Pokemon DarkRising: Order Destroyed Detailed Walkthrough

Pokemon DarkRising: Order Destroyed Detailed Walkthrough

Pokemon DarkRising: Order Destroyed GBA Cover

Language: English

Author: Olivia R

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Pokemon Dark Rising: Order Destroyed complete version detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Fire Red ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Dark Rising: Order Destroyed (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

This will be a strict text walkthrough of the rom hack featuring what you need to do to get through the game as well as the trainers and their Pokemon. This will not feature the Pokedex, for reasons that will be explained later in the walkthrough itself.

Features of Dark Rising: Order Destroyed

-Nuzlocke-style survivalist gameplay. No way to catch Pokemon, you have to simply find them!

-Mons of every generation up to Gen-6

-Fairy type

-Physical/special split

-and a compelling story with recurring characters. Warning, this walkthrough will spoil the plot of both this game and the previous ones!


Use CTRL-F and the four-character code in square brackets to jump around

Vendell Town [VEND]
Redwood Field [REDW]

Amber Cave [AMBE]

Auburn Forest [AUBU]

Timberline Town [TIMB]

Dreaded Hills [DREA]
Griever Forest [GRIE]
Wynar Farm [WYNA]

Section 13 [SE13]

Poke Center HQ [PCHQ]
Apache Mountain [APAC]

Woodrench Route [WODH]
Woodrift Road [WODT]

Luring Cave [LURI]

The Last Path [LAST]

Dark Rising: Order Destroyed is a semi-sequel to Dark Rising 2, and apparently is to bridge the events of the second game to that of the third Dark Rising game (which is the one made in RPGmaker). The prologue is much more different than any ordinary ROM hack. You hear the voice of a boy and a girl, and they release one of your mons, a Mega Charizard Y. Furthermore, you will be forced to play as a somewhat familiar character if you played the original Dark Rising or its sequel. If you remember, he was the blond-haired dude that was your named rival. After all, your main character had lost his/her life force to (spoilers) Hoopa in the ending of the last game. This was the guy who eventually became much more of a rival in the Dark Rising 2. Anyways, name him (if I recall, his default name in Dark Rising 2 was Kaz, but name him whatever). Also name the character who would be his rival (the default names are Orena, Gary, Kaz, and Oren) who obviously won’t make an appearance. Order Destroyed begins now.


The area you appear in has three kids. One is lying on the floor and is dead, but the other two are next to the dead kid and you can talk to them. The boy (Zyro) is ready to defend himself with the girl (named Zyree), but you calm them down. They then allow you to enter the building below. Inspect the items on the table to get both your Charizard and the Pokedex! Although the Pokedex is damaged, and this may be a glitch or by design, but DO NOT OPEN THE POKEDEX to inspect any mons because the game will softlock. The girl will say you fell from the sky along with the rest of your Pokemon, and they were only able to retrieve your Charizard.

Talking to Zyro, you reminisce a bit about how you and the protagonist and allies in Dark Rising 2 battled Darugis. Time to figure out why everything's in ruins, and it seems like "It" happened while the two kids were in Eden City. The world became unstable, where things appeared where they shouldn't appear, places split up, and dead people started walking around. How could despite defeating Darugis and the negative energies have somehow led to this? The kids lost their dad to "Them" which were the dead people brought back to life. Zyro then explains that Fairy types have appeared. The sound of groaning is heard outside, so time is ticking. Zyro mentions that another of your Pokemon may be outside.


Mons found:

Taillow: 20%

Bidoof: 20%

Poochyena: 10%

Sunkern: 10%

Paras: 10%

Surskit: 10%

Chingling: 5%

Drifloon: 5%

Spritzee: 4%

Swirlix: 4%

Absol: 2%

And it's raining. Again. Already have had enough of the weather effects when I played the first two Dark Rising games, and what's worse is the mon you have is gonna be hampered by this rain. In any case, you're at the right side of town. Head NW to get a Potion from a bag. Zyree is at the entrance of a cave, having been separated from Zyro. Looks like he may be in trouble in some house somewhere. Zyree won't move from the cave entrance, but asks you to see if the PokeCenter is safe. It's the green building to the south. Guess what happens when you try to open the door? A Nurse Joy attacks you!

