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Game Name: Pokemon Banished Platinum
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v0.4.0 Tileset Update, 4 Gyms/Up to Veilstone city, 11 November 2021
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Pokémon Banished Platinum is a Pokémon Platinum remake made with Pokémon Essentials. Building upon objectively the best game in the Sinnoh triad, it preserves the important elements such as the characters, region layout, and plot, while introducing new features and quality of life changes, in addition to a plethora of Pokémon previously unobtainable in an expanded Pokédex.

You are a young child from Twinleaf Town with no Pokémon. Your childhood friend wants to visit the region's professor, Professor Rowan, to obtain a Pokémon from him, but is reckless in nature and wants to go through the tall grass, despite having no Pokémon for self-defense. Before the pair can begin their dangerous mission, Prof. Rowan stops them and allows them to have his starter Pokémon: their choice of Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup. The two become rivals and journey throughout the Sinnoh region on a quest to defeat the 8 gym leaders and fill up the Pokédex for the professor, along with his assistant, Lucas/Dawn. Meanwhile, Team Galactic is planning to awaken the Pokémon gods of time and space, Dialga and Palkia, to create a new world, free of humanity's spirit. Will Cyrus' plan comes to fruition or will he be stopped? Sinnoh is a region full of mystery, and your adventure will awaken its secrets.

