Pokemon Project Neo Adventure (GB)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Project Neo Adventure
Platform: GB
Hack Original: Pokemon Red
Status: v1.0 - 2016
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGB
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Project Neo takes place between the classic Red/Green/Blue/Yellow games and the Gold/Silver/Crystal games and a few years after Red's success in becoming the Pokemon Champion.
Red is the new Pokemon Champion, though he has chosen a life of contemplation and seclusion over reigning as the leader of the Elite 4.
Blue, his friendly rival, is the new Gym Leader in Viridian City. Still the final stop on any trainer's tour and run at the Elite 4, he offers help and advice to young trainers who pass his way so that they might see him later as an honest challenge.
In light of Professor Oak and Pallet Town developing two of the greatest trainers Kanto has known, Pallet Town and nearby Viridian City have exploded; Oak now runs a boarding & training school for young trainers interested in following in Red and Blue's footsteps.
Giovanni has apparently given up his evil ways and disbanded Team Rocket. He has gone into business for himself, seeking to atone for his crimes by making the world of Pokemon a better one. Through ROCKET CO. he has developed new technologies and items to better the lives of trainers and Pokemon the world over.
In light of ROCKET CO.'s advancements, SILPH CO., a longtime advocate of Pokemon and trainers, has fallen on hard times. They have begun to wind down operations and have started closing various PokeMarts in towns all over. These are replaced by RocketMarts, where Giovonni's cheaper, and some would say better, products are widely available.
Rumors abound throughout the land. It is said a former Team Rocket leader disappeared in the shadows of the organization's final days, evading capture and carrying out some of the team's darkest plans yet. He is supposedly attempting to rebuild Team Rocket from the ashes of its defeat with diabolical plans for not only Pokemon but his former conspirator Giovanni.
Professor Oak has been excitedly combing the world for new Pokemon breeds after the success of Red and Blue in assembling his Pokedex project. With the help of Bill, the Professor has been able to generate and breed new Pokemon as well. It is an exciting time for Professor Oak, but some wonder if there are no hidden agendas to his travels as well...

List of Features

  • New Pokemon - Of course, new Pokemon; this was the founding premise of the original project! Thanks to the disassembly, we have been able to perform a number of changes already that safely yield an additional 103 "slots" for new monsters. With further investigating and comparing notes on a new technique, it may be possible to increase this to a total of more than 65,000 unique entries!
  • New Maps - Another simple matter with the disassembly is the addition of new maps to flesh out the new aspects of the storyline. Many classic maps will remain, many classic maps will be altered, some will be removed, and new ones will be added.
  • New Text & Story Elements - Also another simple one with the disassembly; Project Neo features a whole new storyline cleanly executed with access to the raw code and scripts of the disassembly.
  • System Tweaks - With access to the assembly code, we're able to effect changes and updates to the system we had hoped to see but were unable to understand at the time. This includes:
  • Gender Selection: Introduced in Crystal, we always thought this would be neat; as of now, it is included!
  • New Types: Similar to other "new" content, this is a lot easier with the disassembly, though we had not realized it would be so easy at the time.
  • New Items: To facilitate the story and other functions
  • New Evolution Processes: More than just new evolutions, this will introduce soem new processes; Pokemon won't evolve in just the traditional means any more!
  • Various: This includes things such as higher-res back sprites, some small tweaks to behaviors throughout the game, and other elements that are not pronounced, but will be appreciated!

Developer: Nate