Lady Nurse Joy: Spritzee Lv18, P3600

Well this isn't good at all! Looks like we can't heal Pokemon over there in the PokeCenter or do other things. Also your Charizard is Lv20 by the way, with Incinerate, Dragon Claw, Roost, and Wing Attack as moves, and holds a Charcoal. We need to continue west. The next item bag you find has a Potion. West from there is another dead body, but it has a Potion you can pick up. The last item to the west is a Paralyz Heal. North out of the grass, get the Potion behind the trees to the east, then head north from there. You'll find more odd people here. Talk to the first one on the right.

Janitor ???: Dunsparce Lv21, Stunfisk Lv18, Klefki Lv22, P704

When you talk to this...janitor, his face starts chipping off and he soon melts into a liquid and evaporates. Creepy. By the way, the house here is Prof. Redwood's, and his lab is right next door too. But you don't battle the guy outside since you're concerned for Zyro. Inside are several people. The old man at the table will give you an Absol! The woman to the NW, who's dying, will give you a Carbink. However, this'll take all your money away! Not that you need it though. Just take the Carbink, you’ll eventually get something even better to trade it with later on. With that said, talk to the ranger, named Katherine, who's next to a dead guy. Well, you don't really know how this apocalypse is going on. Something called the Trainer's Curse gets mentioned. If the Pokemon you battle with are lost in battle, they will not be able to be revived, becoming part of "them". Turns out the dead guy is the owner of the Absol. Even worse, Pokemon cannot be caught anymore inside Poke Balls. She then leaves.

Enter the room she was blocking the find Zyro. It seems that if we cannot catch mons anymore, we gotta find the rest of our Pokemon prior to this event. Zyro mentions Redwood Field, which is behind the lab. You're then given a disclaimer confirming how this game is supposed to go, so keep your mons alive as much as possible. It's like an advanced Nuzlocke challenge for those who are not initiated.

Time to enter the lab. The odd gentleman is gone, so enter the lab and head to the back door to find Zyro. He then talks about how his sister is better at strategy games or whatever, but also makes mention that there might be some extra Pokemon to find around here. Yes, finding Pokemon is what's important in this game. Actually, there's only one mon to get here, and that's an Electrike, inside a crate just south from where you talked with Zyro. Doing this also unlocks the Pokemon menu option, finally. When you get it, head out to Redwood Field.


Mons found:

Bibarel: 20%

Mightyena: 20%

Kricketune: 10%

Masquerain: 10%

Swellow: 10%

Chimecho: 10%

Sunflora: 9%

Inkay: 5%

Parasect: 4%

Drifblim: 2%

Be careful if you run into Drifblim. They are Lv40.

Head to the trees to the left first to find an Ether. The gentleman from outside the lab is here.

Gentleman ???: Malamar Lv24, Cloyster Lv22, P704

Head east from him and find a Potion on the other side of the pond, then find an Ether to his left. A little girl trainer is up ahead.

Camper ???: Slurpuff Lv24, P384

An Antidote is to the left. Head due east from the girl to find an Ether, and up for a Potion. Now head west and it looks like the ranger Katherine and Zyro are here. Your character is rude to her because as it turns out, that's one of your own Pokemon! And well this is what we get for an apocalyptic plot, characters turning on others to get what they want badly. Survival of the fittest indeed.

