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Game Name: Pokemon Electrum 2
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v4.0, Completed, 06.10.2021
Language: English


Welcome to the Shinto Region! Johto’s northern neighbor has remained off the radar for Trainers over the years, but things have been buzzing lately and they've been flocking to the region.

Unfortunately, not very many have made it back home. Six months ago, what has become known as “The Night of Gnashing Teeth” happened in Shinto and a total of 348 Trainers haven’t been seen since. While Team Rocket is active in Shinto, witnesses from that night refer to "Monsters" or "Beasts" attacking people. Whether or not they're linked to something the criminal syndicate has done is unclear, but seems very unlikely.

Following your success in Johto with both the Pokemon League and against Team Rocket's branch in the region, Professor Elm has sent you on a special undercover mission into the Shinto Region to see if you can find out what’s really going on. Blend in as a Trainer, take on the Gyms and get ready for an adventure you’ll certainly never forget!

List of Features

  • A special Bulbasaur can be obtained in Tallinn Town.
  • Twelve gyms to challenge, each with a unique puzzle that will require more thought than simply battling Trainers.
  • Over 300 Pokemon to catch including many Beta Pokemon never released. You will find Pokemon from Generations 1-4.
  • Fairy Type has been added and the Digital Type carries over from the first game, expanding the number of species available.
  • Audio events are present, so keep your sound on.
  • New music for towns & routes along with battle themes for gyms and their leaders.
  • Shinto Hot Air Balloon service replaces the HM for Fly, accessible via a Key Item.
  • A speed-up function has been added courtesy of Marin, press the S-key to toggle the speed of the game.
  • Unlimited TM usage.
  • Two new rivals; Amber and Emeril.
  • Experience Share from X/Y Versions is present.
  • Sinnoh-style virtual badge case accessible in every Pokémon Center, you'll have a separate one for Shinto, Hoenn, and the Battle Frontier.
  • Most Pokémon are found only in one area, usually four different species in one place.
  • Moves & abilities through Generation 5.
  • New design for Pokemon Centers, merging them with PokeMarts.
  • Gyms now have lobbies where you can heal your Pokemon or buy items, saving you trips!
  • Two full regions to explore, with another being limited to certain areas.
  • Full post-game story.
  • Re-battle the Shinto Elite Four in exhibition matches!
  • Hoenn's Battle Frontier returns, resembling the anime version.


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Developer: warsawgecko

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=441225