to let it sniff the plant, and Florinda will come in and tell you not to sniff it. It's poisonous, naturally. We also are told to get to the back room now. Check your mons and you'll realize Bulbasaur is poisoned now, so cure it before moving on. In the back room, you'll see Florinda with a Gloom. She'll say that the Gloom can help cure the poison; although you've probably cured it by then, it will still work. Afterwards, talk to Florinda again, who mentions that she's having trouble evolving Gloom to Vileplume and that when she bought a Leaf Stone it didn't work. The people she describes sound familiar. But of course we are thrust into a battle.

Aroma Lady Florinda: P1760

Gloom Lv55, Double Team, Solarbeam, Moonlight, Sludge Bomb

We'll get the Fertilizer for free now. Go back home and talk to mom to give her the Fertilizer. She'll now pick berries for you, but only if they grow. The berries will appear in the front yard of your house (the berry system does not work anyways). The Officer Jenny in front of Route 16 is gone now. You can go there again, and while you can enter Victory Road as well, we can also cut a tree down with the Hatchet and head on a different route.

ROUTE 18 [RT18]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Goldeen: 80% (good rod), 16% (super rod)

Poliwag: 44% (super rod)

The trainer that stops you is Katrina.

Ace Trainer Katrina: P4000

Raichu Lv50, Thunderbolt, Mega Kick, Brick Break, Light Screen

With the battle over, Schpielbunk is seen to the north, having filmed our battle. He comes over and wants to have a Pokemon star in his next movie, in particular co-starring a female Wigglytuff.

Camper Ray: Raticate Lv42, Kangaskhan Lv42, P840

Picnicker Kara: Nidoking Lv45, P900

Talk to Schpielbunk onstage and he'll mention the title as Pokemon in Love, and that his Abra teleported off the set. This one stumped me at first, but it does involve using the color shards you may have collected as well as the people in the various cities you give them to to enhance their statistics. To do this event, get one of each: Green Shard, Red Shard, and Yellow Shard, then go to the respective cities that have the people in them (Saffron, Vermillion, Pewter) buff up those specific stats for ONE Pokemon. Do NOT give Blue Shards to Beautiful Belle in Celadon City or Star Pieces to Cute Caitlyn in Cerulean City though, because Schpielbunk will not accept anything that's considered more beautiful or cuter than Wigglytuff.

For technical info, you should have a mon that has a stat of 10 in Smart, Cool, and Tough, but a 0 in Beauty and Cute (enhancing your mon at any of the locations listed raises their stat by 10 if you must know). I've also read that you need to have a male mon, as well as one that isn't evolved (Pikachu works just fine if you must know). To get shards, you're probably going to spend some time using the pickaxe at rocks until you get the right items.

So assuming you fulfilled the credentials, talk to Schpielbunk with the target mon in the front of your party and the filming happens offscreen. Your reward? TM50 Overheat. He will also mention that the movie will premiere at the Celadon Theater.

Well, let's go there. We'll see Meowth! He'll mention his past life, as well as Meowzie. Enter the theater and talk to Schpielbunk to watch the movie. Again, sadly this happens completely offscreen with no interaction until it ends. Exit the theater, but do so from the entrance instead of the back exits. You'll be witness to Meowth confronting Persian and the gang, then Team Rocket arrives. The scene shifts to the rooftop where Meowth squares off with the Persian. Meowth seems to win, but Meowzie is concerned for Persian. That does it for this event.

If you go back home and talk to mom, she'll mention Bruno of the Elite Four who is at Mt. Hideaway, which is on Route 18 past the stage Schpielbunk was on. This is the incentive, so let's go there. Head up either steps around the pool.


Mons found:

Onix: 41%

Geodude: 30%

Sandshrew: 20%

Graveler: 5%

Sandslash: 4%

You'll find a house as you climb up. Inside, the granny acts as a resting spot. When ready, climb to the top and head down the left steps, then north into the cave. You'll be stopped by Bruno himself. Bruno will teach you the secret, but only if you follow him. He'll head south, so follow him to the top. Oh well, there's no secret at all. Bruno's just looking for a giant Onix. You'll be forced to battle with a Lv45 Onix that isn't catchable. Afterwards, Bruno jumps down and finds out a Sandslash is stuck in the crevices of the giant Onix. After the Sandslash runs, Bruno catches the Onix and then he'll be back to give some words of wisdom.

Enter the cave and you'll find Brock. He's willing to challenge you to a rematch.

PKMN Breeder Brock: P1800

Zubat Lv40, Air Cutter, Supersonic, Bite, Poison Fang

Geodude Lv50, Rock Blast, Earthquake, Selfdestruct, Seismic Toss

Onix Lv55, Dig, Rock Tomb, Iron Tail, Slam

Vulpix Lv45, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Quick Attack, Dig

After he leaves, exit the cave and you'll meet Eve and another guy, who are going to explore this area too. There's three entrances to this place.


I entered the left cave first, which shows a statue of an ancient Jigglypuff and some breakable rocks nearby. The right cave has nothing but breakable rocks, as does the middle one. You'll want to enter the middle cave and break rocks until it says you found a strange artifact. Eve will come in at that point and tell you about the mystery she uncovered. Exit and you'll see a huge Gengar! Interacting with it has you warping to a void location!

You'll find the archeologists and Team Rocket here. It seems everyone is inside a big ancient Poke Ball! Touch the trigger at the south end to leave. You'll want to go back to the right cave this time, where you should break rocks until you get another strange artifact. Leave and now there will be a giant Alakazam facing the giant Gengar. If they keep fighting, the place will be destroyed. You'll be warped again if you interact with either of the giants, so get out and this time enter the left cave. Our jiggly friend is in front of the statue. It'll flee once you interact with it. Outside once again, approaching the fight scene has the puffball singing. This will make the giants sleep! This didn't happen in the anime, instead the giants knock Jigglypuff away, then the giant Jigglypuff appeared and used its song which was what made the giants sleep. Still, we are done with the event. Talk to Eve for your reward: a Dome Fossil.

Once again, return to Pallet Town and go to Oak's lab. You're supposed to get pointers for the Pokemon League, but all we need to do is just go there. Return to Route 16 and as you are about to leave the first grass patch, a trainer ambushes you. The condition for this trainer battle is the loser has to give up the badges they have.

Ninja Boy Otoshi: P2000

Marowak Lv50, Focus Energy, Bone Club, Bonemerang, Headbutt

Welp, Otoshi had no badges. It seems they were all stolen by some familiar people. Marowak then leaves its trainer. Marowak goes to the right, but you need to go to the left to spot James and Meowth. As it turns out, Jessie stole from the both of them! She then shows up. After the argument, another battle.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv50, Lickitung Lv50, Weezing Lv50, Arbok Lv50, P3000

Take the badges back to Otoshi, and Marowak will also return. We get the Thick Club as our reward. It's time to head to Victory Road to the west. At the entrance, Gary will once again chastise you before he heads on in.


Mons found:

Machop: 20%

Geodude: 20%
Onix: 30% (first and last floors), 20% (middle floor)

Primeape: 10% (middle floor only)

Zubat: 10%

Golbat: 5%

Arbok: 5%
Machoke: 5%

Marowak: 5%

Don't worry about boulders, switches, or a change in layout this time. Head to the NE and smash the rock to find a Rare Candy and TM08 Bulk Up. The ladder to the next floor is to the NW.

Ace Trainer Jack: Raticate Lv42, Magneton Lv42, Seadra Lv42, Machoke Lv42, Venusaur Lv45, P1620

2F: Let's start with the north path.

Pokemaniac Dawson: Charmeleon Lv40, Lapras Lv40, Lickitung Lv40, P1920

Forget the ladder and go east to get a Guard Spec. Now take the ledge to the south and go east.

Black Belt Daisuke: Machoke Lv43, Primeape Lv43, Machoke Lv43, P1032

Juggler Nelson: Kadabra Lv41, Hypno Lv41, Kadabra Lv41, Mr. Mime Lv41, P2460

Again, ignore the ladder behind the rock and head down the ledge. Go left first to find TM37 Sandstorm (we got this already though), then time to go east. Smash the rock in the path and head west to find a Full Heal.

Tamer Vincent: Dodrio Lv44, Arcanine Lv44, P2640

Juggler Gregory: Mr. Mime Lv48, P2880

TM07 Hail is here. Except for the area to the east blocked by rocks, you're practically finished with 2F. Go to the nearest ladder which is to the right of Vincent.


Ace Trainer Jill: Persian Lv42, Fearow Lv42, Rapidash Lv42, Slowbro Lv42, Parasect Lv42, P1512

At the NW corner, you can find a ladder leading down to the area near Dawson and TM01 Focus Punch. Get on the high ledge now.

Ace Trainer Alexa: Clefable Lv42, Wigglytuff Lv42, Lickitung Lv42, Porygon Lv42, Chansey Lv42, P1512

Now head across and down.

Ace Trainer Colby: Kingler Lv41, Poliwhirl Lv42, Tentacruel Lv42, Seadra Lv42, Cloyster Lv43, P1548

Ace Trainer Caroline: Tangela Lv42, Venomoth Lv42, Victreebel Lv42, Vileplume Lv42, Parasect Lv42, P1512

Head east and ignore the hole, then smash the rock to reach the east area of 3F.

Cool Couple Guy&Gail: Nidoqueen Lv45, Nidoking Lv45, P2160

Use the ladder to the north of the cool couple, as the south ladder just leads you to the one behind the smashable rock. You're on the right side of 2F with one more trainer before the exit.

Ace Trainer John: Exeggutor Lv42, Sandslash Lv42, Cloyster Lv42, Electrode Lv42, Charizard Lv45, P1620

Exit and you'll be at Route 17. Technically not much of a route though, as we are actually at the front gate of the Pokemon League. Talk to the guy and you should be able to get through, as you have all eight badges, although if you passed the exam from that one storyline you could be let through then as well (I'm not sure on this, and you couldn't leave Viridian City to the west until Officer Jenny left as well).


