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Hack Name: Pokemon Shin Red & Blue (and Green)
Platform: GB
Hack Original: Pokemon Red
Status: v1.23, 31.12.2021
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGB
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


This is a ROM hack of pokemon red & blue based on the Pret team's disassembly.
It's a mostly vanilla hack that focuses on fixing game engine bugs and oversights from the original game. Additionally, trainer AI routines are improved and multiple quality-of-life improvements have been added.

List of Features

Lite features for a cleaned-up purist experience:

  • A huge number of bugs, glitches, oversights, and text errors of all sorts have been fixed.
  • There are too many to enumerate here, and some of them are very obscure or previously undiscovered.
  • Includes an English Green version.
  • It swaps the graphics, Cerulean Cave layout, and a few lines of text to replicate the original Green version.
  • Apply the patch to a USA blue ROM to use it.
  • Engine features from the USA Yellow version have been backported.
  • Super Gameboy palettes get converted to display on the Gameboy Color. No more monochrome!
  • The audio engine is backported. Hit SELECT on the options screen to cycle through the output types.
  • Trainer AI has been improved and greatly expanded.
  • Some trainers will even try to switch pokemon intelligently.
  • You get notified when a box is filled (either via catching or depositing a pokemon).
  • Switching out of a trapping move wastes the trapper's turn. This prevents unbeatable AI scenarios as well as a PP underflow glitch.
  • Rage is limited to 2-3 turns but attack boosts are kept. This is primarily to prevent infinite battle loops.
  • Sleep does not prevent choosing a move, and the move is used upon waking up. To maintain sleep move accuracy, sleep starts with a counter of at least 2. And Rest now sets the sleep counter to 3.

Additional Master features that go beyond engine modifications and fixes:

  • An experimental New Game+ has been added.
  • All 151 pokemon are available in one version.
  • You can play as a boy or a girl.
  • There's an EXP bar in battle.
  • You can hunt for shiny pokemon, and they are valid with Gen 2 games.
  • No more grinding wild pokemon. Nearly all trainers can be rematched just by talking to them once or twice.
  • The "SET" battle style gives increased difficulty by making the stats of trainer pokemon more on your level.
  • It also doubles the effect of X-stat items that trainers love to use.
  • One of OAK's aides toggles scaling of trainer rosters to your level (evolving them if applicable).
  • Another of OAK's aides toggles a Pokeball-caught symbol in battle after obtaining the Pokedex.
  • To aid with to Gen 2 interaction, this also applies a gender symbol to species that can be male or female.

Lots of quick-keys features:

  • Place the cursor over FIGHT and press Select to play the enemy 'mon cry if it's already owned.
  • Softlock Warp - instantly teleport back to your mom's house if you get stuck.
  • Running Shoes - Hold B to double your speed when walking, surfing, and biking. Includes proper animation speed-up!
  • Press SELECT to use HMs based on proper context.
  • Press SELECT while holding A to automatically get on/off your bike or use the best rod in your inventory.
  • Hold SELECT and enter the status screen to print a 'mons stat exp.
  • Hold START and enter the status screen to print a 'mons DVs.
  • When playing in colour, hold SELECT when choosing a 'dex entry to load the shiny palette.

New NPCs:

  • The move relearner and deleter are in Saffron City.
  • An NPC in the Celadon Hotel will pay COINS for showing him pokemon as an alternative to slots.
  • After the elite-4, a new vendor opens up in celadon allowing the purchase of normally unique items.
  • After the elite-4, there is an NPC in the underground path that generates random trainer battles.
  • The game corner chief will buy pokemon from the player post-e4.
  • There's a tournament being held in the SS Anne's kitchen after the elite 4 are beaten. Yes, the ship returns!
  • Added some special post-game trainer battles as fun little easter eggs. Can you find and defeat all five?

Other minor changes to lessen annoyance:

  • TMs and HMs now have their attacks (albeit abbreviated) appended to the item names
  • All TMs can be repurchased as they are strategically scattered across all the Kanto poke marts.
  • The safari zone mechanics run off level instead of speed and safari balls have a boosted catch rate.
  • Slot machines are a little luckier so now you can actually win big
  • CUT is not needed to get to Lt. Surge and Erika (a blocking event replaces the Vermilion shrub).
  • Yellow version learnsets have been integrated and stone evolutions gain back some level-up moves.
  • Hitting with a trapping move reduces its user's speed by 25% until recalculated via some other effect.
  • Trapping move users play their cry on the move's final turn.

Cheats and Secrets

  • A pokemon with Pay Day in your top slot will tip you off to a lucky slot machine and when it's in a special payout mode.
  • New item, M.GENE, re-randomizes a pokemon's DVs to values of 9,8,8,8 or more.
  • Defeat all five post-game special trainers to reactivate the legendary pokemon.
  • To find shiny pokemon better, put a level-100 Chansey at the top of your roster. Use a repel if you wish!
  • Do you dare to activate Missingno at the cinnabar shore? Only if you got your 'dex diploma.

Hardware Compatibility

  • Compatible with original Gameboy hardware (DMG, Super, Pocket, Color, Advance, SP)
  • Potentially compatible with Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2
  • Might be possible to use a save from vanilla USA red/blue with this ROM hack (save in RED's house before transferring over)


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Developer: jojobear13

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=427398