Pokemon Kody's Emerald: Better Together (GBA)

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Pokemon Kody's Emerald: Better Together GBA

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Hack Name: Pokemon Kody's Emerald: Better Together
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Emerald
Status: Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The Hoenn Region. As far as trainers go, not many of them have changed, they're still goofy, kids, all that. But the adults of the Hoenn Region have a much more serious intent. The Hoenn Region has criminals hiding in mere daylight that nobody has yet convicted. Those criminals; Team Aqua, Team Magma. Early on your Pokemon Adventure, you meet a spy of Team Aqua who you end up beating, ending the first boss fight of the game. This spy asks for your names and gives you a mission, if it's complete, he'll endorse you to his boss, Archie of Team Aqua. You go on with Team Aqua, doing special missions, tasks, and end up rising in ranking to becoming a top admin of Team Aqua. Archie even picks you to be the special Admin that will be his apprentice and someday take over. Kody's Emerald follows the events of Pokemon Emerald with hilarious dialogue, intense boss fights, and even themes in the game that can be considered advice.

List of Features

  • What has been cut from the game? Gender Option - Playing as May will ruin the game. Pick boy!
  • Post Game - the main game ends as soon as you get the national dex. Everything beyond the point of getting the national dex from professor Birch is normal Emerald.
  • Fishing Rods - Until Mossdeep you will not get a fishing rod, the reason being you can get much better water types from grasses throughout the game, also by surfing, don't waste your time with Fishing boys, because you can't even get one until you've obtained 6 of the 8 badges!
  • Bike Shops - You'll see more of this in the screenshots section but there are no bikes in this game, Rydel locked the bike shop doors once he heard the word of Team Aqua coming into Mauville City.
  • All Pokemons up to Gen 3 are obtainable.
  • You can purchase rare candies and PP-ups after a certain point of the game.
  • Elemental stones are in Mauville city.
  • Surfing/Flying Pikachu/Raichu by HM or leveling
  • Buffed the power of HMs. Cut: 70 power. Rock Smash: 65 power.
  • Flareon's stats have been distributed to be viable. 95 speed and the attacks swapped, a special force to be reckoned with.
  • 3 different starters that are not obtainable in the game unless you choose it.
  • Starters have advanced movesets.
  • Trade evolutions evolve at level 36, if not earlier, if not then, try leveling up to 42.
  • Feebas evolves into Milotic at level 31.
  • Berries can still be planted, Pokeblocks can still be made.
  • Grass patches in a number of the Hoenn Region cities.
  • SOME bike-only areas have been fixed to have staircases.
  • Sky Pillar has no cracks. The Mirage tower has no cracks.
  • Deadbeat parents.
  • It's a hilarious game!
  • Rare encounters; certain areas have a special encounter you won't have the chance to get again for a long time.
  • Warning signs: NPCs or signs may warn you when to grind before an important boss fight. Example: Norman is one of the deadliest fights in the game, with little trainers between Flannery and dad!

Developer: KodyTheComic