Well, you'll see quite the crowd here. They're excited because a torchbearer has arrived. The torch has allegedly been lit by the flame Pokemon Moltres. Then President Goodshow shows up and bends the rules so that Ash can hold the torch. Now his sprite carries a torch with it. Just head north all the way, nothing hidden to worry about. Except Team Rocket ambushes you at the top!

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv52, Lickitung Lv52, Weezing Lv52, Arbok Lv52, P3120

Despite losing, Team Rocket will still try to stop you from lighting the torch. Then Moltres pops up from the flame and blasts them off. It then lights the torch. With this done, continue north, get through the little maze, and we're finally at the Indigo Plateau building. You've got your PokeCenter and PC here on the right side, as well as several guards up ahead guarding several doors. Talking to Gary here, he'll again chastise us before he sets off on his first match on the Ice field. Talk to the receptionist at the front to register. She'll lay some ground rules, like only being able to use three mons and having absolutely no healing items at all, as well as scheduling us for the Water Field. You should be well ready with great mons before you can start the league.

Make sure you have three mons with you, because if you have more, you won't be able to enter any preliminary rounds. Also you must remove any healing items, which includes PP and stat-increasing items too. Basically, empty nearly everything that isn't an Escape Rope, repellant item, or any other item that has no use in a battle. When this is done, talk to the guy to the right of the blue marker; you are scheduled to face Mandi. The battlefield has rain throughout the match.

Juggler Mandi: P3000

Exeggutor Lv40, Egg Bomb, Psywave, Hypnosis, Barrage

Seadra Lv45, Agility, Smokescreen, Twister, Water Pulse

Golbat Lv50, Double Team, Giga Drain, Air Cutter, Poison Fang

Your next match is against a guy named Kevin in the Rock field, also a newcomer like yourself. In the anime, Ash apparently battled an unnamed opponent offscreen and it was never shown in the Fire and Ice episode at all aside from a trainer’s Nidorino, so I'm not sure if this really is the guy’s name or not. This battlefield has a sandstorm throughout the match.

Youngster Kevin: P2088

Electrode Lv50, Thunderbolt, Charge, Rollout, Explosion, holds Magnet

Cubone Lv55, Bonemerang, Thrash, Sandstorm, Protect, holds Shell Bell

Nidorino Lv58, Toxic, Take Down, Sludge Bomb, Horn Drill, holds Scope Lens

Next match is up against Pete Pebbleman of Pewter City, on the Ice Field. In the anime, again, part of the full match was cut for some reason, but two of his mons were known. The snow on the field has no real effect on the battle itself.

Black Belt Pete: P1488

Graveler Lv55, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Selfdestruct, Brick Break, holds Black Belt

Cloyster Lv60, Ice Beam, Withdraw, Clamp, Rain Dance, holds Apicot Berry

Arcanine Lv62, Fire Blast, Dragon Rage, Sunny Day, Crunch, holds Charcoal

As you leave, guess what? Gary lost a match in the Rock Field, meaning you’re currently the best trainer from Pallet Town. Even with the loss, he still has time to chastise you like always before running on home. Gee, I wonder when we will ever battle Gary for real. Your next match is on the Grass Field, against Jeanette Fisher from Crimson City. No field effects to note on the Grass Field...

Aroma Lady Jeanette: P2240

Beedrill Lv60, Twineedle, Attract, Focus Energy, Toxic, holds Silverpowder

Scyther Lv65, Double Team, Slash, Swords Dance, Steel Wing, holds Lansat Berry

Bellsprout Lv70, Slam, Ingrain, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf, holds Brightpowder

When you leave, a dude named Ritchie shows up, and it looks like you two will be rivals pretty soon. An announcement shows up and talks about inspecting the mons of the League challengers, otherwise they'd be disqualified. Seems a bit fishy don't you think? Outside, well, you know already. Ritchie steps in and uses Zippo (Charmander), and Sparky (Pikachu), blasting off the goons without us fighting them. Coincidentally, you'll also find out that Ritchie is your next opponent. He's over to the side, so talk to him to watch him get ready. You'll then get a phone call from Ritchie asking you to head to the gate, so do so. It's a long run down, but you'll be surprised at what happens next. Another Team Rocket ambush! And so soon after having been blasted off!

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv55, Lickitung Lv55, Weezing Lv55, Arbok Lv55, P3300

We can't be out of the league yet. Team Rocket attempted to disqualify us from our next match with that stupid stalling act. Depending on if you have a Flying type like Pidgeotto with you or not, you may or may not reach the Stadium in time. If you have a Flying type, you'll fly there immediately, otherwise if you go by foot, you'll basically be forfeited and your rank at 16. Don't worry if you actually follow Ash's storyline though, because he did land at that rank regardless. Skip down a few paragraphs to just before [PAL2] to see some stuff if you didn't make it in time/lost to Ritchie/any others after Ritchie to continue Ash's story.

But what if you did make it in time? You can then battle Ritchie at the stadium. As a reminder though, Ash did lose thanks to his disobedient Charizard, but I'll post his team for you.

PKMN Trainer Ritchie: P3900 (seemingly hopeless fight, at least based in the anime)

Butterfree Lv60, Sleep Powder, Silver Wind, Psybeam, Aerial Ace, holds White Herb

Charmander Lv62, Flamethrower, Slash, Dragon Claw, Smokescreen, holds Quick Claw

Pikachu Lv65, Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Double-edge, Double Team, holds Petaya Berry

So what if you win? You'll get to keep going of course. This never happened in the anime, so you'll probably skip this if you lost/forfeited the last battle. The next battle is against Assunta, the one who actually beat Ritchie in the anime, again in the Indigo Stadium.

Cooltrainer Assunta: P5200

Drowsee Lv60, Poison Gas, Protect, Light Screen, Future Sight, holds Apicot Berry

Raticate Lv62, Hyper Fang, Toxic, Swagger, Endeavor, holds Silk Scarf

Rhydon Lv62, Earthquake, Horn Drill, Sandstorm, Megahorn, holds Salac Berry

Tentacool Lv63, Toxic, Bubblebeam, Barrier, Supersonic, holds Mystic Water

Venomoth Lv62, Silver Wind, Poisonpowder, Aerial Ace, Disable, holds Cheri Berry

Ivysaur Lv65, Seed Bomb, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Synthesis, holds Miracle Seed

Next is a trainer named Melissa; she’s the one who beat Gary before.

Battle Girl Melissa: P5600

Porygon Lv68, Tri Attack, Recycle, Recover, Secret Power, holds Sitrus Berry

Magneton Lv65, Thunderbolt, Metal Sound, Thunder Wave, Reflect, holds Magnet

Primeape Lv65, Focus Energy, Cross Chop, Bulk Up, Screech, holds Persim Berry

Flareon Lv68, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Double Team, Baton Pass, holds Charcoal

Pinsir Lv65, Swords Dance, Revenge, Guillotine, Facade, holds Black Belt

Golem Lv70, Rock Blast, Seismic Toss, Substitute, Counter, holds Quick Claw

If you make it to the finals, you'll battle against Gideon.

Dragon Tamer Gideon: P7500

Seadra Lv70, Dragonbreath, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Smokescreen, holds Sitrus Berry

Kangaskhan Lv68, Dizzy Punch, Earthquake, Outrage, Sandstorm, holds Soft Sand

Onix Lv70, Rock Slide, Dragonbreath, Iron Tail, Taunt, holds Hard Stone

Fearow Lv68, Drill Peck, Double Team, Steel Wing, Leer, holds Sharp Beak

Dragonair Lv72, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, holds Dragon Fang

Charizard Lv75, Fire Blast, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Slash, holds Lansat Berry

Win against Gideon, and you'll be granted the chance to battle the Elite Four! The receptionist states you can battle the Elite Four in any of the four element fields and in any order you wish, except for the Champion who is of course to be battled after you beat all four of them. They will be six-on-six battles, and you can only get the chance to win the league once. If you lose, you're unable to continue. Again, no healing items. Let's just go from left to right, since that's basically the order you can fight them in a regular Fire Red game. You'll want to be mindful of the rain if you battle Lance and the sandstorm when fighting Bruno, though.

PKMN Trainer Lorelei: Dewgong Lv70, Cloyster Lv76, Slowbro Lv75, Jynx Lv77, Walrein Lv78, Lapras Lv80, P4800

PKMN Trainer Bruno: Steelix Lv75, Hitmonchan Lv77, Hitmonlee Lv77, Hitmontop Lv77, Machamp Lv78, Onix Lv80, P4800

PKMN Trainer Agatha: Shedinja Lv77, Misdreavus Lv75, Dusclops Lv77, Banette Lv76, Sableye Lv78, Gengar Lv80, P4800

PKMN Trainer Lance: Gyarados Lv75, Aerodactyl Lv76, Flygon Lv77, Altaria Lv77, Salamence Lv78, Dragonite Lv80, P4800

If you win against them all, you'll be slated (foreshadowing!) to battle this game's champion. It most definitely won't be Blue this time around, and you'll be battling against the champion in the Indigo Stadium itself. The champion is a man named Slate.

PKMN Trainer Slate: Blissey Lv82, Slowking Lv84, Crobat Lv80, Arcanine Lv84, Scizor Lv84, Raichu Lv88, P5280

Congratulations if you do manage to win, but don’t worry if you don’t.

Okay, so assume you lost/forfeited to Ritchie. Talk to him in the building and he'll go off to presumably challenge Assunta (he will of course lose this match). Go outside and Oak will be there, congratulating you on your position and telling you to come back home to Pallet Town when you can. Afterwards, talk to Ritchie again inside the building, as he had just finished his match on a loss. Time to head back home. Also I would like to mention by the next episode we will hit the Orange Islands arc and the second season of the anime, and that Ash's Pidgeotto evolves into a Pidgeot around this time.

