Pokemon Emerald: Pit of 100 Trials (GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Emerald: Pit of 100 Trials
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Emerald
Status: v1.3
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Welcome to the Hoenn region! But...everything looks different! And the trainers have much stronger Pokémon than before!
That is right! You have entered the Hoenn Pit of 100 Trials. In other words, the region is the Pit. Your challenge is to conquer this Pit's 100 trials! Each trial is one battle against 1 (or 2, in some cases) trainers, and all of their Pokémon are Level 100. Most trainers have 2 Pokémon, but boss battles have more! All gym leaders have 6 Pokémon that specialize in their type. By the endgame, you will face the Elite Four, Champion, and 10 secret boss battles that will put your battling and endurance skills to the limit! The only way to heal during the Pit is via your healing items!

You are normally used to having a Pokémon Center right around the corner, as well as a Poké Mart that sells you all the items you need. But here, the challenge is making it through this pit without those luxuries in between battles! Additionally, you have to stick with one team of 6 Pokémon throughout the Pit; no switching out Pokémon in PC boxes between battles!

On the other hand, you are given unlimited Master Balls to catch just about any fully evolved Pokémon you want, aside from certain legendaries − those are exclusive to the postgame! Do not be afraid to use legendaries, as your opponents might have their own! You also have relatively quick methods of EV training and levelling up your Pokémon to Level 100! Beware, though, as money is tight! You only have 3,000 PokéYen, and that's it. You also get all the HMs and 1 of every TM, so teach your Pokémon wisely. However, there is a move tutor that teaches level-up moves, some egg moves, and some move tutor moves, and you have infinite Heart Scales! Use the move tutor before teaching TMs.

Do you think you can conquer the Pit of 100 Trials? Only one way to find out! One more thing, if you white out, it's game over!

List of Features

  • Just like the original version, there is no Physical/Special split.
  • Infinite Master Balls, Heart Scales, Vitamins, and Stat−reducing berries.
  • Most Pokémon got points added to their base stats to make them better.
  • Learnsets are mostly updated to Generation 4 (with some Pokémon getting moves they would have learned in Generation 6 and 7).
  • Few Pokémon get moves that they would never learn in the vanilla games, like Sneasel and Murkrow getting Night Slash, and most ghost types getting Shadow Punch.
  • Edited some TMs AND HMs so they contain different moves.
  • New 4th Generation moves like X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Iron Head, Energy Ball and Air Slash. (as well as Scald and Rage Powder from Generation 5)
  • Revamped parts of the region so that there are Level 98 wild Pokémon.
  • All vitamins give 64 EVs, and you can EV train in Route 102 to tweak your EVs.
  • Stat reducing berries take off 128 EVs of their respective stat.
  • EV Cap lowered to 252.
  • EV Checker and IV Checker (in Oldale's Pokémon Center).
  • Department store for held items, some berries, healing items, and more!
  • Pokémon names (and some other words) are no longer in all capital letters.
  • Early access to the Bicycles and the Running Shoes.
  • Healing items are cheap, but you will have only 3,000 PokéYen until you start the Pit challenge.
  • Removed most held items from wild Pokémon to prevent money farming.
  • There is an NPC that teaches Bug Buzz, but he can only be found very late in the game.
  • There is an NPC in the postgame that teaches Nasty Plot.
  • Scald burns 25% of the time.
  • Changed the base power of some moves (and Rock Slide has 100% accuracy) like Knock Off, Crabhammer, and Magical Leaf.
  • Removed Pay Day and Pickup from every fully evolved Pokémon.
  • Return is always at 102 base power.
  • There is a postgame area after beating the secret final boss where you can fight some bonus trainers and catch Pokémon you could not catch in the early game.
  • The postgame has an additional Pit that has 20 trials, but every legendary is allowed!

Useful Resources

  • Pick up the Poké Ball on Route 101. You will have a starting Crobat, but you don't have to use it.
  • Everything you will need is in a bag in Oldale Town. Interact with it and you will receive Master Balls, Vitamins, Heart Scales, and other items.
  • Talk to the man with the microphone. He will give you all the TMs and HMs.
  • Oldale Town has a Pokémon Center, Department Store, Move Reminder, Move Deleter, Name Rater, and the area where you can catch Pokémon.
  • There are EV checkers and IV checkers in Oldale Town's Pokémon Center.

Extra Tips

  • If you cannot find a particular dual−typed Pokémon, then check the areas related to that Pokémon's other type.
  • Aim for optimal natures and IVs. You can check your IVs at the Oldale town Pokémon Center.
  • Catch Espeon with the ability Synchronize. There's a 50% chance (if one of those is your 1st Pokémon in the party) for the wild Pokémon's nature to match yours.
  • Revives are the most important item in this game, so buy enough of those!
  • Leftovers are probably your best-held item.
  • If you think you are not going to use a TM, or HM08 Skill Swap, you can sell it for 10 extra PokéYen.

Extra Challenges

  • Set mode instead of Shift.
  • No items in battle. Items outside of battle are fine.
  • Don't use Legendaries.


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Developer: ShinyTillDawn

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=446017