PKMN Trainer Katherine: Sawk Lv26, Sylveon Lv25, Mega Sceptile Lv28, P1120

Beating her will have her name a Vincent, sorry for not being able to win. She then says you defended yourself, and that battling is now a matter of life and death before she eventually gets devoured by a dark hole. Pick up the Poke Ball, containing a Mega Lucario! If I remember, when you fought this guy in Dark Rising 2, this guy had both a Mega Charizard Y and a Mega Lucario. Neat now that we have both. Talk to Zyro, he thinks you did the right thing. As you talk, a scream can be heard, and it must be Zyree! Time to head back.

GLITCH: For some reason, after exiting the lab back to Vendell Town, you exit from the house instead of the lab.

Enter the cave where Zyree was to enter Amber Cave.


Mons found:

Onix: 20%

Phanpy: 20%

Shuckle: 20%

Boldore: 20%

Klefki: 9%

Ursaring: 9%

Steelix: 2%

Inside you'll meet a guy with Zyro. He seems nice, but he does mention Katherine. This must be Vincent. You then lie about what happened to her to prevent a possible conflict, and he does mention the high-level Drifblims I mentioned earlier. He also mentions that the rare encounters with Steelix are also high level (same as the Drifblim, Lv40). Talk to Zyro so that we can confirm our current situation.

To start, head west for an Escape Rope, then pick up the Repel from near the entrance. You may be tempted to use it, but remember you may run into the high-level Steelix, so even it won't be as worthwhile. Head right and up first to get a Potion, then down. You'll see dead officers here, who have reports about attacks on Vendell Town, where we've been. Keep going. Next officer is one of "them".

Officer ???: Wartortle Lv24, P192

Pick up another Repel and keep following the path.

Officer ???: Litleo Lv23, P184

The next item is an Awakening, just west of the officer. Keep going and at the NW corner is an Ice Heal. You'll see two more items, an officer, and a ladder. Grab the Rare Candy.

Officer ???: Litleo Lv25, Wartortle Lv25, P200

Grab a Potion and head down to B1F.

Head all the way down first.

Officer ???: Pyroar Lv26, P208

Grab a Potion. You may notice the kids there, so go to them, but head north first and pick up the bag there to get an Ether. It turns out another guy is with them, and has saved the kids. He saved Zyree by running into the cave when an undead trainer came by. He then requests that you can train his Froakie, even though it's his only mon left. Not to mention, the Trainer's Curse doesn't affect anyone who doesn't have Pokemon, according to him. Of course, you and the kids disagree since the mons you get are comrades and friends. You then say Zyro should take the Froakie, but he too declines. Well, take the Poke Ball after they leave and feel free to train the Froakie now.

Head due south and west to get an Antidote. Back at the junction, head east and take the first path going east to get a Potion. An officer guards the next item.

Officer ???: Blastoise Lv26, P208

The item is an Ether. Continue on the path and head north when you can. The items here are an Repel and a Burn Heal. Now head south and southwest as much as you can until you find a Rare Candy. Head east from there and you'll find the exit with Vincent. Before going, head north to find a Super Potion. Now talk to Vincent. As it seems, he wasn't fooled! He'll attack now.

PKMN Trainer Vincent: Throh Lv27 (holds Black Belt), Mantine Lv26, Mega Swampert Lv28, P1120

Vincent and Katherine were headed for The Machine, the only operating machine that could actually heal mons, you know, like a PokeCenter. He won't reveal the location now that we've killed him, but we do get TM26 Earthquake! The game then prompts you to talk to him again, but before I did, I remember hearing the gym victory fanfare theme play. Apparently the game made it show that I picked up the eighth badge! Although I don't think the gym badges play a role in this hack, I guess if you were to trade with someone later on this badge would ensure that the Pokemon you get will always obey you. Talk to Vincent and you mention that you have kids with Pokemon that need to find the machine. Well that didn't help at all. You might as well just leave. The next location is Auburn Forest.


Mons found:

Unfezant: 40%

Jumpluff: 20%

Victreebel: 20%

Mothim: 18%

Drifblim: 2%

Again watch out if you run into the Drifblim due to them being Lv40. Also both male and female forms of Unfezant are here.