PALLET TOWN (revisited) [PAL2]

When you warp home, Mom's gone. Head outside and to the lab to see everyone there. You'll want to talk to Oak, and a party will commence. And of course, it's interrupted by those persistent goons from Team Rocket.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv57, Lickitung Lv57, Weezing Lv57, Arbok Lv57, P3420

Oak will heal us for free afterwards. Also he's giving us a favor to go to the Orange Archipelago, specifically Valencia Island to visit his colleague Professor Ivy. He wants us to bring back a special Poke Ball to study, and Gary couldn't do it since he left on a journey on his own. He directs us to take the Route 1 river. You may have stumbled here already by chance, but now we'll get to this plot.

ROUTE 1 (revisited) [RT1R]

Don't warp somewhere yet! Go back north to Route 1, making sure you have Pidgeot in your party, and it will seem quiet. A Fearow then swoops in! It seems to be the Spearow that Ash had encountered when he started his journey. A group of Spearow shows up in front of you now. You'll now be battling up against some high-level Spearows. Battle through them until they stop. Fearow will fly away at that point, and Pidgeot will want you to join it in pursuit of the Fearow.

You'll be in a neat little flying segment now, but you could still get into encounters with Spearows (100%). Just fly west to encounter the Fearow. It's Lv50. When you finish the battle, it's going to fly away again, and you'll fly back down to Route 1's entrance. Here, you'll be saying that Pidgeot should stay behind to make sure the Pidgeys are safe. Say yes and select Pidgeot when prompted to release it. Ash of course promised to return to Pidgeot, but did this ever happen over his journeys? Not really. Still, do it for story purposes.

ROUTE 23 [RT23]

To reach this route, swim downriver, then east and cut the tree with your Hatchet. To the east is the Orange Archipelago Wharf, but you need a Tropic Pass to board the ferry. Instead, we'll be taking the blimp ride to the north. You can enter the building, but you need the clearance to do so, so let's enter the nearby PokeMart. The Mart wares are the same as all others (see [VIR2]), and there's another guy here who'll give you a special raffle for P50 for a blimp ride. You'll end up winning the raffle, so let's go to the Orange Inlet Airship Hangar.

GLITCH: Do not decline this offer. Text boxes will screw up and you might end up with a ?????????? item in your bag.

Talk to the guy and we'll set off. To be clear, the raffle part never happened in the anime at all, even if you knew that in the episode, Team Rocket owned the blimp. Anyways, Misty is also onboard, having won a grand prize raffle herself. Brock is also here. Apart from the fellow companions, look who it is to the west? Once again, they'll demand Pikachu, but you'll once again battle them.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv58, Lickitung Lv58, Weezing Lv58, Arbok Lv58, P3480

That's loss #27 for these guys. I've been counting alright. They'll make an attempt to crash-land the blimp. Use the wheel where Team Rocket was and we'll land on Valencia Island.


After crash-landing with Misty and Brock, we're on the island itself. The wharf here requires the Tropic Pass like the other one. The PokeCenter's theme has changed too. The PCs here will not let us teleport, sadly. When you go north, the display will say Route 1, but don't worry about this. The PokeMart still has the same wares from before, so I won't list them. Enter Professor Ivy's Laboratory now. Three little ladies are inside, and will direct us to the professor who's at the bay. A Gyarados shows up in the water, and then you'll see Ivy swimming to it. Since you're a friend of Oak's, she'll give us a friendly greeting and we'll then have to meet her in her lab, so follow her and the girls. Inside are the ladies, plus Brock. Talk to Ivy to hear her conundrum, the GS Ball is pretty much indestructible. To solve it, she'll need Oak's help, and we're the delivery of course. Now we have the GS Ball. If you talk to Brock, he'll stay for a bit to start cleaning up the place, which is also the point where he left Ash's group in the anime.

But wait, how are we supposed to leave? We don't have a Raft with us, we need a Tropic Pass to use the ferry, and the blimp we were on was rigged and had to crash-land. Just head south to see Misty, then two more people will show up and drag her into a blimp for a return trip. Suspicious. You'll also be thrown onboard. Oh of course it's Team Rocket. Now they'll tease Ash and Misty on being a couple. Before another battle, it seems another stowaway came along: Jigglypuff! Team Rocket immediately flees before Jigglypuff's singing puts us to sleep. This doesn't seem good, as the blimp doesn't have a pilot.


Mons found:
Spearow: 30%

Pidgey: 30%

Weedle: 20%

Rattata: 10%

Caterpie: 8%

Tangela: 2%

You'll crashland this blimp on a deserted island that for some reason is called Route 2. Misty goes on ahead, so jump the ledge. To the south and east are grass patches. I believe that the mons here are the same as in Route 2, hence the label. You can get an Ultra Ball on the east ledge, but the other item you see isn't accessible right now. Head south, then east and on a ledge, then off the ledge on the other side. There's a Max Repel to the west, so take it and head east now. Approach the building and this elderly couple will come and smother us. They'll confirm our location as Tangelo Island too. For whatever reason, we actually crashlanded in Pokemon Park, and the attendant will let us back in for P500, although you'll probably just come back here to get that item once we get rock climbing equipment. Use the PC as needed, then leave south. At Tangelo Island proper, we see three dudes near a Lapras, along with a PokeCenter, a PokeMart (same wares as before), and a wharf to the west. Seems these dudes on the beach aren't very nice to this lost Lapras. Talk to it and well let's let the bullying stop and the battle to commence.

Tamer Group: Spearow Lv45, Beedrill Lv45, Hitmonchan Lv45, P2700

After the battle, Tracey shows up, who'll check the mons of the ones who fought you, then they'll leave. Tracey then takes Lapras to the PokeCenter. Introduce yourself to Tracey inside, he's a Pokemon Watcher who'll discover your interest in entering the Orange League. We have four leaders and a champion to beat. This is of course where Tracey followed Ash and Misty on their journey. Head back outside and go to the Lapras, where who else but Team Rocket arrives.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv59, Lickitung Lv59, Weezing Lv59, Arbok Lv59, P3540

If only a restraining order would keep these goons away. Afterwards, Lapras officially joins you! It's Lv30 and holds a Mystic Water. Tracey mentions that you can find the first gym leader on Mikan Island. We do need to remind Oak that we have the GS Ball though, so let's use the telephone here to confirm there’s nothing stopping us from heading to the Orange League.

Afterwards, well we can Surf with Lapras! If you surf southward and eastward, you'll be back at Valencia Island, with nowhere else to go. Your destination is up north to Mikan Island. Head to the west side near the wharf and then on the beach. You can surf west of there, but be mindful as the encounter rate is quite high and you'll face a variety of Water types very often.

Mons found:

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Goldeen: 30% (surf)
Staryu: 10% (surf)

Swimmer Deron: Tentacruel Lv45, Seaking Lv48, P2880

Swimmer Shamira: Poliwhirl Lv42, Seadra Lv42, Poliwhirl Lv42, P1008

Swimmer Abigail: Dewgong Lv42, Dewgong Lv42, Cloyster Lv45, P180

Swimmer Mickey: Golduck Lv45, Golduck Lv48, P2880

Swimmer Maria: Seadra Lv45, Slowbro Lv45, P180


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 65% (surf)

Horsea: 80% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Shellder: 40% (super rod)

Hoppip: 30% (surf)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

Yeah, I can tell there's not much to note here: a PokeCenter, a PokeMart, and a Gym. As usual the mart wares haven't changed. Upon trying to enter the gym, something is in the way! It hops out and challenges you.

Tuber Senta: Kingler Lv50, P600

Ash didn't battle Senta in the anime, as the sister, Cissy, intervened. In this rom hack, we do battle him and Cissy only chastises her younger brother after the battle. She accepts our challenge, but of course we just need to head inside first. The gym is quite reminiscent of Cerulean's gym, but whatever. Cissy gives us a special rule: to use only Water types and for it to be a one-on-one. So you'll then be prompted to use the PC. For story purposes, Lapras is a good choice.

Leader Cissy: P5000

Seadra Lv50, Smokescreen, Water Gun, Protect, Twister

After this battle, you'll be told you need to do the next part, a wave ride. We need to head to the north end of the beach for this, and we need a Surfer, so bring Lapras. Talk to Cissy and she'll get a head start on Blastoise. Surf after her, then talk to her again. She'll do her run and return. You must beat her time. To win, start with the path directly north of you, not the one to the right as that is a dead end. When you reach the next fork, there will be three paths. Go through the middle one, as the other two are dead ends as well. As you head north and east on this middle path, take the upper path to avoid a dead end. As it loops to the south, take the narrow path directly south, instead of the wider path to the left as that will dead-end. Then, take the upper path again. Go along and it will eventually say you have beaten Cissy's time (hopefully). This is also when encounters start showing up again. Return to Cissy to get the Coral-Eye Badge.

The next island: Mandarin Island, is to the east, so head on the north beach and go in that direction.

Fisherman Tommy: Goldeen Lv42, Goldeen Lv42, Seaking Lv45, Seaking Lv45, Seaking Lv45, P1620

Swimmer Garrett: Poliwhirl Lv45, Cloyster Lv45, Blastoise Lv45, P2160

Fisherman John: Gyarados Lv40, Gyarados Lv45, Gyarados Lv48, Gyarados Lv50, P3000

Swimmer Adelle: Starmie Lv48, P1152


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 95% (surf)

Horsea: 80% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

This place follows the anime plot where every trainer's mons are attacking them, and this will happen to you after the trainers with the Voltorb and Magnemite also run up. Officer Jenny has a Gastly too, but it uses Night Shade to cure the screwed-up mons. Her hypothesis is that a Psychic type is behind this. Anyways, the PokeMart is the same as all the others and is even lampshaded by a guy inside. There are two buildings besides the PokeCenter and the PokeMart to access. Head into the smaller one and talk to the hiker to get the long-awaited Climb Kit! Awesome! But since we're sort of stuck on the Orange Archipelago without a Tropic Pass to head back to Kanto, we'll only be able to do a few bits of backtracking. Before that though, let's enter the bigger building here.

