Pokemon Eternal Snow Short Walkthrough

Pokemon Eternal Snow Short Walkthrough

Pokemon Eternal Snow GBA

Language: English

Author: Siilly Panda (Siid Tamang)

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A guide for Pokemon Eternal Snow by Siilly Panda (Siid Tamang).

NOTE: I decided to make this post after I saw lots of people having lots of questions and I had completed Region 1, so I don't remember exactly location of some of the things like Dawn Stone. So, don't be afraid to explore. I have only found 1 Dawn Stone this entire game so far.
Been playing this game for the past few days.
Finished region one and now I am at region two.

Region 1:

Things that cause game to crash:
Natu and Xatu: If the opponent has Natu or Xatu, make sure you have a move that kills them in 1 hit. If you don't kill them before their Natu or Xatu uses a move (mostly ominous wind I think), the game will crash.
TV: Don't watch the TV. The game will crash.
Kadabra: I didn't bother training Abra but I read a lot of comments about how using Kadabra in a battle causes the game to crash, so avoid using Kadabra if you don't want to waste your time.
Cheats don't work in this. I tried multiple and it didn't work. Instead it turned one of my pokemon in the PC into a bad egg.
Finishing region one!
You won't find a lot of stones being sold in stores and Lilycove department doesn't sell Dawn stone.
I forgot where I found the dawnstone but it was one in of the caves I think, so just explore all caves.

Bike is sold by a guy in slateport where all the merchants are. Each bike cost 60,000 poke dollars.

You can catch rayquaza, groudon, and kyogre (all Level 70) the same way you do in regular emerald game.

Latios and Latias (Both level 40): I found them randomly blocking my path when I was about to enter Victory Road.

Southwest and Northeast Gyms:
Once you beat elite four, it will tell you to go beat southwest gym and nothereast gym I think. Before you do that, you have to go to Meteor Falls and beat Steven. Once you beat Steven, go to Slateport beach and swim down and swim around route 109, you will find a path that leads down to Undella town. You will see Reshiram again and it will tell you the locations of the Legendary birds and dogs. You can't catch them unless you beat the two gym.
Beat the aqua grunt guarding the gym in Undella town to gain access to the gym. Once you beat that gym, go to Mauville. Then go to new mauville, which is located in the cave south of Mauville (you need surf). Once you reach New Mauville, you will find the next city somewhere there. Beat that gym.

Now you can catch the Legendary birds and dogs. (All Level 50)
Moltres: Mt. Chimney all the way up north where you beat Magma boss and acquired the Orb, there is a path that goes up.
Zapdos: The treehouse left of Fortree City
Articuno: West of the Snow Town place, you will need surf and waterfall. You will see Reshiram again. Go North to find Articuno. Go West to reach new region.

They are all in Route 115. You will need surf to get there.

Jirachi (Level 50): Jirachi randomly appeared in Mossdeep City.

Lugia and Ho-Oh (Level 70): At Navel Rock (I forgot how I got there). One is on the top after climbing up bunch of stairs and the other is on the bottom after going down bunch of stairs.

Celebi (Level 50): Celebi is in Petalburg Woods. You will need cut and may have to beat Elite 4 and the two gyms after that to gain access to that area. I forgot about this area until I was more than half way through Region 2 so I can't tell you exactly when you gain access to the area where Celebi is.

Havent found deoxys yet. Jirachi, Deoxys, Latios and Latias might be random occurrence. Not too sure though.

Region 2:

I have caught a bunch of legendaries and beat two gyms. (Region 2 is mostly capturing legendaries and beating gyms).

In order to get to region 2, you have to go the same place you caught Articuno. After you use Waterfall and Surf, go west. There you will see the truck you saw at the beginning of the game. The truck is guarded by Aqua Grunt. Beat the Grunt and you will gain access to the Special Area (area where the airplane, truck, and rocket are in the same place).

Once you enter the airplane, you will come out of a house and there will be a bunch of similar looking houses in which you won't be able to enter.
Go back into the house you come from and you will be taken to Humilau City. Beat the gym in that city and keep surfing to find the other gym. There are total of two gyms.
In of the Pokemon Centers in this area, there is a guy that sells LUCKY EGG.

Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus are in Gaylord Mountain, which you won't be able to enter unless you beat the two gyms there.
Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit are in Nameless Cavern. Again beat both gyms.
Can't give you the exact location cuz region 2 doesn't have a map. (Plus I can't ruin all the fun of discovering).

You won't be able to catch anything else besides those 6 atm.

Once you catch the 6 mentioned above and beat two gyms there, go back to the airplane and go back the SPECIAL AREA. Enter back into the Airplane and it will take you to where all the same looking houses are, you can now enter the second house to go further with the story.

The house will take you to One Island. Explore the island and beat the gyms, catch any legendaries you can at the moment and keep doing until you reach Seven Island.

I won't post more about how to get other legendaries as they are fairly straight forward in region 2. There are some areas you can't explore even after you beat both gyms in each island, but I am guessing you can do that after you beat the Region 2 league, which I am about to tackle now.


I completed the game.
My overall thought, the game overall is pretty boring. (The only reason I kept playing was because of my curiosity of what lies ahead due to the game being whole 3 region and stuff).

Region 1: Plain old emerald story to be honest. Nothing new there.
Region 2: No story or plot whatsoever. You just run around beating gyms and catching legendaries. No context in any of the legendaries you catch. They are just sitting there for you to catch. The only thing going on in Region 2 is your own eagerness to beat the N league and unlock region 3.
You have to fight N 5 times in a row and he has 6 pokemon each time. All the pokemon he has a different.

Region 3: Same as region 2, except no gyms. Actually Region 3 is straight up not even worth your time. There is 1 person of each planet you can fight if you want, but you don't have to. Fighting them or not fighting them doesn't do anything to advance the story. At the end you will fight Reshiram in the one of the most pointless battle ever. The battle style is the same as the one with N. Fighting or not fighting Reshiram doesn't do anything to advance the story.

Things that annoyed me:
1. Limited items: I literally found ONE!!!!!!!!! ONE!!!!!! Dawn Stone in the entire game.
2. In oder to beat N, I grinded my pokemon against Elite 4. Everytime I beat elite four, my Gallade showed up as Pidgeotto in the Hall of Fame -_____-
3. Maze!!!!!!!!! The creater LOVES Mazes. OMG!! So many mazes. There were few locations with invisible mazes, which I tried to figure out but gave up cuz it was too annoying.

So overall, don't waste your time with this game. I am sorry to the creator, but not much content here.
Think of Region 1 as your basic emerald game and Region 2 and 3 as the post game story where you just run around catching legendaries.

I have played much better hacks.

My apologies to the creator for being so harsh.