Pokemon FireRed 2 (GBA)

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Pokemon FireRed 2 GBA

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Hack Name: Pokemon FireRed 2
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Alpha 1.2
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


This is Pokemon FireRed 2, it happens 5 years after Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. The Kanto and Johto governments decided that Kanto & Johto would become one region. They also made it so a Pokemon region can only have 8 Gyms, no more than 8. Because Johto and Kanto together had 16 Gyms, they had to choose which gyms would no longer be gyms. They chose the Viridian, Pewter, Fuchsia, Cinnabar, Mahogany, Blackthorn, Violet, and Azalea Gyms. The Gym Leaders of those gyms lost their jobs and had to go somewhere else if they wanted to have the fun battles they always wanted.
Many areas in Kanto have been changed by humans and by the weather. Mahogany Town is not a town anymore because of all the flooding it has gotten from its storms. Some people have planted more trees to make their towns look nicer. Johto and Kanto Pokemon have started to live in both regions instead of only one. Now you can find Pokemon from Johto in Kanto, and more Kanto Pokemon in Johto!

List of Features

  • Fairy Type
  • Johto Pokemon in Kanto!
  • Pokemarts in Pokemon Centers!
  • Eggs Hatching at Level 1
  • Running Indoors
  • Reusable TMs
  • Decorate your Room! (Celadon Hotel)
  • Johto Region!
  • Decapitalization Some things are decapitalized, but not everything.


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Developer: Wobb