Do you see what I see? Team Rocket members! You can go a number of places. Let's start with the left side where you can get a Carbos in a storage room.

Team Rocket Grunt: Machoke Lv50, Tentacruel Lv50, P3000

Team Rocket Grunt: Fearow Lv48, Golbat Lv48, Fearow Lv48, P2880

Let's head upstairs near the second grunt, who was near the entrance.

Team Rocket Grunt: Golbat Lv48, Dodrio Lv48, Venomoth Lv48, P2880

A Full Restore is in the room to the south. Continue west, ignore the room at the upper end as there's nothing there, then head around the hall.

Team Rocket Grunt: Rhydon Lv53, P3180

There's an elevator and stairs here. You'll need a key for the elevator, so take the stairs and keep going west.

Team Rocket Grunt: Rapidash Lv53, P3180

In the SW corner of the room to the west, you can find TM36 Sludge Bomb.

Team Rocket Grunt: Magneton Lv50, Graveler Lv50, P3000

Head east and you'll see the all-too familiar goons. But they're missing one: Meowth. "Those two" must be referring to their rivals Butch and Cassidy. We are determined to get to the bottom of this, literally, so Jessie and James loan you a Lift Key for the elevator before they leave. We should now go to the first floor, so that we reach the unexplored part of this floor. Head down the steps to the basement. Down here will be a number of random mons, and you'll see Butch and Cassidy alongside a Drowzee on a table. They'll try and use the Drowzee to command your mons, then Officer Jenny arrives and the Gastly uses Night Shade to block Drowzee's Hypnosis. But you still battle the two.

Team Rocket Duo: P3900

Drowzee Lv65, Future Sight, Metronome, Mega Punch, Disable

And that's it for this plot.

As I said, if you're thinking about doing some backtracking with the Climb Kit, you won't get too far. The only place to use the Climb Kit now is back on Tangelo Island, near where your blimp crash-landed. Pay the fee to enter the Pokemon Park, then climb the wall to the ledge, then climb down on the east side to get TM10 Hidden Power! Return to Mandarin Island and scale the east wall down to the beach to continue our treks. We'll be heading south to Sunburst Island, on what is seemingly Route 4 on our markers.

Mons found:

Tentacool: 90% (surf), 100% (old rod)

Magikarp: 80% (good rod)

Tentacruel: 55% (super rod)

Horsea: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Slowpoke: 10% (surf)

Gyarados: 4% (super rod)

Seadra: 1% (super rod)

Fisherman Tylor: Seadra Lv49, Seadra Lv49, P1764

Keep going and you'll see a bottle with a message inside. "If you know anything about a POKEMON called the crystal ONIX, let me know right away." - Marissa from Sunburst Island. It's to the south.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 95% (surf)

Horsea: 80% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

At the island's entrance, a girl is in an argument with an older salesman regarding businesses. You'll then watch as the guy storms off to the NW. The girl, Marissa, has a brother, Mateo, who runs the shop but doesn't want to make glass anymore. You of course found her letter. But we don't know anything about the crystal Onix though. But we can help Mateo find it.

Before that though, we've got bartering booths to deal with. The angry salesman from before will barter a Rare Candy if you have both a Leppa Berry and a Red Scarf. The guy to the SW has an Amulet Coin, but only if you have a Pearl and a Sea Incense with you. The last guy sells TM30 Shadow Ball, but I'm sure you have one of these already and if not, well the Game Corner has it as a prize too. If you have a Nugget as well as TM06 Toxic, you can get it.

Mateo is of course behind Marissa, and he's not as good as his skilled grandfather when it comes to glassblowing. We'll of course try to help him somehow. If you go to the eastern shore, the tide will lower and create a bridge to the next island.

Mons found: Oddish, Pidgeotto, Pidgey

Enter the cave.


Mons found:

Seel: 40%

Golbat: 25%

Dewgong: 20%

Zubat: 10%

Psyduck: 5%

Enter the next cave to reach a segment where you can climb up. When you do, you'll start sliding. Since we're dealing with slippery floors, maneuver until you can get to the middle crystal and head up to scale the next cliff. Do this again to the nearby crystal to the east so you're able to reach the cliffs to the north. You'll get a Star Piece here. Descend and head west this time, maneuvering until you can scale the next cliff down. Scale to the normal floor below and to the west is a PP Up. Get back up and then to the west again. You will want to go to the scalable wall to the east, which leads up to a pool. There it is, the Crystal Onix, which is surprisingly at Lv75! Mateo will come up afterwards, he doesn't need to catch it now, all he needs is the inspiration. Now we should head east and further south on the water to Pinkan Island.

Swimmer Mymo: Kingler Lv49, Slowbro Lv49, P2352

Swimmer Nicole: Seaking Lv50, P200

On approach, look out for whirlpools! These things act like currents, so you really should just avoid them. Maneuver through the maze going to the northeast side, then head south and catch the whirlpools to the south so you move west. As soon as you stop, head south and east again. When you can, find the whirlpools to the south and let them carry you west. Keep doing this until you have a clear path to the east. At the SE end of the water, let the whirlpools take you west until you reach the south end, then head east and up the scalable wall.


Here you'll find several pink Pokemon. None of them do anything except the lone Rhyhorn, who'll chase you until it falls to the shore below. Head to the house, it's an office for Officer Jenny, where after you tell her what happened, she'll hop the counter and go out. Be sure to use the PC as needed before following her. Outside, she'll be back, and well she'll mention this place is a reserve and the whirlpools provide a natural blockade for tourists who wish to go here. As a souvenir, we get a free Pecha Berry.

Mons found (to next island):

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 95% (surf)

Horsea: 80% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Qwilfish: 40% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 4% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)
Psyduck: 1% (super rod)
Kabuto: 1% (surf)

Let's continue eastward. As you do, note the north and south paths are blocked by whirlpools, and two ferries go past you to the island ahead. Land and head east. You'll see Nurse Joy with some archaeologists being interviewed. Nurse Joy is the leader of this expedition, but they are too busy with the interview at the moment. Try to enter the cave for a crazy guy to come out and tell you to leave before it's too late. And then he'll leave. Nothing's really gonna stop us from entering, though.

The cave is rectangular, with a lot of Kabuto fossils at the north wall. You probably can guess what happens if you try to take a fossil. That's right, the rest of the fossils come to life and flee. When you exit, you'll see the crew behind the rock, escaping. Reach either of the stairs here to make the sandy part of the island sink. When you decide to surf, the entire island sinks! Time to head north I guess...

GLITCH: A bit NW of there is an unreachable portion of water

Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod)

Tentacool: 90% (surf)

Horsea: 80% (good rod)

Shellder: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Goldeen: 9% (surf), 55% (super rod)
Staryu: 5% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Swimmer Allie: Poliwhirl Lv50, Starmie Lv50, P1200

Swimmer Fred: Seadra Lv49, Haunter Lv49, P2940

Fisherman Seymour: Gyarados Lv50, P3000

Fisherman Dan: Cloyster Lv49, Golduck Lv49, P2940

Fisherman Earl: Tentacruel Lv49, Tentacruel Lv49, P2940

At the next island, you'll find a neat boat you can enter, but you'll be declined entry because you don't have a Show Pass. That's easy enough, head into the house on the island and we're getting a Show Pass. Of course, it costs P5000 so you better have that much money with you.


Nurse Joy is to the east, use her to heal as you talk to some bored trainers.

Aroma Lady Anna: Vileplume Lv52, Parasect Lv50, P1400

Pokemaniac Hector: Rhyhorn Lv50, Kangaskhan Lv50, P2400

Hiker Daryl: Golem Lv52, P1872

Battle Girl Eve: Hitmonlee Lv50, Hitmonchan Lv50, P1400

Beauty Anastasia: Raichu Lv50, Nidoqueen Lv50, P2000

Bird Keeper Foster: Dodrio Lv52, P2496

If you head to the NW corner, you'll be witness to a show of Pokemon allegedly talking in a show. If you enter the cabin, you'll discover the humans in here are just voicing lip-syncing lines. The actress in the back is Kay, who will notice the bond between you and your first mon, something she can't have with her own Raichu.

PKMN Breeder Kay: P2200

Raichu Lv55, Thunderbolt, Mega Punch, Light Screen, Quick Attack

You'll get TM16 Light Screen afterwards. If you're done here, exit the ship, which you were not able to do before this event as the ship had been moving. You'll be at Kinnow Island, and the ship sets sail.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 100% (old rod)

Goldeen: 80% (good rod)

Tentacruel: 55% (super rod)

Staryu: 30% (surf)

Psyduck: 5% (surf) 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Golduck: 5% (surf), 5% (super rod)

Look to the right to spot a trainer along with Misty. Did her Psyduck evolve? You can talk to either of these two to battle them.

Swimmer Marina: Tentacruel Lv50, Starmie Lv50, Psyduck Lv55, P1320

Swimmer Misty: P1440

Goldeen Lv50, Horn Attack, Waterfall, Agility, Flail

Staryu Lv50, Swift, Bubblebeam, Recover, Cosmic Power

Golduck Lv60, Hyper Beam, Psychic, Disable, Dive

Well, once you battle Misty, surprise, surprise, that's not really her Golduck! Somehow it did befriend her, but Psyduck showed up all of a sudden and the Golduck ran off. She then recalls Psyduck and goes off. Well, there's really nothing else to note on Kinnow Island, so let's surf at the east end and go north.

