Pokemon Emerald Enhanced (GBA)

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Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Title Screen

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Hack Name: Pokemon Emerald Enhanced
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Emerald
Status: v9021, 19 August 2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


A Pokemon Emerald improvement Hack.

List of Features

  • The EMERALD ENHANCED dex: A total of 684 pokemon in the game.
  • Expanded Options
    • Theme choices, light or dark for the user interface.
    • Text Speed choices.
    • Random route/battle music.
    • Animation speed of HP and EXP bars.
  • Prestige Mode: Every time you become champion and then start a new game, your level cap goes up by 25, to a max of 250.
  • Real Estate and Bank: As of EE v 7.800, you can now open a bank account at the Frontier Bank, found in Mauville City. It can hold up to ¥2,000,000,000 poke dollars! In addition to the bank, you can now buy, sell, rent, and move into one (or all) of 12 properties throughout Hoenn! Note that you need to progress the Nobles faction to gain access to Real Estate! 
  • More Starters: You now have 7 starters options, up from 3. 
  • 5 Modes of play:
    • Normal mode scales your EXP and Winnings to the number of gyms you have beaten. It goes up by 25% per badge (12.5 in prestige mode).
    • Easy mode is a 4x base experience, for people who want to get through the game quickly, and aren't confident enough for harder modes.
    • Nuzlocke mode is a harder variant of my game, with custom enforced nuzlocke rules.
    • Hardcore mode uses special rules. No poke centers, Marts can be used but it's more expensive.
    • You gain less money and gain the default vanilla exp value. Fainted mons disappear from your party.
    • Frontier mode takes you directly into the frontier. Choose a starter team with which to challenge the frontier, and earn BP to purchase new frontier pokemon to expand your roster.
  • DexNav: DexNav added to the game. This is a feature from gen6+ that makes it easier to find strong pokemon with hidden abilities or better IVs. You can obtain DexNav after getting 6 badges and entering any town that has a gym.
  • Follower System: Followers will help you in battles against the E4, Title Defense, and max-tier gym leaders when they are following you.
  • Poké Ball Changer: You can change the Poké Ball your Pokémon is currently held in by talking to the Ball Changer NPC.
  • Autoscaling Trainers & Wild Encounters: On your first playthrough, everything is scaled to the number of badges you own. On consecutive New Game Plus runs, the enemy mons will scale to the levels of your party.
  • Boss wild encounters: You have a 1 in 128 chance to encounter a boss wild pokemon. They can easily be noticed as their names are bright red.
  • IV Perfecting: You can get an egg with perfect IVs and desired nature by utilizing the Genetic Code Mapping System.
  • Achievements: A fully custom Achievements system implemented. You can access this screen from your Journal.
  • GOLD Achievements: There are a few achievements shown with Golden names and icons that will reward you a Master Ball when unlocked. Go after these hard achievements for those delicious master balls!
  • Achievement Powers: These player-accessible abilities are passive effects you can have active, at the cost of Achievement Power, which you get by unlocking achievements. On top of giving collectors more to collect, this gives additional value to sticking around and playing through the game multiple times. You can get powers like increased movement speed, capture rate, prize money, and so on! Access this feature from the Journal.
  • Factions: There are 7 factions in the game that all NPC trainers are a part of. The Hoenn league and evil teams are not in this system. Each faction represents a group of ideals held by the member trainer classes. There are Daily quests available for each faction, you only have to speak to any member trainer to obtain them. This will increase your faction standing. In addition, there are quests unique to each faction that will unlock or otherwise give you access to a specific mechanic or feature. Presently, there is only Alchemy, obtained by doing quests and obtaining standing with the Outcasts faction.
  • Re-Fighting the Elite Four: When you fight the Elite Four again, you will get teleported to an alternate Champion room after you've cleared the E4. 
  • Life Skills: There are 3 life skills in the game:
    • Mining: Mining lets you mine ores. You can find things like shard ores to craft into evolution stones, metal ores to sell for money, Fossil ores to obtain fossils. Refinable ores can be processed in the small mining cavern town near Fallarbor. You need 4 badges to start.
    • Botany: Botany will let you harvest plants in various ways, such as cutting trees, or grass. You are able to craft the things you find using recipes to create your own versions of various battle items.
    • Alchemy: Alchemy is an end-game system where you create very powerful effects that impact gameplay in a significant way.
  • Other notable features:
    • The player performs HM functions without any badges or items. You can just swim, or pull out a tree, or smash a rock, or whatever.
    • Persistent weather. When a weather move is used in battle, the weather will persist in the overworld until a map change takes place. Great for weather teams.
    • Completely custom jukebox. Use L + R in the start menu to activate, R to skip tracks sequentially. The currently playing track number is
    • displayed in the top left corner of the screen when the start menu is open.
    • Remote access to the PC is available when you complete a certain quest.
    • EXP Drive item that stores some exp earned in battle to be given to a specific mon later. Or toggle earning exp in battle.
    • Imprinter item, which works similarly to the EV Reduce berries. The consumable imprints you get reduce EVs to zero, rather than increments of 10.
    • Waystone item, which replaces the HM Fly functionality. The way stone gives you more locations you can teleport to, including each of the 7 Frontier facilities.
    • The entire frontier has been overhauled to include many new generation pokemon and strategies. Your skill will be challenged greatly.
    • Contests now reward items from tables upon winning, rather than giving the same thing over and over again. Currently, it's just balls, but this will be changed in the future!
  • New Game +: New game + becomes available starting from the first time you visit the Hall Of Fame.
    • Only Pokemon in your PC Boxes are retained, including held items.
    • Unique key items are retained.(Imprinter, EXP Drive, Remote PC, Forecaster, and the bike to allow both in the inventory at once).
    • Dex progress is retained.
    • When you start New Game+ you get to choose between Normal, Nuzlocke and Hardcore modes.
    • Upon starting a new game, enemies scale based on your average party level instead.
    • Quest Lines


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Developer: Ryuhouji