Pokemon Carmine Red (GB)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Carmine Red
Platform: GB
Hack Original: Pokemon Red
Status: v0.1.1, 26.04.2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGB
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The objective is to create a more interesting view of Gen 1 while maintaining the feel of the "mess" that the original games were, but more flavorful. In terms of the story, not much has changed. However, a few key things have been changed like some areas are accessible only after different conditions or some parts of the story can be skipped by doing specific sequence breaks. The team rocket has a new short final arc at the end.

List of Features

  • Massive rework and buffs for almost all Pokémon. A lot of pokemon who had the short end of the stick has been improved. Especially bugs. 
  • Extensive edit of a lot of moves. A lot of useless or duplicated moves have been repurposed into better moves. All types have now good moves.
  • Several type changes. Some of them have been made to fill out barren types like ghost or dragon or to give more flavor. Some new types make sense, and some are a bit unorthodox.
  • Complete rework of the level-up movesets. Pretty much all pokemon learn good moves of their respective types.
  • Reworked Trainer Roosters: Trainers now have slowly more and better pokemon. Gym leaders and other key trainers now have access to customized movepools!
  • Altered level curve: The level curve has been touched up a bit so it picks up a bit faster than in the vanilla game. It also aims to fix the big branching after Celadon where the game opens up and the curve stagnates
  • Rework of wild encounters: Wild pokemon are now much more variated than in vanilla red, pretty much all bodies of water have their own encounters ( unlike just the sea routes) and all 3 fishing rods have their own wild encounters, giving a feel similar of how they work in gen 2.
  • Reworked maps and Improved Tilesets: Some maps have been tweaked to make them more interesting, and a lot of tilesets have been edited to make them fit a bit more. No more potted plants that won't ever fit with any background!
  • Every single one of the 151 original pokemon will be available to catch without glitches! On the Demo, you should be able to get around 128. This obviously means trade evolutions are available by other means.


Pokemon Carmine Red Screenshots

Developer: Wrulfy