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Hack Name: Pokemon Stranded
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: v0.1.6, 07.01.2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


It was just another normal day as you headed out of your home to get your first Pokemon from Professor Oak and embark on your very own Pokemon journey. Little did you know, it was not a 'normal' day at all! You find Team Rocket has infested your town and is trying to steal the Professor's Pokemon. And upon bumping into one of the grunts, he uses his Drowzee to just randomly teleport you away to a random island. Not that he cares what happens to you afterward!

And this is where the main plot of the game starts. You find yourself on the beach of an uninhabited, nameless island and now your mission is to head back home!

Venture into the bunch of islands you find around you by surfing amidst them and gradually discover the dark secrets of the islands. Collect pieces of information from different sources and puzzle-piece them together to unveil the dark, gruesome mysteries that remained hidden within the islands, about which the rest of the world had never known! Theorize some of the unexplained mysteries and realize the others through clues scattered around the island.


Pokemon Stranded takes a different route from a conventional Pokemon game in multiple ways. For starters, there are no Gyms or conventional Pokemon Trainers, no badges, no Pokemon Centers or Marts and so on. Also, the main story for the game will be fairly short and straightforward but there will be thousands of side stories along the way.

There are two halves to the development of the game: Main Story and Island Exploration, each half is developed separately but parallelly. Island Exploration is the longer part of the game with lots of small quests. Island developments are implemented (or expanded) once a particular quest is completely designed and there will be at least some island development in each update. On the other hand, Main Story Quests are relatively smaller in number in longer in length. Most parts of the main story are not complete and incomplete portions are implemented in the game. Thus, there is a chance to get soft-locked if you are following a story quest. (Keep frequent save files/states!) Story quests may or may not get updated in each new version.

List of Features

  • (Almost) Open World - All the places that have been currently programmed in the game open up for exploration right after some preliminary steps. You can visit almost anywhere on the map without almost any path-blocks!
  • Level Scaling - The level of random wild Pokemon and trainers' Pokemon all depend on the level of your Pokemon! The stronger you get, the stronger they will get. Most of the event's special wild battles are also scaled.
  • Humanization - There are a lot of things in the game that basically does nothing to progress the story but are there just to flesh out the characters of a human/Pokemon or the features of a place/item. Make food for yourself even though you don't eat. Ask Haunter to show a magic trick. This was done so that the game does not feel too robotic, lifeless or bland.
  • Pick-a-Route - There are multiple ways to overcome an obstacle. You see a path blocked by a Spearow and a tree? You can either remove the Spearow once and for all or cut the tree every time you have to go through the path. In fact, there will be some optional 'obstacles' that you can just straight up ignore if you want!
  • Optional SIdequests - As mentioned above, almost the entire game is optional. You don't have to necessarily do something if you don't want to. But you get rewarded sooner or later for your participation!
  • Choices matter! - Your choices can influence the outcomes and actions of others! There is a guide included in the download that will let you know which choices cause branching.
  • OK to Lose Trainer Battles - You will not whiteout if you lose a trainer battle in most cases. In fact, sometimes losing a battle can cause the story to go in a different branch!
  • Easter Eggs - There are a lot of internet and meme references! A lot of them are dead and/or outdated because I had placed them a long time ago in the game. Some words are anagram, some are in different languages only to see if a player can spot all the references!
  • Adventure Mode - Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise now have a new adventure mode which you can activate upon talking with a stone in the Forest. Their adventure mode allows finding items, crafting things, and more! This will be further updated in a future beta!
  • EasyNav Device - A high-tech device that replaces the need for all HMs required to navigate through the islands!
  • Craftwood - Every time you cut a small tree blocking your path, you have a 75% chance of getting an item called 'Craftwood'. Upon collection of sufficient Craftwoods, you can create tents and campfires!
  • Mining and Rock Smash - Every time you smash a small rock, you have a 25% chance of getting a Hard Stone. You can also mine walls to get various rocky items! (Currently in an experimental phase and might be improved upon in future versions)
  • Curries - Make curries for your Pokemon that basically replace the need of Potions and Elixirs because you won't be getting any man-made items in the islands!
  • Daily Boss Fight - Still an experimental feature but you can visit a certain NPC underwater who lets you fight a buffed Pokemon every day. 'Day' is measured based on the real-time clock.

Discover more amazing features yourself!

  • The game uses Leon and UltimaSoul's FireRed Base as ROM base and hence most of the features from the ROM Base are present. As of Version 0.1.2, CFRU has been applied to the game and thus, some minor features from there are also present in the game. All of these additional features are not listed below but some significant ones are:
  • Day-Night System
  • BW Repel System
  • Poison Survival at 1 HP
  • DPPt styled font
  • Running everywhere
  • Autorun (Press L to toggle after receiving Running Shoes)
  • Item descriptions and images pop up
  • Disabled help menu and flashbacks
  • Mega Evolution (not associated with the story yet)

Other minor features include:

  • Pokemon from the first seven generations. Galar Pokemon will be included perhaps in a future version.
  • Some Pokemon now have a bit different learnsets, abilities, etc for the sake of narration of the game.
  • New items that are never before seen in a main series Pokemon game
  • Randomized events. Some things will not be the same if you approach it a second time.
  • The female protagonist now has a white dress...


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Developer: Entaro Ceraphenine

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=438698