Pokemon Kanto Complete (GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Kanto Complete
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: 04.26.2024
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


This is a project to remake and expand FireRed to make it possible to complete the Pokédex, progress to level 90+, and have access to most game mechanics and items from generation 3 games.

Changes from FireRed

  • Routes have been heavily modified in Kanto for a fresh experience as well as to provide access to all Pokémon on the National Dex
  • All legendary/mythical Pokémon are accessible in the post-game
  • Town/city areas have minor modification
  • Trainers have been added and modified to have a wide range of Pokémon from the National Dex
    • multi-battles, where you fight multiple trainers in succession, have been added
  • Hym trainers, gym leaders, rival encounters, and elite four matches are all updated for challenging gameplay
    • Elite trainers from other regions added, with their teams evocative of their instances in other games
    • Champions can participate in Trainer House matches--randomly match up with an opponent for a competitive doubles battle
  • Post-Game areas added:
    • Champions Lounge
    • MT Silver
    • Dark Grove is a secret area off Route 1 that has an exorbitant entry fee, so while not technically post-game content access will be blocked for most players until end-game play
  • Quality-Of-Life changes:
    • Some tutorial events have been removed to speed up early gameplay
    • All inaccessible Pokémon evolutions have been made possible in-game
    • Oak's Starter Sanctuary makes all Gen I, II, and III starters available from the beginning of the game
    • Poké Ball exchange and TM marts added, Poké Mart inventories updated with more generally useful items
    • Running Shoes are equipped immediately, and indoor running enabled
    • Fishing rods are available earlier
    • Move Tutor added
    • HM02 Fly accessible earlier
    • Lava Cookie vendor added
    • Shiny encounter rate significantly increased

Legendary Locations:

  • Legendary birds: regular in-game encounter
  • Mewtwo: regular in-game encounter
  • Mew: Mew truck--SS Anne
  • Legendary beasts: Navel Rock, overworld sprite encounter (West corridor ladder)
  • Tower duo: regular in-game encounter (event tickets available in Vermilion City Poké Center post-game)
  • Celebi: Viridian Forest shrine encounter when holding the GS Ball (gifted in Viridian City Poké Center as champion)
  • Legendary giants: random wild Pokémon encounters in Kanto caves
    • Regirock: Victory Road
    • Registeel: Pokémon Mansion
    • Regice: Seafoam Islands
  • Eon duo: Navel Rock, random wild Pokémon encounter (East corridor ladder)
  • Super-ancient Pokémon:
    • Kyogre: Trainer Tower sea cave encounter
    • Groudon: MT Silver interior chamber encounter
    • Rayquaza: Sky Pillar via Route 21 (after Sevii Islands story arc)
  • Jirachi: Dark Grove, hiding in a small tree
  • Deoxys: regular in-game encounter

Quality-Of-Life changes:

  • Access Oak's Starter Sanctuary by speaking to NPCs in Oak's Lab
  • Fishing rods are available on Route 1, Celadon City, and Vermilion City
  • Move Tutor added to Lavender Town
  • HM02 Fly accessible in Vermilion City
  • Lava Cookie vendor added to Route 13

Vanilla game aspects retained:

  • Prologue, story arc, and post-game remain intact
  • Pokémon typing, move sets, and leveling/evolutions (except for the cases described in "quality-of-life changes")
  • overworld, menu, and Pokémon sprites (except Feraligatr's rear battle sprite--had to be changed)
  • Generation 3 battle mechanics
  • Kanto's general map layout
  • Routes and towns on the Sevii Islands

Developer: PurpleSpectre

Source: pokecommunity