Mons found:

Magikarp: 90% (surf), 100% (old rod)

Seel: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Cloyster: 15% (super rod)

Shellder: 9% (surf), 80% (good rod)

Dewgong: 4% (super rod)

Gyarados: 1% (surf), 1% (super rod)

You'll come to a fisherman who is looking at a Nurse Joy who's in the water! On approach, she'll flee. The fisherman will of course battle you if you talk to him.

Fisherman Evan: Tentacruel Lv50, Dewgong Lv50, Gyarados Lv52, P3120

You'll see the same thing again as you go north; Nurse Joy healing a fisherman's mons and running at your sight.

Fisherman Brandon: Cloyster Lv55, P3300

Same thing again...

Fisherman Clifford: Seadra Lv52, Golduck Lv52, P3120

So now afterwards we surf east and wow, that is a huge Magikarp. Nurse Joy appears and orders you to step away. It seems to be low on Calcium, which is what the nurse administers, then it gets brought back to the ocean. She explains why she swims around from island to island, since there's not a lot of PokeCenters to find out here. Anyways, since we tried to help, we at least got a reward, the Deepseascale. Coincidentally, the island we're on has a PokeCenter too. Heal and use the PC as needed before continuing east.


Welp, the PokeMart still sells the same stuff, and aside from the PokeCenter and wharf, nothing on this part of the island. Go north and read the sign. Navel Gym challengers need to scale the mountain with their own resources, as if they use the cable car, they will be disqualified. Danny is the leader here. Well, you can't take the cable car even if you try, so let's go scale a mountain.

Alright, first things first, scale either of the walls here. You have two caves to go into. Inside will be some mons too, if you're wondering.

Mons found: Geodude, Machop (encounter rate varies in each cave, but usually is around 50% for both)

Take the right cave and you can exit to the right. Climb the wall here to be on the platform above the other two caves. There's a scalable wall directly to the north, and a scalable wall to the west. The one on the east end leads to another cave. Outside here, scaling two walls going down leads to a dead end. The scalable wall to the side of the cave exit leads to the last ledge before the icy ones at the top.

What if you took the left cave at the start? Choose that route, go to the exit, and you can choose to scale a wall to the left or fall down a slope to the south. You can choose the slope, as you can climb back up to the left to reach the hill if you chose to climb first. The cave at the bottom does have a Hyper Potion though, but DO NOT ENTER THIS CAVE because I did and I could not leave the cave at all. Now on the higher hill, there's two scalable walls, one to the right and one larger one to the center (there's one to the left leading down, but it goes nowhere). The one to the right leads to a cave and a scalable rock leading down to the ledge above the first two caves, while the taller one here actually leads to the hill just before the icy ones. The cave here has a ladder and a passage, which leads to another cave just to the right, with a ledge you can jump to the east. In any case, this covers all the first sections of the hill. Remember, DO NOT ENTER THE CAVE WITH THE HYPER POTION; you will not be able to leave.

At the icy area, just enter the cave. You'll find TM13 Ice Beam to the west, then you should go north and then out of the cave. Out in the snow, the gym is to the east, and a cable car station is nearby as well which you can't use. Danny is all alone in the gym, and we've got ourselves some interesting challenges to do, where we have a best of three. First, we need to see who can freeze hot water the fastest. We'll have to meet Danny over on the SW hill up here, and to make sure we have a mon that knows Ice Beam. Well, Lapras already does, and you saw a TM with the move earlier if you decide not to use Lapras for some reason (plus some mons like Dewgong also naturally know the move).

Meet Danny out there and bring your Ice Beam mon with you. This first round is entirely done in cutscene, and you'll lose it. This happens in the anime too, so it's not like something's wrong. Round two involves using the frozen water we froze and make it into a sled. Again, this happens in cutscene and you win this one. We'll have to have a sled race for our final tie-breaking round. We will have to meet him at the base of the mountain though. Well, actually, he's just to the right. He'll go first, like Cissy did before. The slopes can be difficult to see, so this is the one segment that is actually hard.

So here's my route for this one, take the slope to the west, then ignore the nearby slope to the east and head west, taking two slopes down here. Ignore the one slope ahead of you and take the narrow path east all the way (ignoring the next slope) and take the slope at the end. Follow the path and it will say you can't enter the cave, but will push you east. By then, you should just take the last slope down and if you did it right and fast enough he'll say that you did in fact win this last round. Of course, we have to take the long trek back up the mountain again. You can take the cable car up if you want without penalty. Talk to Danny inside to battle.

Leader Danny: P6000 and the Sea Ruby Badge

Geodude Lv55, Earthquake, Brick Break, Flamethrower, Sandstorm

Electrode Lv58, Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Mirror Coat, Explosion

Scyther Lv58, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, Slash, Hyper Beam

Machoke Lv58, Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Counter, Earthquake

Nidoqueen Lv60, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt

Head back to the Navel Island shore and surf south. We'll be taking the long water route to the Grepaberry Islands (they were called the Seven Grapefruit Islands in the anime).


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 95% (surf)

Horsea: 80% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Psyduck: 1% (super rod)

Land on the first island and you'll be stopped by a girl on approach, who'll mistake you for a potential thief. It seems that someone, or something, perhaps, is stealing the Grepa Berries here. Just walk south to find our culprit, a Snorlax! Interacting with it will say that it has devoured all the berries, then it ignores you and starts swimming west. Surf west and north to the second island, where it'll once again flee to the north. Do the same at the next island, and it will, again, flee north. Get to the north end of the third island and surf west to the fourth. Snorlax will once again flee north. If you go south instead, you'll reach the seventh island where you can pick up a Rare Candy. Surf NE to the fifth island and confront it for it to flee NW. On this sixth island, Snorlax is eating greedily and then Jigglypuff shows up. Here's our chance to battle it! It's Lv35 and already starts out with the SLP status. Remember, Ash caught this Snorlax, so you should too. Of course, after the battle, Ash was sleeping too, and our puffball ran in a rage afterwards. Anyways, return to Ruby to get your other reward, a Grepa Berry. Go back to the sixth island to surf west and south.

Mons found:

Tentacool: 95% (surf)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Tuber Kat: Seadra Lv55, P660

Swimmer Goldie: Seaking Lv53, Golduck Lv53, P3180

Swimmer Cindy: Tentacruel Lv56, P1344

Swimmer Courntey: Kingler Lv53, Gyarados Lv53, Blastoise Lv55, P1320

Swimmer Marl: Dewgong Lv56, P3360


Mons found:

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Goldeen: 30% (surf)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Seaking: 5% (surf)

Enter the PokeCenter and use the telephone to call Oak. Oak tells you that divers have found a 300-year old Orange League trophy from a sunken ship just offshore. There's a museum that has it too. Well, the museum is right there, but sadly it looks like it's closed due to some thief having stolen the trophy. I wonder who those thieves were? Just head back and you'll see those all too familiar cohorts once again. Instead of fighting, they deny having stolen anything and run off. Head east after them and surf. Soon, fog will thicken, and you'll find an abandoned ship. Get on.

Fall into the hole, seeing as there's nothing to really do, then get TM49 Snatch in the NW corner. Head around to the NE corner to be back outside, then fall into the next hole. You'll be back inside, and there's the trophy. You'll see a Gastly and a Haunter prevent you from taking it, then Team Rocket arrives. Now they admit to stealing it.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv60, Lickitung Lv60, Weezing Lv60, Arbok Lv60, P3600

You'll see Jessie and James leave but Meowth stays, as Haunter takes control of him. You'll be relayed the information about the trainer who won the trophy, and that the Gastly and Haunter guard it in his absence. You'll automatically warp back to Moro Island. The museum is open if you want to enter. You will have to pay P50 to enter, and well the game thinks that the casings are actually paintings. This is all a waste of time so don't bother spending the money.

We'll want to sail west of Moro Island now. When we see Team Rocket once again in a Magikarp submarine.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv60, Lickitung Lv60, Weezing Lv60, Arbok Lv60, P3600

They didn't even bother to train this time.


When you land and approach, you'll see a group of islanders who come to you and push you off! Just get back on the island now. You'll also see Meowth in front of a large Meowth statue. Talk to the old man here to see they are trying to conduct a ceremony by having Meowth use Pay Day to give them money. If it ain't obvious, this Meowth is Team Rocket's, and he doesn't even know Pay Day because he used his slots in order to talk! Team Rocket comes back with a different motto of friendship for Meowth, and then they leave. Inspect the statue to get an Amulet Coin! Hopefully you didn't waste your time at Sunburst Island bartering. Now let's continue our journey south.

Bird Keeper Harold: Dodrio Lv53, Pidgeot Lv55, P1320


Mons found:

Tentacool: 95% (surf)
Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Use the PokeCenter as needed, then head north into the forest.

Mons found:

Caterpie: 20%

Weedle: 20%

Metapod: 10%
Kakuna: 10%

Paras: 10%

Venonat: 10%

Butterfree: 5%
Beedrill: 5%

Parasect: 4%
Venomoth: 4%

Scyther: 1%

Pinsir: 1%

Nothing if you go all the way west, so head south. You can then go either west or south. If you keep going south, you can find a Silverpowder.

Bug Catcher Ivan: Pinsir Lv56, P1792

Bug Catcher Jules: Venomoth Lv52, Parasect Lv54, Venomoth Lv52, P1664

Bug Catcher Tim: Beedrill Lv56, P1792

You'll then want to go south from the west end of the forest, where you can get a Max Repel. Then you'll see a weak Scyther here. Attempt to catch it, then Tracey will show up. He'll use Venonat to make it go to sleep and then catch it himself before taking it to the PokeCenter. Follow him by taking the nearby exit, then you'll see him healing it with Nurse Joy. She gives the lowdown to Scyther's dilemma, and Tracey asks you to think of something. He'll be outside, and his idea is to have it battle!

