Pokemon Green by Montblanc (GB)

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Pokemon Green Cover

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Hack Name: Pokemon Green by Montblanc
Platform: GB
Hack Original: Pokemon Green
Status: v2.3
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGB
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


  • Copyright year and letter tiles
  • Shooting star SFX
  • Nidorino and Gengar battle coordinates, sound effects (hip, hop, slash, lunge), and pause before moving to the title screen.

Title screen:
  • Copyright year
  • Horizontal scrolling logo
  • Woosh sfx
  • Version name showing up
  • Red sprite, red sprite coordinates
  • Scrolling Pokémon coordinates, scrolling speed, species list
  • Bulbasaur starts moving at the beginning of the title music after the introduction notes

Game introduction:
  • Changed pointers and moved the default names to make space for the last ones (used the two from the official translation)

  • Removed censorship (drunk Old Man, praying man at the museum, the Tunguska incident Scientist)...
  • Restored a few references removed from the official translation (Kanto map, Myracle-Cycle bike store, Pokémon mansion journals written in singular and its last entry)...
  • A few trainer lines
  • Celadon City poster text was repointed to add a missing punctuation mark
  • Replaced the Blue version script texts for the in-game trades (evolving Raichu)...
  • The entire Pokédex has been rewritten using the official translation from Fire red, but restoring some references like Cloyster enduring a napalm bomb or Ponyta jumping the whole Tokyo Tower
  • Replaced Pokémon version name at the credits, and centered it

  • Redraw Red title screen sprite pixel by pixel, as the original sprite data didn't work.
  • Ported the original Green version slot machine border
  • Redraw the slot machine icons, for the same reason from above
  • Removed from the SGB border the "Pocket Monsters!" blocks at the bottom, to keep the same style as the official Red border
  • Replaced the SGB palettes with the originals used in the JP ROM
  • Restored the Town Map border tiles
  • Added the Gym Leader names to the Trainer status screen (thanks to Crystal_'s code to extend the number of tiles)
  • Ported the original Aerodactyl and Kabutops fossil sprites

  • Ported the flower animation code
  • Restored the original wild mon battle tile detection behavior, that removed the Old Man glitch that never happened in the JP ROM (thanks to Danny-E 33 for indicating me the .asm file)
  • Some code was added or removed to recreate a few things
  • Fixed a bug that glitched Kabutops fossil sprite, using a new version of Sawakita's sprite loading code
  • Restored (and included as optional patches) the original quick flashing animations (Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam)... and the Blizzard freezing accuracy (it desynchronizes battles if the move is used in a link cable battle)
  • Fixed a bug that made Saffron City guards to detect any object as a drink (thanks to Comet for pointing where the code was)

  • Compared and replaced non-matching blocks of the Unknown Dungeon map
  • Ported item type and coordinates
  • Replaced Mewtwo coordinates

In-Game trades:
  • Swapped the Nidoran(m) to (f) trade and changed the nickname to the one used in the JP ROM (CHAPPY)

Sound (other):
  • Ported the save sound effect from Green.

Developer: Montblanc

Original Source: hax.iimarckus