Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition (GB)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition
Platform: GB
Hack Original: Pokemon Red
Status: Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGB
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


A new pokemon league world tournament has come to be hosted in the region of Aizome. But the Aizome region is not exactly your friendly pokemon region, as nearly everyone wants to become famous as the champion of the pokemon league world tournament., and will do whatever it takes to become the very next champion.
What is worse, is that the sinister Team Rocket has returned, posing as a much greater threat to the world than it has ever been, with an iron grip of the Aizome nation, capitalizing on the presence of the World Tournament and exploiting its challengers, and merging with a very powerful and corrupt pokemon corporation known as the Trade, all to further their wicked goals…
Only the smartest and strongest trainer in the world will be able to conquer these obstacles and become the champion.
Entrance to the Pokemon League will require eight badges, but there are some differences with the final batch of trainers. There is an unspecified ‘deadline’ of sorts, and 32 league participants is the minimum amount. Once the lead character steps through his room, unspecified time will pass, and the tournament will begin. So there are no easily telegraphed elite four members, just a 5 round progression of trainers who endured many challenges to come far, usually consisting of former participants or even some champions.

List of Features

  • The garbage puzzle in the third gym is removed.
  • You can obtain a massive sum of money from selling nuggets, which are found immediately after getting the VIP tickets.
  • You will have to level up substantially in the Intense Indigo Edition at a certain point. However, you can purchase rare candies immediately after the first cave, at an extremely cheap price of ONE dollar. You don’t have to spend minutes repeatedly fighting wild pokemon to get a level up. (Unless you want to, in that case, there exist some level 100 punching bags.) Later on, the other vitamins can be purchased for one dollar as well, which will be useful if you want to go up against the more powerful enemies.
  • New storyline, new bosses, new characters, new region (though I'm not the best storyteller, overworld graphics -master, or top tier mapper) It's mostly gameplaywise.
  • All 151 pokemon are obtainable throughout the game
  • All 151 pokemon has their movepools changed.
  • Many early pokemon evolve extremely early and learns moves exceptionally early before they evolve. For example, a vulpix can learn flamethrower before Charmander even evolves, for more variety.
  • You can get a large variety of water types, including the old rod and good rod to get pure aquatic pokemon much early on.
  • You can access stones like moonstones and leaf stones as early as the first cave if you spend some time searching for them. And by that time, your pokemon should have powerful attacks by this point, so you don’t have to wait until level 30 to use these stones.
  • All trade evolutions evolve by level up (when they evolve is a secret...)
  • All 151 Pokemon Front Sprites are changed to be more similar to Pokemon Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystal, so no horribly hideous front sprites, though I'm sorry to say that I couldn't change the back sprites.
  • While progression and direction are about the same, cities, routes, forests, caves, and buildings have been changed.
  • Every single trainer has a different lineup, though many follow certain themes with type coverage.
  • There is also a bit of game balancing. For example, you won’t be able to access some truly game-breaking pokemon such as alakazam or jolteon until you get all seven badges, which means the strategy is a bit more emphasized.
  • Very few pokemon are changed stat-wise, only to match the stats of “ev’d” pokemon for the enemy roster. None of which goes over the top with base stats that would overshadow the base stats of Arceus.
  • You can catch many pokemon early on, yet balanced. No silly things with base stats that arceus would blush too.
  • For more features that reduce the frustration and tedious factors, you can actually find out what the highest level the trainers of a certain area will be by reading the signs available so that you are prepared.
  • Before the tunnel with flash, you can access revives and repels very early as well, and with a nearly endless amount of money, getting enough should not be a problem.
  • The cut bush will only bar one path, and after that, you will never have to worry about using cut again. Flash is only used once as well, though strength later one will be used twice, and surf will be used the most since these are the only HMs that aren’t woefully pathetic.


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Developer: SinisterHoodedFigure