Pokemon Black Dark (Spanish/GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Black Dark
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Beta 4
Language: Spanish
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Many centuries ago, the great Baradar region was divided into two. Each territory was ruled by a clan. One wanted peace, balance, and stability between the regions, it was known as the Light Clan, and the other wanted power, wealth, and rule over others.

The latter were known as Clan Dark. These two clans were in continual disputes and confrontations. For more than 300 years the conflicts continued, the descendants of the two clans continued to clash, and the descendants of the descendants, etc ... forming a chain of hatred and revenge over the years.

Faced with so much death and evil, seven wise warriors who lived in the Bastin Tower, used their power and invoked the Pokemon God Rayquaza. Rayquaza used his divine powers and enclosed the 7 powers of the elements within seven medals. These medals were given to the 7 wise men and they used them to support the Light Clan to achieve peace and end the Dark Clan and its dark god, Mewtwo.

A few months later the war had ended. The Dark Clan had become extinct, and the soul of the god Mewtwo was imprisoned in a statue by means of a curse, at the top of the Bastin Tower.

The descendants of the 7 wise men protected the medals, and thus they were given to the following. In the end, the medal protectors became known as the 7 Guardians.

Only with the use of the 7 medals could Mewtwo be brought back, but there was no one left from the Dark Clan who could wish for such a thing. Or so they believed ...

The head of the Dark Clan had a son before he died. His name was Isaac, and before his birth, a prophecy occurred: "The descendant of the previous chief would restore the Dark Clan and with the passage of time, his descendant would get the 7 medals and would resurrect Mewtwo. "

As the prophecy said, Isaac, driven by hatred and revenge, little by little restored his clan and tried to get hold of them, but when he saw that he did not succeed, he left his task to his son, and his son, when he could not get them either, to his descendant, inheriting the will of Isaac for 200 years. Isaac's name was remembered as the "Clan Restorer".

At present, the Dark Clan was renamed "Clan Black Dark", better known as "Black Team", and its Chief carries out the operation to defeat the Guardians, get the 7 medals and bring the God Mewtwo back to life...

List of Features

  • New protagonist.
  • New scripts.
  • Plentiful new bonus events like some side quests and hidden scripts.
  • Possibility of diving, flying, and sailing by boat (only at specific times)
  • Fewer misspellings 
  • VS Bars.
  • Different battle themes in some special battles.
  • T-card sprite change when wearing team uniform or cop uniform.
  • Enma side event expansion.
  • Stats, moves by level, and sprites of SOME pokémon (BW style) edited.
  • Evolutions of the Pokémon that evolved by cable, changed.
  • New objects.
  • Improved difficulty (for example, Guardians are now more difficult, and leveling up will be too).
  • Lots of events and scripts from beta 3, improved and extended.
  • New characters and enemies.
  • New sprites of inserted trainers.
  • Several refurbished minis (several FR-style minis still remain).


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Developer: Jotta