Pokemon Fantasia (GBA)

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Pokemon Fantasia GBA Cover

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Hack Name: Pokemon Fantasia
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Beta, English
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The Pokémon Fantasia hack is a blend of the acclaimed Pokémon GO mobile game and the GBA platform. It's real to try yourself as a Pokémon GO trainer here. The game has a mobile device through which you can turn on augmented reality and see Pokemon or turn off this function, returning from fantasy to the real world.

The plot of Pokémon Fantasia follows an unstoppable fan of Pokémon games. The guy dreams of one day getting into the world of pocket monsters. His wish is finally fulfilled because the new game Pokémon GO is able to merge fantasy and reality into a single space - all boundaries have been erased for the dreamer. Now he is ready to embark on the battle for the title of the best coach among other players, not forgetting to sometimes return to reality in order to resolve pressing worries.

The Pokémon Fantasia hack introduces the real world. The Pokémon GO game mode is available via the main menu. The included function allows you to see Pokémon, fight with them, catch them. The plot is divided into separate days, during which it is necessary to complete certain quests and then go to bed.

List of Features

  • GO Mode (With this you can play Pokémon Go from the view of the player
  • in which to activate this function, merges reality and fantasy from your phone allowing you to see the Pokémon)
  • System of Days: Every day has certain Objects and when you meet them you can go to sleep.
  • Remove the help system.
  • Remove the “previously” (What showed us that had been done before saving).
  • Forgettable MOs.
  • The Pokémon are born at level 1.


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Developer: Markuzz Kaizuka