The kids are with a girl who will take them in to safety. The person, who calls herself "Granny" supposedly helps wandering travelers. You and the kids seem to be in agreement, but don't you (as in you, the player) think this is suspicious generosity?

Head south. I believe the berries are supposed to be acquired from these green mounds, but I inspected them and nothing happens. At the south dead end is a bug catcher and a Potion.

Bug Maniac ???: Kricketune Lv26, Kricketune Lv26, P1560

You may have noticed a house to the west. Go there and get the Potion. If you enter the house, you'll encounter a Brendan-like trainer. Apparently this is you, or at least what the character looked like in Dark Rising 1 back then. This version of you scolds you for not using Yveltal the way it should have, to destroy everything. Instead you used it to help the protagonist of Dark Rising to defeat Darugis. Get ready for a boss fight.

PKMN Trainer Shadow: Mega Charizard X Lv32, P1280

Talk to it again. You'll try and talk it down, but it won’t do any good and you'll also hear him say "I...am...Hoopa". Remember this, Dark Rising 2 players? But he won't battle a second time. Leave the house. Up ahead is an Ether. Keep going.

Bug Maniac ???: Parasect Lv26, Parasect Lv26, P1560

The item nearby is an Ether. I've been inspecting these green mounds and there have been no berries from them at all. Just head south along the path to a sign and a bug catcher.

Bug Maniac ???: Masquerain Lv26, Masquerain Lv26, P1560

Head south first to get a Potion and a Rare Candy, then head all the way north. The kids and the granny are here, along with a dead Snorlax. And then more undead trainers seem to be coming! And the dead Snorlax (Lv30) comes to attack you! Zyro will give you a Lum Berry when you get rid of it. But then you faint! You'll be in a room, alone, although your kid friends are outside. Check the writing on the wall and you'll find a list of names, some crossed out. However, your name, Zyro, and Zyree aren't crossed out! Time to leave to figure things out.


Mons found:

Victreebel: 20%

Jumpluff: 20%

Mightyena: 10%

Masquerain: 10%

Mothim: 10%

Chimecho: 10%

Bibarel: 10%

Shuckle: 8%

Drifblim: 2%

You're in a deserted town with five houses, emerging from the one second from the right. Remember to watch out in case you run into a Drifblim. Start off by heading SE to the house there to get a Super Potion. The house here is locked, and in fact, the only other house you can actually go into is the westernmost house, so go there now. The kids are next to you, but it's also dark inside this house. It seems that we've just realized that Granny really is an evil person! Some of you probably saw this coming. She's in the NE part of this house by the way. Time for a confrontation.

PKMN Trainer Granny: Diggersby Lv31, Aromatisse Lv29, Mega Sableye Lv34, P1360 (note all her mons have Leftovers)

Talk to her again. Before Granny dies, she does lament that she may have found The Machine. She says to go north, beyond the hills and to a mansion, which seems to be a safe haven. Can we trust this info? Enter the room where she was blocking, oh my goodness that's a guy's head. And it was the guy who saved the children back in Amber Cave too. Turns out his theory that the Trainer's Curse wouldn't affect him was false. Leave and head to the east side of town, then north.


Mons found:

Cherrim: 20%

Wormadam: 20%

Lumineon (!?): 10%

Espurr: 10%

Heliolisk: 10%

Dodrio: 10%

Muk: 9%

Yanmega: 9%

Drifblim: 2%

Yep, more rain. I hate weather effects. And again, Drifblim will be the rare encounter that is Lv40, so watch out just in case. I'm surprised that Lumineon can be found out of the water though.

Start by heading north. You'll see a dead trainer, but he's not important. A bit east is an Ether. Inspect the bush NW of where the Ether was to find a Rare Candy. Head west and north, then east again.

Picnicker ???: Slowbro Lv31, P620

Talk to the guy in front of the item. He was the guy next to the crazy lady who sold the Carbink. Turns out it's an Exp. Share! Even more, this guy seems to be a member of something, as he mentions an Order Master. His name is Sludge. Time for another battle.