PKMN Trainer Tracey: Scyther Lv60, P3600

Too bad we don't get to see Scyther making mohawks out of Team Rocket's hair or anything. Anyways, surf south. Eventually you'll reach an island that has some grass at the top, as well as a waterfall to something in the middle. This is basically the unnamed vacation island, and you guessed it, Team Rocket also is here.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv60, Lickitung Lv60, Weezing Lv60, Arbok Lv60, P3600

Third time in a row the same exact stuff. Let's just continue west.

Mons found:

Farfetch'd: 100%

Tentacool: 95% (surf)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)


Eventually you'll reach this island and find some beachgoers.

Beauty Cara: Magneton Lv52, Persian Lv52, P2080

Rich Boy Zander: Raticate Lv50, Ninetales Lv50, Dugtrio Lv50, P2000

Swimmer David: Butterfree Lv56, P3360

For this next event, just get on the nearest ledge. You'll find a cafe, but nothing of interest inside. But to the west is Prima...I mean Lorelei. Ash gets real competitive, even to the point that he battles some random guy when Lorelei isn't paying any attention.

Ace Trainer Leo: P4240

Persian Lv53, Thunderbolt, Slash, Iron Tail, Aerial Ace

Tauros Lv53, Take Down, Swagger, Thrash, Rage

If you have Charizard with you, Ash will send it out after the battle. It'll fly around, then Lorelei will use her Slowbro's Disable to stop it. She'll tell us to go to her demonstration at Mandarin Island Stadium. This basically means the other part of Mandarin Island of course.

Go up to the other island here, but don't go too far north, as that is Yambera town. We just need to find a big building to the west, which is the stadium. Inside, Lorelei is battling with another trainer's Marowak with her Jynx. She easily wins, and afterwards, invites you to come to her home. Now go back east and follow the road until it reaches a fork, and you should head west to reach Lorelei's Chateau. Well, here's the thing, we have to have a one-on-one match for this one, so we'll be prompted to use the PC by then. For story purposes, Ash chose Pikachu, and why not, choose it too.

Elite Four Lorelei: P80000

Cloyster Lv80, Blizzard, Surf, Hyper Beam, Protect, holds Focus Band

That is a HUGE money reward if you win, but of course you're probably not gonna, as Ash didn't in the anime. Afterwards she gives you some pep talk and guidance to the next gym, which is on Trovita Island. Anyways, let's head up to Yambera town now.


Well, the PokeMart's the same. The PokeCenter is at the north end of town, and a guy there mentions Ralph and Emily. If it's not obvious, the two are to the south, between the PokeCenter and PokeMart. If you talk to Ralph, you'll scan both Nidorans in your dex, and then he'll accuse Emily of stealing Tony, his Nidoran. Talking to Emily, the same thing occurs, except with her Nidoran being a female named Maria.

Head west to the Mandarin Island Park, then go to the NW corner for a Pecha Berry.

Mons found:

NidoranF: 20%

NidoranM: 20%

Bellsprout: 20%
Oddish: 20%

Weepinbell: 9%

Gloom: 9%

Nidorina: 1%
Nidorino: 1%

At the north end, hop the ledge to the south (you'll probably run into some impassable tiles, which is a glitch) and you'll see the two Nidorans next to each other. Their trainers come and realize the dilemma at stake, and decide they should be happy together. The two Nidorans then evolve into Nidorino and Nidorina! Anyways, you'll see an exit to the west, but ignore it for now and jump down, then reach the SW corner to find an HP Up. The west exit just leads out near Lorelei's Chateau. If you go back and talk to either Ralph or Emily, they'll give you a Poison Barb. Or actually, just Emily, because Ralph doesn't actually give you the Poison Barb for some reason. Let's continue north now.

You'll be climbing rocks and going through a sandstorm!

Mons found: Diglett, Cubone, Dugtrio, Sandslash

Hiker Alonzo: Graveler Lv55, P2200

Hiker Petey: Dugtrio Lv52, Rhydon Lv53, Dugtrio Lv52, P2080

At one point, it'll be raining in the desert! You'll see some Magnemite on a cliff up above, but I went east first.

Hiker Dave: Sandslash Lv56, P2240

Rather appropriately, you can find TM37 Sandstorm on the cliff down here. Isn't that the third TM of Sandstorm we found? Go back up to where the Magnemite were.

The hiker at the top is Ethan, and he uses the lightning from the storm to power these Magnemite. The PokeCenter we saw along the way has a blackout. But of course, Team Rocket wants to interrupt us for the electric mons.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv60, Lickitung Lv60, Weezing Lv60, Arbok Lv60, P3600

Still haven’t improved. Now let's keep going west and south. By the time you use the menu or get into an encounter the sandstorm returns. Head south to find Ethan near the PokeCenter, where you'll tell him you're competing in the Orange League. He'll give you a Magnet. Let’s head south and the sandstorm will soon disappear.


As you head south, you'll hear some cracking noises, then you'll be in the sewers. You can interact with the ladder here.

Mons found (1st sewer area):

Rattata: 45%

Grimer: 28%

Ekans: 25%

Muk: 2%

2nd sewer area:

Rattata: 50%

Ekans: 28%

Grimer: 20%

Muk: 2%

If you climb the ladder near where you fall in and go east, you will hear a cry. You can climb the ladder here to resurface, then head south to Trovitopolis. Lots of buildings, but nowhere you can actually enter. You can talk to Officer Jenny to report the cry, as well as the mayor who will basically tell people to vote for him. There's a sewer pipe to the NE, which we want to go to.

In the sewers again, go to the next hole. Here, you have two holes to choose from. Enter the nearest one to find a Lum Berry, then use the other hole. Climb the ladder and go to the next hole. Again you have two holes, but they both lead to the same area. In the next area, you'll find, once again, two more holes. Take the first one to get TM36 Sludge Bomb before taking the one on the far right. In the next area, climb the ladder and head right for a Luxury Ball. The cry has been echoing throughout your time here, and it will echo again as you keep heading left to the next hole. In this area, don't go left, as there's nothing of interest. Climb down the ladder and you'll see a Bulbasaur. Interact with it to take it with you, as it has a collar and must belong to someone. Keep heading east, and this should be familiar to you as this is where you first dropped to. Exit the sewers.

Confront the mayor about this, he'll deny it's his, despite the collar. He's definitely quite a jerk about it. Talk to Officer Jenny and you'll confirm the cry was the abandoned Bulbasaur. She'll take care of the Bulbasaur and ensure the mayor doesn't get re-elected. This plot was a lot less tense than I expected, mostly because we don't see the Bulbasaur in action at all and that the mayor doesn't block the sewers with SWAT. Needless to say this plot could've been way better. Let's go to the SW ferry to go to Trovita Island; luckily for us, it's a free ride.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wooper: 70% (surf)

Poliwag: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 40% (super rod)

Psyduck: 30% (surf), 5% (super rod)

Goldeen: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

As soon as you arrive, a girl seems to be drowning. Misty will come along and save her, then some guy will come in yelling for the girl, named Mahri. The guy is actually the gym leader of Trovita Island, Rudy! Anyways, up north is just a PokeCenter, you'll need to climb the rocks and surf west to continue. A PokeMart is on the west side, along with a wharf. You should be sailing up the river now, and the gym is right here.

Inside you'll see Misty, Mahri, a Seel, and of course Rudy. There's a PC in the corner, this will have some use, I guarantee it. Rudy, like in the anime, challenges us to a same-type match. In the anime Ash chose Electric, Grass, and Water. Here, we don't even get to choose, so I hope you have good ones with you (Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle should be well-leveled in other words). Afterwards, he'll meet us at the top of North Peek (this should be Peak). Follow him when you're done choosing your competitors and he's just at the top of the mountain here, nothing else of importance. Rudy will re-state the rules, and in case you brought more than one mon with you, you'll automatically be prompted to use the PC.

Leader Rudy: P6500

Electabuzz Lv65, Quick Attack, Double Team, Thunderpunch, Thunder Wave, holds Shell Bell

As a reminder, Pikachu lost against Electabuzz in the first round, so don't worry about this if you lose. On the other hand, this means we have to win the last two rounds. Now we'll have to select our grass type. Also he'll give you the option to forfeit a round, which is odd. Just say no to be prompted to the PC.

Leader Rudy: P6000

Exeggutor Lv60, Egg Bomb, Seed Bomb, Double Team, Stomp, holds Scope Lens

If you beat the first two rounds, congrats, you won't have to do the third one. If you forfeited/lost a round, you'll go to the third one where you have to use the Water type now.

Leader Rudy: P5500

Starmie Lv55, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, Double Team, Confuse Ray, holds Brightpowder

Hopefully you won two of the three rounds, because that nets you the Spike Shell Badge. Only one more for the Orange League. Rudy'll then go back to Misty. You need to go back too, not just to use the PC to get the rest of your team back in, but to talk to Misty. She'll give us the important Whirlpuller item that can remove those pesky whirlpools we saw from before. She'll also say she's not staying with Rudy, well, she stuck with Ash throughout the Orange Islands so it makes a bit more sense. Go north, back to the peak, then to the north shore.

Mons found:

Horsea: 65% (surf)

Poliwag: 34% (surf)

Poliwhirl: 1% (surf)

Swimmer Hank: Tentacruel Lv55, Slowbro Lv57, Gyarados Lv55, Seadra Lv56, Seaking Lv58, P3480

Swimmer Cindy: Poliwhirl Lv58, Poliwhirl Lv60, Poliwhirl Lv62, P2976 (this is a double battle by the way!)

