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Game Name: Pokemon Everlasting Orchard
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: 16.03.2022, Ongoing Development
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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You and your mom raised Tauros and owned a berry farm for most of your life, but one day your mom decides to sell the farm all of a sudden. Angry, you choose to buy a farm yourself in a new region- the Tilius region. (The region has a Roman Gods name theme.) When you first step foot in the region you're taken to a lab to get your second Pokemon. You take your Tauros with you plus a horn that you use to call it to ride it.

When you first step onto your farm you're greeted by the person who sold it to you. She explains that the economy of the town mostly depends on wine made from berries- your berries. One person makes the wine and she sells it. Because of that berries can actually be sold for a lot more than they're usually worth. She sold the farm after the previous owner died alone with nobody to inherit it so she does push you to get married and start a family. (Which you cannot do yet.) After you meet every potential candidate the story is pretty much yours to make.

List of Features

  • There are five Gyms so far. 
  • HM Items
  • There's an "egg hatcher" item in your personal Day Care Center. 
  • The time is more like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley
  • Your house acts like a Secret Base
  • You can buy buildings to be built:
    • A building that'll upgrade your house, add things to your farm, sell you furniture and ingredients for cooking.
    • An EV Training building
    • A library, where you can unlock a new character
    • You can get a kitchen where you can cook new items
  • You own a berry farm where the cheapest berries you can sell is worth $1,000
  • Other things that you can farm are also worth more.
    • You can get a Miltank Stable and sell the milk for $2,000
    • You can get your own personal Daycare Center. If you get this you can hire somebody to run it for you and you'll get some money and an opportunity of getting an egg every Friday.
    • You can own your own Combeehive, where you can battle Combees every day besides nighttime, and you can have the opportunity to get Honey that you can sell for $1,500
  • There are eleven people you can date, but twelve people will be available in the next big build. (In Harvest Moon there's sometimes a "special character" you can date. In this game he's essentially your rival, going through the region. You have to go through the region yourself to date him, once the region is done.) (They do cap out at 125 points to avoid future glitches, and once they're like that they're kind of dull.)
  • There are portraits so you can see who you're dating.
  • You can dig for fossils after a certain point
  • There are Delta Pokemon, but more importantly, there are BETA Pokemon. In fact, that's what the starters of this region is- the cut starts of the 1997 Spaceworld Demo
  • You can grow mushrooms if you buy a sprinkler from one of the buildings you can buy.
  • Instead of growing berries like you would in an official game, this crazy lady took months to create a system where it's event-based. This means that instead of real-time the berries will grow every time you go to bed.
  • You can date up to two people. (And marry, eventually.)
  • There's a Link Stone for Pokemon who evolves from trading, but also the Pokemon who evolves from trading while holding an item can now be evolved with that item being used as an evolutionary stone.
  • Winter time. (There are no map differences between the other seasons.)
  • Weather that can affect your berries. 
  • You can date anybody regardless of gender.


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Developer: Callmefreak

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=449363