List of Features

  • Expanded Sinnoh Dex - The Sinnoh Pokédex is pretty small when compared to those of modern Pokémon games, sitting at a maximum of 210 Pokémon with the expansion made in Platinum. USUM and SWSH both have a dex of 400 Pokémon each, with extra Pokémon obtainable that don't have dex entries.
  • Every TM from Sun and Moon - All 100 TMs available in the Alola games will also be available here, along with some extras associated with Gym Leaders and for use in the field.
  • No HMs - Those familiar with the Sinnoh games know the pain of being practically forced to use a Bibarel due to the sheer amount of HMs required to get through the region. While the obstacles these HMs were tied to will remain, the HMs themselves have been removed. If a Pokémon can learn an HM move, they can use the move in the field without needing it in their moveset!
  • Following Pokémon - The fan-favorite feature from HeartGold and SoulSilver makes its way to Sinnoh. Every Pokémon in the game will be able to follow you in the overworld.
  • Ability Capsules in Marts - In the original Platinum game, all the marts except for Sandgem Town's had two NPCs selling items. In this game, the male NPC sells what he sold in the original, with the addition of Ability Capsules. They are half the price of the mainline games, so they cost $5000.
  • Megas - Mega forms make their return after their absence from the main game of Sun and Moon and their complete exclusion from Sword and Shield. There are new megas, too! The starters each have a mega, and some other Sinnoh Pokémon will have them as well.
  • Hearthome Colosseum - To replace the Contest Hall since there are no contests in Pokémon Essentials, that building has been turned into the Hearthome Colosseum. Here, you can participate in three different types of tournaments, though only one is unlocked when you first make it there. You can do the Single Battle Challenge, the Double Battle Challenge, and the Triple Battle Challenge. Each one requires you to beat five trainers in a row (four and a boss trainer) and results in a rare and powerful gift Pokémon for you. This is inspired by the Colosseums in Pokémon Colosseum, and just like the ones in that game's story mode, you can level up during these battles. You will also encounter characters you may not have been expecting to!
  • Tougher Gym Leaders - All the Sinnoh Gym Leaders will have buffed up and/or changed teams to make them more challenging. This includes max IVs for all their Pokémon, increased EVs that become higher with each successive Gym, better abilities on their Pokémon, access to egg moves, and more secondary type diversity.
  • Nuzlocke Mode - Before you start your game, during the intro sequence with Professor Rowan, you have the option of playing in the standard mode or opting into Nuzlocke Mode. Any of your defeated Pokémon die permanently in Nuzlocke Mode, and blacking out results in a game over, wiping your save. Any Pokémon encountered in a hidden grotto will be shiny in this mode. Once activated, this cannot be turned off, so it's recommended to be serious about doing a Nuzlocke run if you choose this. To play in Nuzlocke Mode, simply choose "Nuzlocke" and then "yes" after the explanation.
  • Hidden Grottos - Rare and scattered about the Sinnoh region, the player will be able to find Hidden Grottos, hidden areas that require exploration to find. These will contain rare Pokémon and/or items, and for Nuzlocke players, the deal is even sweeter. Those in Nuzlocke mode will encounter shiny Pokémon in these Grottos, but they are rare and you must work to find them.
  • Sinnohan Forms - Some Pokémon from Gens 5-8 will have regional forms specific to Sinnoh. Pokémon from Gens 1-4 won't have any (unless they already have one) because these Pokémon were obtainable in the original game and had no regional forms.
  • Starter Signature Moves - Torterra, Infernape, and Empoleon each learn a unique move of their own upon evolution, as this seems to be the trend of the modern series. Their signature moves are each are based on their secondary typing, and do 95 (Empoleon and Infernape) or 105 (Torterra)damage.
  • Trainer Convenience Floor - To replace the defunct WiFi services in the original Platinum, the top floor of every Pokémon Center has been reworked. It now houses four different services that are inspired by Sword and Shield. They are Pokémon nicknaming, Pokémon grooming (only available once a day), move deletion, and move remembrance (functions the same as it does in Sword and Shield, where you can teach a move for free that the Pokémon learns naturally or has been taught before). All of these services come at no cost to the player, and are there to make your life a little easier. The basement floor has been removed entirely.
  • DPPt Font and Windowskins - To add to the authentic Sinnoh feel, the default windowskin is the same as the default one from Platinum. The alt windowskins are the alts from Platinum, followed by the main and alts from Diamond and Pearl. The font is the same font used in the Sinnoh games, a modified version of Power Clear designed to mimic it exactly.
  • Character Portraits - Important characters have portraits for their dialogue. These are original sprites based off of their official art or from other games or the anime. They have different expressions and poses based on whatever is happening at the moment.
  • DexNav - A nerfed version of ORAS' DexNav feature that allows you to view the list of encounters for the area you're in. No shiny chaining or egg move features. This is helpful for people who haven't played before, as it allows you to see the Pokémon that have been added to each route to supplement the traditional Sinnoh encounters.
  • All Sinnoh Legendaries Obtainable - Every Sinnoh legendary will be integrated in some way, be it through working their special events naturally into the story, or something new. 
  • All Three Starters Obtainable - You can choose one from Professor Rowan's briefcase, and during the rest of the game, you can find NPCs you can trade with for the two you don't have.
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus Starters Obtainable - Over the generations, the formerly exotic Pokémon Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott have integrated into Sinnoh's ecosystem. You can find these three Pokémon on various routes throughout the game.
  • Revamped Jubilife TV - This location is rather uninteresting in the real games, being little more than a place where you can dress up your Pokémon, and honestly, who wants to even do that? 
  • Second Rival - Lucas/Dawn becomes your second rival, so they can be battled as well as Barry. 
  • No Trade Evolutions - The Link Cable item from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games makes its way into this, and replaces all standard trade evolutions. Pokémon that evolve through trading while holding an item simply require it to hold that item and level up. All the evolutionary stones and the Link Cable will be available for purchase at the Veilstone Department store, similar to how you can buy them at Kanto's Department store.
  • Wonder Trade - Though trading evolutions have been removed for everyone's sanity, a trading-related feature that has not been removed is the GTS/Wonder Trade. When you go to the Global Terminal in Jubilife City, you will be greeted with the GTS, which allows you to perform a wonder trade with a random trainer. You will receive a Pokémon of similar strength to what you offered. If you offer a legendary, you will get another legendary in return, but if you offer a Bidoof, you will get a similarly weak Pokémon.
  • Box Link - There are many gift Pokémon in this game, and this tool which replaces the Pokétch will save you lots of time when it comes to receiving these Pokémon. Thanks to it, you don't need to run to the nearest Pokémon Center to make space for a Pokémon, you can simply go to your bag and access your Pokémon storage from there.
  • Better graphics - The game's overworld uses a gen 4.5 style that spices up the Sinnoh region and makes it look better than it ever did in 2D. The battles feature more fleshed-out battle backgrounds instead of the colored void with platforms of gen 4. Some of these are from Pokémon Bushido's resource pack, and others are brand new and unique to specific areas.
  • Better music - Pokémon remix and remaster YouTuber Zame has given permission to use his Sinnoh music remasters in the game, meaning the soundtrack has been revamped. Hear the Sinnoh tunes in higher quality than ever before!
  • Increased Difficulty
  • New Moves, Abilities, Shinies
  • Doubled Shiny Rate
  • Convenient services in each Pokémon Center
  • Character Sprites/Mugshots
  • Better Looking Overworld


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Developer: Zygoat