We have two routes here, we can take the right one with the above two trainers, or detour to the left and use the Whirlpuller to cross the whirlpools here. If you take the left path, you can choose to go right to a seemingly barren island. Scout around here for a Full Heal, then take the left path again as it goes north and east, crossing the next whirlpool here to be at the area you would have gone to if you went right first. Head directly east and cross the whirlpool here, then east and north to another small island where you can find a Max Revive by scouting around. Head west and cross this whirlpool. To the south is a trainer and the rest of the whirlpools.

Swimmer Charlotte: Blastoise Lv65, P1560

Swimmer John: Kingler Lv58, Golduck Lv60, Cloyster Lv62, P3720

North past John, go past the whirlpools. You might recognize this route! Just keep going north though unless you wanna backtrack to Pinkan Island or the sunken island.


The sign says there are high level Rhydon and Pidgeot here. Uh oh. Well, Team Rocket decides to interrupt our trek inwards. And this time, you'll be prompted to select Pikachu. This time, Pikachu gets stuck on Meowth as they immediately scram.

Mons found:

Magikarp: 90% (surf)

Pidgeot: 50%
Rhydon: 50%

Goldeen: 9% (surf)

Gyarados: 1% (surf)

In the forest, first head west, then north to the ledge. A Protein is here. You might see Team Rocket to the NE too. Backtrack to the entrance and go north now.  Head east at the fork, then north at the next fork and follow the path to reach a PP Max. Now go west and hop the ledge, then west and north to reach Team Rocket. They'll say that both Pikachu and Meowth got taken by a wild Pidgeot, and that they'll find them first.

Don't hop the ledge to the left, as it leads back to where the Protein was. Hop one ledge to the right and head right. Ignore the ledge here and head up to the trees to find Pikachu and Meowth at the top of some rocks. Talk to Pikachu to unchain it, then Team Rocket arrives for the obligatory battle.

Team Rocket Cohorts: Victreebel Lv62, Lickitung Lv62, Weezing Lv62, Arbok Lv62, P3720

Now go through the entrance to the north to continue. Hop one ledge down and head west and north. Head to the left at the fork and hop a ledge. Head west, south, west, north, east, hop the ledge, north, and the exit's over there. Hop another ledge to get a Full Heal, then come back and exit. Let's keep surfing north.

Mons found:

Horsea: 90%

Staryu: 9%
Seadra: 1%

Swimmer Art: Cloyster Lv62, Tentacruel Lv62, P3720

Swimmer Dalia: Kingler Lv58, Seaking Lv58, Kingler Lv60, Seaking Lv60, P1440

Along the way you'll find an island with an Ice Heal.

Mons found:

Magikarp: 90% (surf)

Poliwag: 9% (surf)

Poliwhirl: 1% (surf)

Swimmer John: Dewgong Lv62, Cloyster Lv62, P3720

Swimmer Jacki: Starmie Lv62, Starmie Lv62, P1488

As you go, a ship rams into you! The man who runs it is Tad. He's trying for the league too and remembers you from the Trovita Gym. He'll have a match with you at Cleopatra Island up ahead.

Swimmer Elvis: Tentacruel Lv58, Tentacruel Lv58, Gyarados Lv60, Gyarados Lv60, P3600

Swimmer Cindy: Slowbro Lv60, Starmie Lv60, Slowbro Lv60, P1440


You'll see Tad with his Poliwrath here. Talk to him to initiate a cutscene. Assuming you have Charizard with you, it'll come out of its ball. Tad will take note of the disobedience of it as it runs to the tree. Poliwrath then uses Ice Beam to freeze Charizard and Tad hopes to have a rematch soon. You got an Ice Heal from before right? Use it to cure it and this will now make Charizard obey you for the rest of the game! Talk to Tad once again. Unfortunately since it's a one-on-one match, you need to remove the rest of your team when prompted.

Ace Trainer Tad: P4000

Poliwrath Lv50, Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, Mega Kick, Hypnosis, holds Black Belt

Talk to him again to get the rest of your team back. It wouldn't make sense to be stuck here without our surfer! As we go along, we'll see Misty and Tracey along with a girl named Maren, who'll offer a ride to Butwal Island. The weather then brews a thunderstorm while you are sailing, and we'll be off course.


Attempt to go west and you'll be stopped by weird people in bird outfits. Maren immediately recognizes one of them as Carol, who takes her mask off. Apparently the Legend Festival is taking place right now. Carol is too old to be the maiden, instead she is giving the reign to her younger sister. She shows up and is quite spoiled, her named being Melody. When Maren introduces you, the bird people are surprised, and deem you a chosen trainer. Melody then comes up and kisses Ash! When everyone leaves and you have control, go up. There's several houses here, along with a PokeCenter and PokeMart. The SW house has a man who gives you TM16 Light Screen.

When you're finished exploring, enter the festival house. It's way bigger inside than outside. Go towards the stage to watch Melody perform, then she runs up to you and tells you your mission, get three Glass Balls from the other islands around the main one, then bring them to the shrine at the south coast. Maren, offscreen, will allow you to use her boat. You'll be surprised when you leave the festival house, as it will start snowing! Anyways, go up and talk to Maren when ready. The weather will change once again, and eventually we'll reach Fire Island.


Go left and up the first set of steps. You now have a choice: go left and up the larger steps to the cave, or up the steps ahead and in the cave here.

Mons found:

Ponyta: 49%

Vulpix: 49%

Growlithe: 2%

Enter the left cave first and go all the way north. You'll find a statue which will lower the lava level. Now take the right cave and go all the way up. Two stairs are accessible here, but the right one just leads to some lava you can't cross, so take the left one. Head up the steps to see the charred lava, The next switch is in a statue at the NW corner. Backtrack to the two stairs and take the right one now. Up the next steps and down two more is another statue with a switch. Hop the ledge and back up the left steps, then down the nearby steps. Then, hop the next ledge to another switch, which will remove the lava on the ground floor. Head back to where the two stairs were, and the middle one is now accessible. Enter the cave and grab the Fire Sphere, then leave.

As soon as you leave, a boat comes onto the rocks, with Misty, Tracey, and Melody exiting it. After an argument, Zapdos appears! Pikachu will appear and try to communicate with it. Fire Island apparently belongs to Zapdos now. What happened to Moltres? A large ship then arrives above Zapdos and abducts it, and everyone on the ground too! On the ship, you'll see both Zapdos and Moltres are caged, and a new face appears above you. Apparently we have an extravagant collector out to capture the three legendary birds. After finding out where Articuno is, he then leaves.

Examine the cage with Moltres and, assuming you have Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charizard with you, they will use their moves to free Moltres. It will then crash through Zapdos' cage and set it free as well. Then, both birds will make holes in the north wall. Unfortunately this causes damage to the airship, and it will crash!


Everyone lands safely as the airship explodes. You have two caves to explore.

Mons found:

Magneton: 49%
Electrode: 49%

Electabuzz: 2%

This is once again another switch puzzle area with a high encounter rate. The first switch is in the left cave. These switches raise or lower the platforms throughout the caves, and are repeatable in use. For now, use this switch, then go back to the right cave and take it. Go all the way up and west to the steps and take them. To the east you will find that you can go up some stairs or down the other set to the south. If you go up, you'll find three paths you cannot reach, so let's take the steps leading down. Outside, there's a cave to your right and to your left. Take the right cave, as you can't go further if you take the left cave. Head up the steps and all the way up to the next switch, then after using it, backtrack south and go up the steps.

This is the area that we could have gone if we went up the steps at the fork with the two stairs. Since we can't go south, we can choose to go west or north. West just leads back to the left cave at the area with three caves, so go north and down the steps when you can. Exit the cave and go into the other one. You'll see an item to the south of the cave you entered, so head up and around to reach it. It is a Thunderstone. Go back north and east and exit the cave, then go into the next one. Here, you'll see another cave entrance, but go east first, down the steps, and use the switch at the NE corner. Now exit the cave at the top and go into the next cave. Head west, then south the long way, then east, down the steps, and use yet another switch. Use the nearby steps, then head west, as east won't get you anywhere for now. You'll be back at the SW corner, but now you can take the steps to the SW and leave yet another cave. I bet the monotony of this cave is driving you nuts, but we only have one more cave to go to, and it contains the Lightning Sphere! Take it.

As you exit, Moltres shows up, then goes up, followed by Zapdos. You'll then hear Articuno which will follow them both. They will then come back and then battle each other. Maren will arrive on her boat and tell you to hurry on. You somehow jump the high ledge and hop in, but something in the ocean starts to control the ship! You'll be swept to a snowy location.

This is Shamouti Shrine. Walk north up the steps to see a talking Slowking, asking you to put the treasure over there. Misty, Tracey, Melody, and Maren are also here. Walk to the north end of the altar and place the Lightning Sphere in the left spot, then the Fire Sphere in the right spot. We're missing the Ice Sphere though. Slowking comes up to us confirming we're Ash, then the birds will be heard again. As they fight once again, Lugia appears! Melody confirms that the sound it makes is the same one from the legend. Lugia then comes up and speaks to us that we need the last treasure. Luckily for us, the Ice Island is accessible thanks to Articuno creating a bridge. Attempt to walk south and you will reach the snowy pastures.


Mons found:

Dewgong: 49%

Cloyster: 49%

Jynx: 2%

I would like to point out that my Repel broke at this time and that it basically lasted indefinitely until the snow cleared, so I am unsure just what other mons to really encounter her. Just head south, there's nothing of nominal importance to the west or east. Head around and inside. Yep, it's a sliding puzzle. First of all, slide up, west, and south to get a Water Stone. Then maneuver until you can reach the steps here. Up here, a large mound of snow is blocking us. You can go either left or right. Go to the right side and get through the ice-sliding segment to a cliff outside. The switch here causes a tremor that can shake some of the snow. Another one is on the left side too. You should be able to head north through the area the mound was blocking. At this point, just follow the linear path to reach the Ice Sphere. Backtrack and once you get outside, Lugia will appear and fly us back to the shrine. Misty will also believe in you. Place the Ice Sphere for the weather to return to normal. Lugia will thank you for the peacekeeping mission and leave.

