Pokemon Order and Chaos (GBA)

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Pokemon Order and Chaos GBA

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Hack Name: Pokemon Order and Chaos
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: 06.25.2024 Remastered
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


War, famine, and disease plagued the early settlers of the Mando territories as the God Dragon Chaosotra tormented the land. Eventually, the greater Dragon of the People, Orderana, defeated the chaos demon and civilization grew.

Year 0 -A prophecy is made stating that if the region falls to chaos once more, a chosen 15-year-old with his province's surname shall rule and free the land from evil.

Year 500 -Mando split into the two areas from sectional differences and the death of the king. The two provinces became known as Mandata and Endo. Racism had emerged as a serious problem for generations. Usually, the strongest and most well-known man is crowned when a bloodline dies out, but no side wanted to give the other side power, there was no leader. War broke out and the people feared the legendary God Dragon of Chaos may have returned to punish them.

Year 515 -Afraid, they turn to the prophecy and know that there is a child with the respected surname in both provinces. The only problem is, that in both regions there are not one but two children of the same age and blood, twins. Only being able to select one hero to be crowned champion of the entire Mando region the twins must face off against one another. The better will be blessed and start his journey to prove he is the strongest by collecting badges and challenging the Frontier League. Once he is champion he will enslave the other province and be worshiped as a God.

You are one of the twins the prophecy spoke of and tomorrow you shall face your brother in a pokemon duel to decide who will represent the Endo province.

List of Features

  • Black & White Style Battle Sprites
  • New and Unexplored Region
  • Tons of Sidequests
  • All 721 Pokemon
  • Fully supports Fairy type
  • Old and New Mega Evolutions including ORAS
  • Nuzlocke and Randomizer Challenges
  • New Minigames
  • Follower Pokemon
  • Complete Pokedex data with regions and descriptions
  • Balancing
  • Level curve reduced
  • New maps in later parts of the game
  • New shiny sprites with 1/255 odds
  • New interface
  • New moves and move animations
  • Save function fixed
  • Hard mode and Expert mode
  • Black/white UX
  • New postgame maps and events
  • Physical/Special Split
  • New backgrounds
  • Countless bug fixes


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Developer: EasyBakeStudios