Pokemon Voyager (GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Voyager
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Emerald
Status: v0.3.3, 19.06.2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


You have lived your whole life in Andromeda City, the metropolitan heart of Keplara. Your father works for the Andromeda PD; your mother is the local Antares League, gym leader. Someday you'll get a Trainer's License of your own and become a well-regarded Pokémon trainer yourself.

But today is not that day. Instead, today is an exciting day for Andromeda City: your mother's Antares League gym is moving into the snazziest new digs, all the way up to the top floors of the recently-completed Pokémon community skyscraper! There are still a few things left to move and unpack before the grand opening, but it's nothing that you and your father can't handle. What could possibly go wrong?

Certainly not a poorly-timed earthquake. Definitely not an undiscovered cavern holding a mysterious artefact. And there's no way that some shady organization would choose this day to unveil their plan to rapidly accelerate the development of Keplara's space exploration. If any of these things did happen, then at least it would be a good excuse to get your Trainer's License ahead of schedule.

List of Features

  • Fakemon: currently 76 Fakemon sprinkled throughout the region!
  • Highly Customizable Difficulty, Randomizers, Challenges, and Nuzlocke Modes: Whether you want a real challenge or to focus on the story, you can customize your gameplay experience!
  • Battle Factory Mode: In the mood for some quick no-commitment battles? Boot up Battle Factory Mode and play a challenge with a rental Pokémon team! Be a trend-setter for your story-mode playthrough, where your winning Battle Factory mode outfits can be purchased at a discount!
  • Upgraded Battle Engine: Using DizzyEgg/RHH's upgraded pokeemerald battle engine as a base, Pokémon Voyager's battle engine is up to date with Gen 8 standards and includes several custom moves, effects, abilities, and items have been added to develop a unique battling experience!

Specific Features:

  • Character customization - 60 outfits total!
  • Charisma system - certain events have charisma options that change how some NPCs and story events characters interact with you! (NOTE: does not impact plotline)
  • Field moves - HMs can be used by any species with the capability to learn it. Register them to L, R, or Select! Auto-perform field moves!
  • Casino games - Blackjack and Texas hold'em have been added, in addition to a whole suite of casino prize booths!
  • Daily Pokémart specials
  • City maps - help find important landmarks in big cities!
  • Journal and side quest system!
  • Stray overworld Pokémon
  • Alternate forms are instead alternate evolutions with unique names!
  • Mega Infusion - not available yet.
  • Dexnav/Hidden Pokémon - not available yet.
  • Custom Poké Balls! 16 unique balls have been added so far with unique catching bonuses!
  • Critical Capture

Quality of Life Changes:

  • Bag sorting
  • EV/IVs displayed in the summary screen
  • EV/IV increasing/reducing berries
  • Non-binary gender option
  • Pokéball transfer
  • Pokédex upgrades to view base stats, abilities, and learnable moves!
  • Hold item shown in the party menu
  • Sideways Stairs
  • START to switch to slot 0 in the party menu
  • Turn away from a nurse at end of the healing script
  • Wonder trading!
  • Longer player/rival names! up to 9/10 characters, respectively!
  • Longer move, ability, and item names!
  • Move re-learner includes moves that pre-evolution species could learn
  • Egg move tutor
  • Ability tutor
  • Random berry tree wild encounters!
  • Follow Me
  • Several L, R, Selection Button options, including autorun toggle, opening menus, using items, etc.
  • Move items in the party menu
  • Secondary wild grass encounter tables

Difficulty/Challenge Options:

  • Wild/Given Pokémon - shuffle the species orders around to map species of similar BST to others! Keeps evolutions intact.
  • Abilities - shuffle ability IDs so each species has a completely different set of abilities!
  • Moves - shuffle moves based on power/split to get a completely new moveset per Pokémon!
  • Types - assign a random type(s) to each species!
  • Evolutions - Make Pokémon evolve into a completely random species of the appropriate evolution stage!
  • Evolution Methods - Randomly assign evolution methods to each species/stage!
  • Trainer Pokémon - Trainers have random Pokémon, shuffled the same way as wild/given Pokémon are!
  • Type Advantages - Shuffle up the effectiveness table for a chaotic gameplay experience!
  • Nuzlocke Mode: Limit yourself to a single Pokémon per area, enforce nicknames, and lose Pokémon when they faint! You can customize each of these rules!
  • Party Limit: Challenge yourself by reducing the maximum number of Pokémon in your party!
  • Type Challenge: Enforce gameplay of only being able to use Pokémon of a specific type! Note that this may alter your starter(s)!


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Developer: ghoulslash

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=446148