Pokemon Förändra (RMXP)

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Game Name:  Pokemon Förändra
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v1.0.0, Demo, 13.08.2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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The Region is called Fjord, based on the Scandinavian Region of Europe. Fjord is a very diverse region with various locales, 36 different pokemon, and two new Mega evolutions, some of which have never before seen type combinations, in the mainline games.

There are two very long and tough dungeons in the game, with more to come with future updates, there are currently five settlements, each with five houses, impressive I know, there are four routes so far, each with their own pokemon and theme, filled to the brim with items.

For as great as the region itself is, the people in the region aren't doing as great, for over half a century now, there has been no official gym challenge, although many attempts have been made, recently, however, The League has started to instate an actual gym challenge.

In the wake of this news, many strong trainers try to set up their own gyms to try to make a living for themselves, something that is very hard to do in Fjord, but there can only be eight, therefore chaos ensues, as everyone can't give up this chance.

Unluckily for The League a previously defeated group of troublemakers, calling themselves Valkria, have broken out their captured leader, and are now trying to do something bad, whatever it is, what will happen between these three groups

List of Features

  • There are 36 Pokemon in total, if you take out the three starters and their evolutions, you're left with 27, spread throughout four routes, that's eight whole new pokemon per route.
  • There are two new abilities, the first is Light Disrupt, which is given to Glitterbug and Shadowbug and a few more pokemon, this ability negates all light-based attacks, e.g. Light Screen and Solar Beam. The second is Sharp Debris, which is exclusive to the Shattice line, whenever a pokemon with this ability faints, it sets up some spikes, but really sharp spikes, doing half of a pokemon's health whenever they swap in, luckily Flying types are immune, and Rapid Spin can still rid the battle field of them.
  • There are also four new moves, the first is Alluring Voice, a sound-based move, so Soundproof will ignore it, this move causes a pokemon to be unable to escape, while also doing special damage, it is Psychic type and hits through substitutes.
  • The other three new moves are all signature moves of the Fjordian starters, learnt at level 50 while fully evolved.
  • There are custom computer-drawn cutscenes, as well as a couple new items, such as the Trade Stone, which makes it possible for hermits to evolve trade pokemon, not only that but there are two new mega stones for you to find.
  • HMs are now replaced with key items instead, there are also plenty of new trainer classes, such as your two rivals, as well as the Valkrians who will have four divisions, which means that they will not be limited to one or two types.
  • Future features that might be included are different endings, a new version of the dream world, a harder as well as an easier game mode that will also affect items, and plenty of side quests because we all know how we just love backtracking, and 18 type specialists.

Developer: RandomDodo420