Just then, a helicopter will arrive with Oak, Ivy, and even your mom, so worried about you. Oak then makes this group leave, and you then have control. Talk to Maren to return to Shamouti Island. If you talk to her again, she'll offer you a list of choices, including Butwal Island, Cleopatra Island, Shamouti Shrine, and the respective elemental islands.

Well actually, you can't sail to Butwal Island, as it just takes you back to Shamouti Island. And as far as it goes, that is in fact it for Pokemon Ash Gray. I was hoping there would be some way to continue the rest of the Orange Islands saga, or at least return to Kanto to get some of the other items, but sadly there is none of that as of the current beta. 4.5.3 is currently the latest beta of Ash Gray, and the next one to come, I don’t know yet. Regardless, that's just about it for this hack.



This is probably not going to happen, sorry. The locations of most mons are pretty much unknown especially considering the dex is using the FR/LG areas of the original Kanto region and not the one portrayed in Ash Gray. I wasn’t that worried about catching Pokemon in this game since I followed Ash’s plot quite to the letter. That being said this guide has been modified to show percentages of mons found in each area. I still may be missing quite a few though.


This part of the appendix deals with the rewards of each individual episode plot of the anime. In other words, when you finish an episode plot, preferably with the right mons, you can get items for it.

Pokemon - I Choose You!: Pikachu, PokeDex, Poke Balls, Running Shoes, Fame Checker, Town Map

Pokemon Emergency!: None

Ash Catches a Pokemon: Caterpie, Pidgeotto

Challenge of the Samurai: None (but you can get an Antidote in Samurai’s house)

Showdown in Pewter City: Boulder Badge, TM39 Rock Tomb

Clefairy and the Moon Stone: Moon Stone

The Water Flowers of Cerulean City: Cascade Badge, TM03 Water Pulse

The Path to the Pokemon League: None
The School of Hard Knocks: Teachy TV (only if you pass the exam)

Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village: Bulbasaur

Charmander - The Stray Pokemon: Charmander, Lucky Egg

Here Comes the Squirtle Squad: Squirtle, Blackglasses

Mystery at the Lighthouse: Dragonite seen in Pokedex

Electric Shock Showdown: Thunder Badge, TM34 Shock Wave

Battle Aboard the S.S. Anne: Hatchet

Pokemon Shipwreck: None

Island of the Giant Pokemon: None

Beauty and the Beach: None

Tentacool and Tentacruel: None

The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak: Spell Tag

Bye Bye Butterfree: Heart Scale

Abra and the Psychic Showdown: None

The Tower of Terror: Haunter, Smoke Ball
Haunter versus Kadabra: Marsh Badge, TM04 Calm Mind

Primeape Goes Bananas: Primeape

Pokemon Scent-sation!: Rainbow Badge, TM19 Giga Drain

Hypno’s Naptime: Twistedspoon

Pokemon Fashion Flash: Blue Scarf
The Punchy Pokemon: Black Belt

Sparks Fly for Magnemite: Muk, Magnet

Dig Those Diglett!: Soft Sand

The Ninja Poke-Showdown: Soul Badge, TM06 Toxic

The Flame Pokemon-athon: Quick Claw

The Kangaskhan Kid: Teach the move Substitute

The Legend of Dratini: Dragon Scale

The Bridge Bike Gang: None

Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion: None (but you can get a Full Restore, TM48 Skill Swap, and TM27 Return inside the mansion)

Electric Soldier Porygon: Up-Grade

Holiday Hi-Jynx: Poke Doll

Snow Way Out: None (but you can get TM14 Blizzard on the mountain outside)

Pikachu’s Goodbye: None

The Battling Eevee Brothers: Water Stone, Fire Stone, and Thunderstone

Wake Up, Snorlax!: Poke Flute, Miracle Seed

Showdown at Dark City: Soothe Bell

The March of the Exeggutor Squad: Teach the move Softboiled

The Problem with Paras: Big Mushroom, Berry Juice available in Herb Shop

The Song of Jigglypuff: None

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon: Togepi Egg

A Chansey Operation: Leppa Berry

Holy Matrimony!: None

So Near, Yet So Farfetch’d: Stick

Who Gets To Keep Togepi?: National Dex

Bulbasaur’s Mysterious Garden: Teach the move Solarbeam to Bulbasaur

Princess vs. Princess: Poke Doll

The Purr-fect Hero: Rare Candy
The Case of the K-9 Caper!: TM20 Safeguard

Pokemon Paparazzi: Picture of your team on your trainer card

The Ultimate Test: None

The Breeding Center Secret: None

Riddle Me This: Volcano Badge, TM38 Fire Blast

Volcanic Panic: Volcano Badge, TM38 Fire Blast (only if you didn’t win it last time)

Beach Blank-Out Blastoise: None

The Misty Mermaid: Super Rod

Clefairy Tales: Meteorite

Battle for the Badge: Earth Badge and TM26 Earthquake

It’s Mr. Mime Time: Warp Program installed on PCs

Showdown at the Po-ke Corral: None

The Evolution Solution: Heart Scale
The Pi-Kahuna: None
Mewtwo Strikes Back: Mewtwo and Mew seen in your Pokedex

Make Room for Gloom: Fertilizer, can be given berries from mom

Lights, Camera, Quack-tion: TM50 Overheat
Go West Young Meowth: None

To Master the Onixpected: None

The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis: Dome Fossil

Bad to the Bone: Thick Club

All Fired Up!: Moltres seen in your Pokedex

Round One - Begin!: None

Fire and Ice: None

The Fourth Round Rumble: None

A Friend In Deed: None

Friend and Foe Alike: None
Friends to the End: None

Pallet Party Panic: Access to Orange Islands

A Scare in the Air: None

Poke Ball Peril: GS Ball
The Lost Lapras: Lapras

Fit to be Tide: Coral-eye Badge
Pikachu Re-Volts: None

The Crystal Onix: None

In the Pink: Pecha Berry

Shell Shock!: Dome Fossil

Stage Fight!: TM16 Light Screen

Bye Bye Psyduck: None
The Joy of Pokemon: Deepseascale
Navel Maneuvers: Sea Ruby Badge

Snack Attack: Snorlax, Grepa Berry

A Shipful of Shivers: None (TM49 Snatch is in the ship though)

Meowth Rules!: Amulet Coin

Tracey Gets Bugged: None

A Way Off Day Off: None

The Mandarin Island Miss Match: None (or P80000 if you win against Lorelei)

Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?: Poison Barb

Get Along, Little Pokemon: Magnet

The Mystery Menace: None

Misty Meets Her Match: Spike Shell Badge, Whirlpuller

Bound For Trouble: None

Charizard Chills: Charizard obeys you for the rest of the game

The Power of One: None


Q: Why did you include glitches in the walkthrough?

A: Simply put, this rom hack isn’t perfect, but if the creator decides on a next release that would come around these glitches will let the creator know what’s to be fixed

Q: How do I evolve the trade evolutions?

A: I believe they evolve with high friendship. Though this only applies to Machamp, Golem, Gengar, and Alakazam. I have tried this with the ones that require items like Seadra or Scyther and it didn’t work for them.

Q: When will this get completed? I wanna see the rest of Orange Islands!

A: Don’t ask me, I’m not the one who created the hack. There is an Orange Islands hack made by someone else on PokeCommunity which I’m sure is more finished.

Q: Why are there bad eggs in my PC?

A: Bad eggs usually come by in the Gen-3 games if you’re implementing specific cheat codes (like catching trainer Pokemon or nature changing) but those would end up changing what you are catching. The bad egg that is in Box3 of the PC though, I am not entirely sure what could have caused it. At least one other walkthrough I found for this hack (one that only mentions important things though) mentions that there is a bad egg in the PC and that there’s nothing that could be done about it. I think it’s best if you just stay away from it, personally, as you can go through the whole hack without messing with it. As I went along there ended up being more Bad Eggs in Box3, but I ignored them.

Q: How many times do you battle the Team Rocket Cohorts in this game?

A: As of this beta, 33 times.

Q: How many trainer battles total are there in this game?

A: I would say the maximum total, not counting any Vs. Seeker rematches, is about 333 total trainer battles. I tried to include all optional Pokemon League matches, the three rounds with Rudy, and the extra battle with Blaine that could be skipped as well.

Q: So you can lose some of the matches and continue the game?

A: Yes, there are a few trainer battles that Ash never won that are in this guide. The first Brock fight, the battle against AJ, both battles with Sabrina, the gym battle with Erika, the first battle with Blaine, the battle against Mewtwo’s cloned starters, the battle against Ritchie (you can even forfeit by not getting there by flight), the battle with Lorelei on Mandarin Island, and the first round against Rudy. I probably missed some. However, there’s no real way to really implement a hopeless boss fight in Pokemon aside from making the opponent have really powerful and high-leveled mons, and even then there are those who use Gameshark codes or grind like crazy and could still beat the gym leaders. The game still continues as if you lost/forfeited even if you win though, so do not worry all that much.

Q: What happened to the official guide for this rom hack by Denali?

A: Honestly, I have no clue. I read the thread about it, and it seemed to only cover Pallet Town but that’s about it. I got some of the info here from a guide on Cheatsguru, but that too is unfinished (it stops around the Ghost of Maiden’s Peak part). This is probably the first guide on Ash Gray that is actually finished.


Metapod23 for the hack itself, it was quite fun to play and write a walkthrough about.

Game Freak for Pokemon Fire Red, the game that the hack is based on.

PokeCommunity, and anyone who is willing to help make this walkthrough better and more accurate (this includes you if interested!)