Pokemon Eclat Pourpre (GBA/French)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Eclat Pourpre
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: v2.0.0
Language: French
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The region is flooded with a wave of crime. An organization called TEAM ROCKET is carrying out massive kidnappings of Pokémon, creating panic. The police are doing everything they can to put an end to this, but their strength is insufficient. Therefore, some trainers decide to confront the rocket team on their own. Only a tiny fraction of the organization's dark plans have been averted. How can they stop such formidable enemies?

French hack of FireRed version. It has many improvements and new additions.

List of Features

  • New cities, new roads, and new places
  • More than 1000 Pokémon (all generations are fully present and catchable)
  • The Addition of a day/night system and 4 seasons; this novelty is graphical but also influences different elements of the game (wild Pokémon, forms of Vivldaim / Haydaim …)
  • Addition of a new game mode: the Pokémon competitions (fully invented system)
  • The Combat Tower has improved: the level of difficulty is progressive, and the fighting is more strategic
  • The Combat Tower is now part of a Combat Zone with several attractions
  • Added Mega-Evolution: collect the gems in your Gem Box and mega-evolve during the fighting
  • The appearance of a subway! Unearth rare objects and spheres and exchange them
  • Old places and roads revisited (we have to reduce the amount of tall grass for a smoother game)
  • New Pokédex with automatic zone
  • New menu Start
  • News world map: more than a bug and adding a function to fly faster
  • Shiny rate selectable: 1/400 or 1/8192 (the original rate, allowing to use the RNG); the Pokéradar is always present and does not change
  • Bug corrected: Pokémon shiny no longer have natures/stats identical within the same part
  • Pokémon that turns into a fight (Cériflor, Exagide, Metro, etc.)
  • Return of the bike
  • Level of wild Pokémon adapted according to the chosen difficulty
  • Special forms giving an object (Giratina, Shaymin, Arceus …)
  • New objects, some of them usable in combat; added the Talent Pill
  • New methods of evolution and new special abilities from recent generations
  • Several menus have been reviewed: Pokémon menu, map, combat screens …
  • Pokémon no longer block roads
  • Visualized EV and nature bonuses
  • Fixed mapping errors
  • Many bug fixes, among them: text bugs, on-screen placement, bad palettes, blocker map, weather, Square Duo, invisible objects, Wailmer sprites / Roucarnage, full PC


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Developer: Mickey`