Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City (RMXP)

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Game Name: Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v1.2 (Prologue), 20-40 minutes
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Set in a fictional city in Florida, Pokémon suddenly start to emerge into the noisy, bustling Citrus County center in a world where Pokémon do not previously exist! The situation escalates as police lock-down the city, preventing anyone from entering and leaving. It's all a bit too much for our impatient protagonist! However, in time, things change, and she must learn to grow from amongst the strife and into the real world's first Pokémon Master! Explore Citrus County and its various facilities to find new opportunities to aid you in your quest to lift the lock-down and the various incidents that now plague the city.

List of Features

  • The Journey!
    • Featuring two eccentric protagonists, the mystery behind the invasion and the lock-down advances as time goes on. ​
    • What additional conflicts await them as the situation grows bleaker? Is there a solution to the madness that inhabits the city? What will eventually happen to the world if left unchecked?​
  • Time System!
    • Certain actions, such as talking to NPCs and triggering events, will pass the time (viewable in the Pause menu).​
    • Depending on how you utilize your time, you may unlock new cutscenes, areas, or even Pokémon!​
    • Some events are available during certain time-frames, while others are available by just simply waiting for a certain time...​
  • Many interactables!
    • The city is sprawling with unique flavor text and interactable NPCs.​
    • Some NPCs are more important, and may even become reoccurring characters if interacted with enough! Some will merely say different things depending on previous decisions and actions made in relation to the city.​
    • Not all Pokémon forced into the city are aggressive. Some of them are actually quite scared and may need to be negotiated with instead!​
  • An ever-changing, bustling city!
    • The city will start to change as time moves on and as Pokémon start to move into the city.​
    • NPCs will also react to the current climate in the city and may change their views, dialogue, or allegiances.​
    • ​Everyone is affected by the city lockdown and the invasion of Pokémon in some way, shape, or form. Listen to their stories and you'll gain the information you can use in other parts of the city.​
  • Date System!
    • The game starts on Sunday, at 3:00 PM and goes on for multiple complete days.​
    • Some events will carry over to the next day, while others will not. Some events can only be triggered during certain days.​
    • ​At the start of each day, more incidents occur within the city, so yesterday's non-issue may become tomorrow's problem!​
  • Partner Battles!
    • You didn't think you were alone, did you? You'll have help from your new friend who's a stranger to the city, but familiar with how Pokémon work.​
    • ​Sometimes, you'll even have to battle together to solve incidents in the city.​
    • ​Of course, sometimes you'll have to do things yourself...​


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Developer: Ranko

Original Source: https://reliccastle.com/threads/2313/