Pokemon Crystal Ultimate (GBC)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Crystal Ultimate
Platform: GBC
Hack Original: Pokemon Crystal
Status: v1.0.2, 06 April 2021
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBC
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The goal of this hack is to be the ultimate Pokemon Crystal experience for fans: same story, same Pokemon, same locations, but the game is more playable, balanced, and challenging. Just about everything is viable now due to a thorough revision of moves, learn sets, base stats, and Pokemon availability. The game’s challenge has been increased by revamping the level curve and adding to trainer parties custom moves, DVs, and stat experience, as well as providing a greater variety and number of Pokemon to their teams. Below is a list of some of the features of this hack, although it is by no means exhaustive.

List of Features

  • More or less empty locations in the original game such as Ilex Forest, Ice Path, and Victory Road now have extra trainers and items
  • Rebalanced gameplay, such as type changes to a few Pokemon, a couple of regular-shiny palette swaps to reflect this, and Steel now normally resisting Poison moves.
  • As well, all 251 Pokemon can be obtained in-game (in the full-release) and all Johto Pokemon can be obtained before reaching the Pokemon League (except for legendaries and the starters that you didn’t choose)
  • There are many quality-of-life upgrades as well as brand new features that improve playability without compromising the feel of the original game! These include new music and softer night versions for all outdoor themes, Hold B to run, an improved move tutor (and a new gen 1 tutor that will be accessible in the final release) that also teaches Rock Slide, a move deleter in Goldenrod, a brand new move reminder in Blackthorn, and darkened sprites to better match the night graphics.
  • Badge boost removed and 25% AI chance to fail status moves, TMs are reusable, elemental stones can be purchased and used to evolve former trade evolution Pokemon, the economy has been revised to provide more challenge and variety while still being fair, the shiny odds have been increased and shinies always have high DVs, in-game trades have been revised, many bugs have been fixed, etc.
  • Map changes that bring previously unimpressive areas to life and add convenience, such as the Goldenrod shortcuts
  • Reworked in-battle and overworld sprites for notable characters and Surfing, as well as for Pokemon in the party menu and overworld
  • Added evening as a time of day with a golden hue
  • Convenient features such as being prompted to reuse Repels, reusable TMs, new gen 1 (GENWUNNERS) move tutors, a move reminder, and a Pocket PC
  • More item variety and accessibility, such as a Lucky Egg early on, rare items found as milestone gifts in your room, all decorations can be obtained outside of Mystery Gift, and fossil Pokemon are found in the Ruins of Alph
  • New music and softer night versions for all outdoor themes
  • Hold B to run
  • Trainer card badges are in color and a third page has been added for Kanto
  • Sprites have a softer and darker hue at night to match the darkness
  • 1/256 shiny encounter rate (1/3 for the Odd Egg) and shinies always have high DVs
  • Fixed many bugs (such as Kirt's balls) and restored things like the Celebi event
  • Significant AI improvements
  • Improved rematch system: rematch trainers offer their number automatically after you first defeat them and have much better scaling
  • Every ball has a unique color palette and catching Pokemon yields exp
  • In-battle weather indicator
  • Elite Four rematches with new dialogue


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Developer: Major Agnostic