Pokemon Return To Blaze And Blades (Open World)

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Game Name: Pokemon Return To Blaze And Blades. Aka, Not Another Pokemon Game (Open World)
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Demo v0.4.1, 04.07.2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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An open-world Pokemon game. The starting town is in the middle and the further the player goes from the starting town the tougher the quests and gyms will be. Each map is 50x50 tiles. The full map so far is 7x7 maps (350x350 tiles, 49 maps total). Towns are arranged around the starting town. The first four badges are in the closest towns and the last four badges are in the furthest away towns.

There is "no leveling" in the game (more info further down). The player must advance through the game by catching or evolving better Pokemon enabling them to take harder and harder quests traveling further from towns and eventually catch Legendary Pokemon. The player will also collect Heartscales and TMs to teach powerful moves to your Pokemon. Heartscales are scattered around the world but are still fairly rare, and many Pokemon have a small chance of holding one when caught. TMs and battle items are gained through quests.

The player will be able to collect skill points. Then using these skill points they can increase their Trainer Stats. Trainer stats work just like regular Pokemon stats, however, a trainer's stats will increase the stats of all of their Pokemon. Trainer stats max out at 10 for each (attack, defense, etc...) for a max boost of 20%. Players can also train to become stronger when using a certain type of Pokemon, however as a result of the training they will become weak to another type of Pokemon. A Player can train in up to nine types to be stronger while using them and the player will be weaker than the remaining nine.

The demo includes 8 gyms and elite four.

List of Features

  • Open World
    • Bigger Map! Now twice as big being 250,000 tiles.
    • Overworld Pokemon just like Sword/Shield and Legends
    • The Diglett Tunnels and Underwater areas double the explorable area.
  • Playable On Android And iOS!
    • Download Steam on your computer, download Steam Link on your phone. DO NOT run the game exe through steam by adding game to the library (Will run very slow). Instead, navigate to your desktop from Steam Link on your phone. Navigate to the game exe and run it. I use a PS4 controller and clip to play. You may have to assign some buttons. BTW this works with all emulators as well.
  • Biomes
    • As best as possible Pokemon are found in their respective biome they would "naturally" be found in.
  • No Leveling
    • There is limited leveling in the game. Pokemon can level to evolve but not further. No numbers are ever seen.
    • Look below for more details
  • Trainer Stats
    • Players have Trainer Stats that can be increased by spending Ability Points
    • Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed
    • Max is 10 for any trainer stat
    • Each point will increase that stat by 2% for all the player's Pokemon to a max of 10 points (20%)
    • Ability Points are gained by defeating gyms, completing quests, etc...
    • Ability Points can be spent by visiting a Stat Trainer in one of the cities
  • Trainer Natures (Beta)
    • The player can train to become stronger when using a certain type of Pokemon
    • The downside is that if the player becomes stronger with one type they will become weaker against other types of Pokemon
    • The player can become stronger with up to 9 types of Pokemon, but they will also be weaker to 9 types
    • 10% stronger when using type A Pokemon and opponents Pokemon are 10% stronger against you if Type B
  • Redone EV and IV System
    • EVs and IVs are both between 1-10
    • IV formula is unchanged, it just makes less of a difference
    • EV formula has been changed to 2% increase per stat increase (Max 20%)
    • EVs are now gained by spending Effort Points
    • Effort Points are awarded after filling a hidden Effort Point Experience Bar by winning battles
    • Effort Values have a total max of 20 points
  • Quest System + UI (Alpha)
  • Limited Trainer Dodging
    • Trainers will only engage the player when it makes sense for the setting or current quest.
  • Harder Battles
    • Battestyle permanently set to set.
    • No items are allowed during gyms battles, elite four, rival battles, and others.
  • Radial Pause Menu
  • Following Pokemon
    • Pokemon have a chance to pick up an item
    • Can interact with Pokemon
  • Reputation System
  • Joinable Guilds
  • Fast-Forward (3 speeds)
  • EV Trainer NPC
  • IV Trainer NPC
  • Nature Trainer NPC
  • Pokeball Switcher NPC
  • Better Dungeons
    • Improved graphics
    • More variety
    • Many Biomes
  • Gen 1-7 Pokemon (Not all Pokemon in-game)
  • Fast Forward Added


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Developer: animositee

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=416753