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Hack Name: Pokemon Emerald Final
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Emerald
Status: v7.4, 18.10.2021
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The goal of this ROM hack is to make the ultimately enhanced vanilla Emerald. v7.4 now has two variants to it, Deluxe and Legacy. Deluxe uses the Battle Engine Upgrade v1 by DizzyEgg which includes newer generation mechanics, moves, abilities, and such, whereas Legacy does not. Legacy Variant will have 100% vanilla compatibility like previous versions. Deluxe also includes gen four evolutions like Leafeon and Froslass, Legacy and Deluxe are otherwise the same in terms of gameplay besides a few differences in the available optional patches.

List of Features

  • National Pokedex enabled from the start
  • All 386 Pokemon are available through catching/breeding and in-game events, all event items available at Lilycove mart
  • Trade evolutions changed to stones or level-up (all evolution stones available at Lilycove mart)
  • HM moves are erasable 
  • TMs are reusable
  • Running allowed indoors
  • Both the Mach and Acro bikes are available to purchase at the Mauville Pokemart 
  • Reusable Move Tutors
  • Catching Pokemon gives experience 
  • EVs are capped at 252 
  • The in-game time can now be changed (activated next to Shoal Cave to allow easier access to both tides) this doesn't affect the Day/Night cycle because it is tied to your system time
  • The entire Safari Zone is open from the start and it provides you with the PokeBlock case
  • The fishing system is now much easier to deal with, hitting 'A' too early or too late won't lose the pokemon on the hook and you only ever get one "Oh! A bite!" message
  • Mirage Island spawns after The Elite Four 
  • The summary screen now has stats affected by nature color-coded (Red for increased stat, Blue for decreased stat) 
  • Rare berries are now purchasable 
  • Altering Cave is now an EV Training area, just interact with the signs inside the cave to initiate battles with high EV yield pokemon (no more random encounters inside) There is also an NPC to heal your pokemon and show EV/IVs inside the cave.
  • Flash now lights up the whole screen
  • Black and White's repel system
  • Ability Switcher in the Daycare
  • NPC in the Daycare who will show your party's EVs and IVs
  • The maximum money is 9,999,999
  • Berries ask to be watered when planted and replanted after picking 
  • Auto turn around after healing at a Pokecenter 
  • Changes to learnsets to include not only FR/LG exclusive moves but also prior evolution moves, this includes a few instances of baby Pokemon being able to be taught by move tutor but not their evolved form, they now can use the tutors like the pre-evolution
  • IV Perfector in Devon Corp  Steven must be defeated before he can work
  • Nature switching at the Battle Frontier
  • NPC that can set your Pokemon's level to 50 at the Battle Frontier
  • Birch no longer ASKS you to go see his kid after being saved, autofire B with aplomb
  • Obtain the Exp. Share upon delivering the letter rather than having to backtrack
  • HM moves are usable without being taught, simply acquire the requisite badge
  • Steven can be re-battled

New This Version:

  • Wild encounters balances
  • Legendary encounters
  • Wild Hold Items updated
  • Changed Trade while holding item Evos to Level-up while holding item for lore reasons (OPTIONAL, on by default)
  • PP Ups for sale at Vitamin merchants
  • All Vitamins (Protein, Carbos, etc) now give 63 EVs each and can go up to 252 (four total to reach 252)
  • All Secret Base items are purchasable after E4
  • Six IV Perfectors instead of one (Steven must be beaten) also with the option for IV 30 for Hidden Power and 0 in Speed for Gyro Ball-type setups
  • EV Resetter in Frontier (BP Shop building) and Slateport Effort Ribbon giver
  • Happiness Maxer in Frontier (BP Shop building)
  • Pokemon Gender Switcher in Slateport (Pokemon Fan Club)
  • Auto Levelers in Gyms and Frontier (level 100 available after beating Steven, Petalburg NPC now always present)
  • Smeargle now breeds like Ditto for Egg Move passing
  • XD Only moves added to learnsets (example: Baton Pass on Spearow)
  • DNS Updated to work on more emulators/hardware
  • Added guaranteed evolution options for Wumple, Moon Stone to Cascoon, Sun Stone to Silcoon.
  • Added easier option for evolution to Feebas (Water Stone)
  • Beginner's kit in Littleroot, activate the lone sign below May's house, Cycling Road blocked until entering Mauville to avoid sequence breaking
  • Added stairs to allow quick access to Lavaridge, blocked until Mt Chimney event is finished
  • Expanded starter choice - Same type starters from Johto + Kanto, plus Pikachu and Eevee because of the Anime / Let's Go, as well as Ditto and Smeargle as a nod to Youtuber Pikasprey
  • Pokemon Box only moves available after talking to Lanette in her house (gamecube in player house, put appropriate pokemon in front)
  • Pickup Table changes, including Heart Scales
  • Game Corner now sells Porygon for 6,000 coins
  • Devon Corp front desk sells Up-Grades for Porygon evolution after obtaining the Coin Case
  • Lavaridge Medicine shop has incenses 
  • Devon Scope can be used to view EV/IVs
  • Fallarbor Shop no longer sells Heart Scales
  • Move Relearners on the second floor of Pokecenters, charges $1,000 per use
  • Frontier Tutors in old Move Relearner's house in Fallarbor, take payment in Heart Scales
  • Hoenn fossil pokemon is purchasable after reviving both fossils 
  • Can skip Wally catching tutorial and Pokenav match call with Mr. Stone
  • Unwanted eggs can be deleted in Verdanturf rather than having to hatch them
  • Harbor mail-in Trick House instead of Orange Mail (to trade for the Coin Case, some forget to buy one in Slateport)
  • XD Tutors added: Nightmare in Rustboro Trainer School, Selfdestruct in Jagged Pass, Refresh in Lavaridge, Sky Attack in Fortree, and Heal Bell on Mt Pyre Summit


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Developer: dearman4