Pokemon Ruby Renev (GBA)

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Pokemon Ruby Renev Boxart, GBA

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Hack Name: Pokemon Ruby Renev
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Ruby
Status: v1.3.1, Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Part 1 - Hoenn
You moved from Olivine Town in Johto, to the Hoenn region. You have a great feeling of starting a new journey and beat eight gym Leaders which one of which is your father. But Beware, Team Magma want the rise up the power of legendary Pokemon Groudon to increase landmass on the Pokemon World. Stop them, and later climb up to become Hoenn League Champion.

Part 2 - Johto
After becoming the champion of Hoenn. You got a ferry ticket from your father. That ticket gives you the ability to return to your childhood. To the Johto region. Fight with Johto leaders to obtain another 8 badges to a total sum of 16 badges. And destroy New Team Rocket that wants a comeback after being beaten by Gold. Go through Johto Towns and Cities to reach Mt.Silver where legendary trainer RED awaiting you. Anyways. Somewhere in Johto waits for you Cynthia and Gold... 

Part 3 - Sangaroo Island.
Red Gives you a special ticket known as AZURE TICKET. Use it on Olivine to reach Sangaroo Island and beat trainers of the Mysterious League... 

List of Features

  • Johto as the second region.
  • Total of 651 Pokemons from gen 1-8 + some Fakemons.
  • Expanded Pokedex
  • 46 Mega Evolutions Included. (Caused by only one in-game MEGA STONE)
  • -6 Formes which contain Primal changes.
  • PS/S Split Included.
  • Added Fairy and Crystal types.
  • Extra 21 new moves.
  • Second Region (Johto) for exploring.
  • Gogoat Riding System
  • New Items.
  • Increased EXP level range (For more difficult in training)
  • Hiden Legendaries. (Search for them in Johto and Hoenn. They were hidden in Various Place)
  • DPPT style music for Hoenn and HGSS music for Johto.
  • Day and Night system.
  • All trade Pokemons evolve now by using the LINK CABLE item.
  • Haunter evolves with Link Cable to Gengar
  • Eevee evolve using Stones (THUNDER - Jolteon, FIRE - Flareon, WATER - Vapereon, MOON Umbreon, SUN - ESPEON, FREEZE - Glaceon, PIXIE - SYLVEON, LEAF - Leafeon.)
  • Kirlia evolved on lvl 30 to Gardeviour, or when we give SUN STONE it evolves to GALLADE <Gender permanently changed to Male>
  • GOLBAT evolve into CROBAT on lvl 42.
  • RHYDON evolve into RHYPERIOR after use LINK CABLE
  • TANGELA evolve into TANGROWTH on lvl 37
  • MAGMAR evolve into MAGMORTAR after use FIRE STONE
  • YANNMA evolve into YANNMEGA on lvl 37
  • MURKROW evolve into HONCHKROW by after use MOON STONE
  • MISSDREAVUS evolve into MISMAGIUS by after use MOON STONE
  • GLIGAR evolve into GLISCOR by after use MOON STONE
  • SNEASEL evolve into WEAVILE on lvl 36
  • PILOSWINE evolve into MAMOSWINE on lvl 42
  • FEEBAS evolve into MILOTIC on lvl 25
  • DUSCLOPS evolve into DUSKNOIR after use LINK CABLE
  • ROSELIA evolve into ROSERADE after use LEAF STONE
  • MUNCHLAX evolve into SNORELAX on lvl 28
  • Changing from Zygarde 10% to 50% and from 50% to Perfect state needs PRIMAL STONE to be used. So forget from 10% zygarde Perfect one you need to use Two Primal Stones.
  • Marowak evolves to GUARDIA on lvl 42
  • Mimikyu evolves to Miraikyu using Dusk Stone
  • Milcery evolves to Alcremie using Whip Cream
  • (Other Than Standard Fairy Type One)
  • Arceus become ??? type
  • Staryu and Starmie become Water/Crystal types
  • Bellossom become Grass/Fairy
  • Porygon, Porygon 2 and Porygon Z became Normal/Crystal
  • Diancie became Crystal/Fairy
  • Skitty and Delcatty became Normal/Fairy
  • Spoink and Gurmpig became Psychic/Crystal
  • Regice became Ice/Crystal
  • All Regis have CRYSTAL as the second type.
  • Bergmite and Avalugg become Ice/Crystal


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Developer: AtecainCorp

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=341964