Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Recruit Team (GBA)

Download Patched Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Recruit Team GBA ROM Hack

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Recruit Team

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Hack Name: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Recruit Team
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
Status: v1.0
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


This is just a hack to let you recruit the Pokemons easier and let you play the game with your favorites.

List of Features

  • Allows all friend areas to be purchased when you first meet Wigglytuff (which allows you to recruit mons). All friend areas are for sale for 1 poke each (including post-game and wondermail friend areas). You will still need to beat Mt. Steel to unlock Friend Areas. It might be a good idea to buy all of the friend areas at once before continuing with the story.
  • Buffs the recruit rate for mons. All mons now have a positive recruit percentage (that can be altered with Friend Bows and the player’s level). Recruit factors in depth: 300 for basic mons (base 30% recruitment rate), 500 for mons that are middle evolved and mons with no evolutions (base 50% recruitment rate), and 999 for fully evolved mons and legendary mons (note: this does not bypass the requirement to battle some legendary mons twice to recruit them) (base 99.9% recruitment rate). The reason why all Pokemons don’t have a recruitment factor of 999 each or 1000, is because seeing the message “Pokemon wants to join your team!” will get really annoying really fast.
  • Buffs the appearance rate of certain Pokemons lowers the appearance rate of common ones. Be sure to check the "Recruitment Search" menu option on every floor!
  • Buffs Regi recruitment rate in Buried Relic. You will need the Parts (or Music Box) and Friend Area to recruit the Regis (i.e. you can recruit them on your second trip through Buried Relic), but they have a 999 recruit factor when the item requirements are met.
  • Buffs Mew’s spawn rate in Buried Relic, on floors, B36-39 to 100% and 999 recruit factor. Mew still requires the Music Box and Friend Area to be recruited. On floors B40-99, Mew appears but it doesn’t spawn as often (vanilla rates), but its recruit factor is still 999.
  • Buffs Kecleon’s recruitment factor to 999. Still level 90 and still requires you to provoke him by stealing.
  • Allows mons to be recruited in all dungeons (even Snow Path and Rock Path) (must purchase friend areas first though).
  • Allows all mons (386) to be recruited. This includes version exclusives, fully evolved mons, and evolutions not normally found in dungeons. This renders evolving obsolete, unless, well, you want to evolve something during the post-game.
  • Nerfs Wish Cave and Joyous Tower (you retain your level, money, and items).
  • Nerfs Purity Forest (you retain your level and money, but items are still not allowed due to limitations of the editor I was using).
  • Nerfs Meteor Cave. Now has a 9999 timer and 20 items allowed.
  • Removes forced saving before going into dungeons.
  • Provides a variety of mons in dungeons. Starter mons will be available in the dungeons you will normally go through. Some rare mons (ex. from Purity Forest and Joyous Tower) have been added to dungeons (wondermail dungeon codes can be found via internet search). Be sure to check the "Recruitment Search" menu option on every floor!

Developer: butnobodycame123

Original Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonROMhacks/comments/fc30gk/pmd_red_recruit_team_a_pmd_red_rescue_team_hack/