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Game Name: Pokemon World FireRed
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v2.0, 23.04.2022
Previous Version: Moemon WCS (World Championship) 
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Pokémon World FireRed is a fresh and customizable FRLG experience aiming to give the player tons of new ways to play the classic remake over and over again with new content, wider variety of wild and trainer Pokémon, quality of life changes and some tweaks on the least fun parts of the original game.

List of Features

  • More Playable Characters: Some familiar faces and even characters from other IPs like Erica Hartmann and Asuka Momoko are here. You can also change a custom “template” character to your fan game character, or whatever you want to play as!
  • Nuzlocke Support: Built in support to both Soft and Hard Nuzlocke to ease all the manual labor you would usually need to do. You can turn it on and off as you please.
  • Starter Sets: You do not have to play with the original Kanto starters! You can chose any starter from gen 1 to 7.
  • More Freedom: It is possible to start with the Key Item “Tea” to access Saffron City as soon as you leave Cerulean. This let you do a lot of things out of order and find items and Pokémon you would usually only find way later in the game.
  • Extra Mode: A more complex mode for people who already played the game to the point of having a solid grasp of the new content and most of the buffs. All the Leaders and Elite Four members will have a second team that the game will randomly chose between it and the regular one, making more use of the specific buffs and mega Pokémon. Preparing for important battles is more difficult than normal! 
    • You also get an extra boss battle against Mewtwo playing on this mode.
  • Legendary Mode: A silly challenge mode where you start your save with a Shaymin instead of a regular starter, but your rival, every Leader and Elite Four members will also have mythical or legendary Pokémon. This mode is not made to be particularly balanced, but to let you use all the silly and broken stuff that normally would drain all the fun of a regular playthrough.
    • If you manage to beat the main game in this mode, you can get a mythical and a legendary Pokémon you usually only could get by unlocking Debug in your save file.
  • And a lot other fun surprises! Surprise yourself with new maps, secrets, more events, and a lot of silly stuff along the way!
v2.0 and Differences from the v1.5:
  • The game now uses regular Pokémon sprites instead of Moemon.
  • Some of the Pokémon was rebalanced.
  • Wild Checker removed. Instead, you can better track Wild Encounters for every map you visit on your Pokédex.
  • Poké Radar added. (You can get one by entering the Vermilion City Poké Center, even if you already completed the game)
  • The game now has a sound effect for walking on tall grass.
  • The game now has sound effects for the Celadon Department Store elevator.
  • A bunch of gen 6 Pokémon and a couple of gen 7 Pokémon added.
  • A bunch of the new Pokémon added as Poké Radar exclusive, alongside with some otherwise hard to find Pokémon.
  • A couple new battle animations added.
  • Both Kalos and Alola starters were added to the starter sets.
  • Enemy aces are now signalized by a different Poké Ball.
  • Hall of Fame changed and now plays the music properly.
  • Added an extra Snorlax at the Coral Island so you can easily complete the Kanto Pokedex even if you unintentionally defeated both the Kanto ones.
  • Fixed wrong fence tile in Viridian Forest.
  • Added some cool alternative forms.
  • Added Mega Mewtwo X, Ampharos, Tyranitar, Sableye and Lucario.
  • Mewtwo has an extra boss battle if you are playing in the Extra or Legendary Difficulty. (If you capture it, you will unlock it's WCS trainer regardless of your difficulty settings)
  • You can challenge Professor Oak after completing the Kanto Dex. (Defeating he will unlock a new WCS Trainer and you will receive an Oval Charm)
  • The Feather Maker was buffed to give 10x more rewards.
  • Every Fossil Pokémon from gen 1 to 6 is now obtainable.
  • You can finally choose whether you want to read the intro or not.
  • Talking to the Bug Catcher at Pewter City gives you the Squirt Bottle.
  • Updated some of the Mega sprites by the larger Prodigal96's ones.
  • The National Dex quest is a bit different now.
  • Instead of the Rocket Fan Club being accessible by stairs, you can now only get there by elevator at Celadon Department Store, this way you will not accidentally enter it while trying to leave the building by stairs.
  • Added Zygarde NPC at the Cinnabar Lab.
  • Regular trainers fully reworked for variety sake. (The difficulty should not be too far from the original experience)
  • Lavender is even more fun.
  • The Poké Mart formulary will now check the state of your game and apply any possible new change you skipped by playing an old version.
  • Hilda will have a completely different team depending on her starter type.
  • Extra difficulty teams completely reworked to keep it challenging while the player has all the new content to play with.
  • Daily Cave added.
  • Johto Dungeon added.
  • WCS Lobby was expanded.
  • The old man in Vermilion no longer say the S.S. Anne has departed before you are done with the Cut event.
  • The outside portion of the S.S. Anne now properly change its color to the time of the day you are playing.
  • Some Game Corner prizes and one trainer class was changed.
  • You can see the TM names in the Game Corner before buying one.
  • The little girl at the rooftop of the Celadon Dept. Store now only show you options of items you have.
  • After you get the Town Map, Daisy can raise the happiness of one of your Pokémon per day.
  • Momoko and May are now playable!
  • Added a grayed out Red so you can switch it for custom trainer sprites you may have.


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Developer: NanaelJustice