Pokemon Rising Crystal (GBC)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Rising Crystal
Platform: GBC
Hack Original: Pokemon Crystal
Status: v1.5
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBC
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Pokémon Rising Crystal is an enhancement hack of Pokémon Crystal that aims to improve many of the flaws that the original GSC had, while also not deviating too much in style and feel. Story elements are kept mostly the same with a few additions.

What does this hack offer?
The original Gen 2 cast of Pokémon have been overhauled to allow for more diversity in the available types of Pokémon so that certain types aren't under-represented. Many Pokémon have had their types, stats, and appearance altered to make them more viable for use in a playthrough. Some Pokémon additionally have brand new original evolutions to give them more end-game viability.

Something that is worth noting is that this hack puts an emphasis on difficulty. If you are not a fan of harder ROM hacks, this may or may not be your cup of tea.

List of Features

  • Familiar evolutions: Alongside these completely new evolutions, you'll see some familiar evolutions that joined the series in Gen 4.
  • New moves and Physical/Special-split: Along with the revamped cast, there are also new moves added to the game from future generations to allow for more diverse learn-sets. On that note, the weird rules of what is considered a special move and what is considered a physical move being based on typing has been ditched for the much superior Physical/Special-split that is present in future games.
  • Revamped areas, new and old: New locations have been added into the game and certain old locations have been revamped. Some of these locations are restored from Red/Blue/Yellow, such as Viridian Forest and Seafoam Islands and some are brand new additions, like the interior of the volcano at Cinnabar Island.
  • Easier access to trade-only Pokémon: Trade evolutions either evolve via level-up or have an evolution item associated with them. Items that used to make certain Pokémon evolve while trading can now instead be straight up used on such a Pokémon to make them evolve. Most, if not all, evolution items are purchasable at some point or another.
  • Harder difficulty: The game has been fitted with an entirely new level curve and ditches the open-world gym progression that made certain gyms in Johto and Kanto a cakewalk. Non-held items cannot be used in battle and opposing trainers will not make use of these items either. Useful held items have been made available for purchase in certain locations to allow for easier team-building.
  • Boss trainers' Pokémon have competitive movesets, make use of held items, and generally have more Pokémon on their teams as the game progresses. As an example, Chuck will no longer just have two Pokémon on his team despite being a late-game Gym Leader. In order to preserve the difficulty curve throughout the experience, there are also hard level caps that prevent you from over-leveling past the highest leveled Pokémon on the next Gym Leader's team.
  • All Pokémon are catchable
  • As is the prerequisite with most hacks these days, the entire cast of Pokémon are available to capture at some point or another. All Pokémon are catchable in the wild or are available through evolution. Legendary Pokémon are all available somewhere in the overworld.


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Developer: Sarns

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=448400