PKMN Trainer Sludge: Toxicroak Lv32, Scolipede Lv32, P1320 (both mons hold a Black Sludge)

Hmm, it seems that the dark hole that would suck up trainers who lose doesn't show up this time. Sludge simply leaves instead. That's a first. The Exp. Share is now yours! Keep going and try to go for the next item.

Picnicker ???: Delcatty Lv31, P620

Pick up the Potion, then head left to a house. The girl is yet another trainer who thinks of you as a bad guy, her name is Ellie. She calls you The Killer as well. Did you ever attack a Pokemon named Hoopa?

PKMN Trainer Ellie: Whimsicott Lv32 (holds Sitrus Berry), Musharna Lv32 (holds Lum Berry), Hitmontop Lv33 (holds Assault Vest), P1320

We know that our character doesn't explicitly kill people on purpose, but we have to progress this game somehow. Ellie gets swallowed and we can access the house. Inside are the twins. Zyree is inspecting a space shuttle model. She laments on how they've been restricted almost their whole lives, and when free, this calamity happens. Zyro thinks we did something really bad, and he’s in front of another kid. The kid just so happens to be Ellie's little brother. Zyree then tells us to stop lying and...actually lies about it herself, that Ellie died from an undead trainer instead of by our hand. We also know the kid's name is Joel. He does cry about it, however he does mention a secret passage we can use in this house. Looks like we added another to our group of kids to protect. Behind here is Griever Forest.


Mons found:

Ariados: 20%

Galvantula: 20%

Trevenant: 19%

Vespiquen: 19%

Wormadam: 10%

Yanmega: 10%

Drifblim: 2%

And yeah I sound like a broken record by now but watch out for the Drifblim if you run into them. Talk to Joel. Of course he misses Ellie, but also mentions a safe place we can go to that she had left for Joel. He doesn't want us to take it, but he still whines, and eventually leaves.

Head east first.

Bug Catcher ???: Kricketune Lv28, Masquerain Lv28, P336

Pick up the Ether. You'll notice a large web here. It'll prompt you to cut it down but you'll find it's too strong. We'll have to go west now.

Camper ???: Parasect Lv26, Sunflora Lv26, Slurpuff Lv29, P464

Head west all the way to find a Potion, then north. You'll find a house. Pick up a Potion before you enter. Uh oh, looks like Joel found someone bad. It's the guy who claims to be the real you. You know, he did wear those Brendan-like clothes back in the Core region in Dark Rising 1. I do remember that. And yes, that is a Mega Stone that Joel was looking for. Or rather a smaller part of the Omni Mega Stone. We'll have to battle our shadow again.

PKMN Trainer Shadow: Mega Charizard X Lv36, P1440

Well, he'll be spouting more stuff about how he is you and everything. Joel will allow you to use the Mega Stone, so take it and let's continue moving on. I wonder why Ellie kept the Mega Stone for Joel if Joel has no Pokemon? You can of course use it to mega-evolve some of the Pokemon you have (only Manectric and Absol for me, I already have Mega Charizard Y and Mega Lucario).

Leave the house. Start by heading north first. Inspect the bush on the right for a Potion. If you keep going north, you'll find nothing but a web, which you still cannot cut down. Head back to the house and head east. The next trainer for some reason doesn't attack you unless you talk to her.

Picnicker ???: Chimecho Lv27, Delcatty Lv31, P620

Go east from there and inspect the bush you come to for a Paralyz Heal.

Bug Catcher ???: Ariados Lv31, Galvantula Lv31, P372

Head north on the winding path. Two more bug catchers...

Bug Maniac ???: Wormadam Lv30, Mothim Lv32, P1920

Bug Maniac ???: Wormadam Lv30, Vespiquen Lv32, P1920

Pick up the Antidote. You'll see the twins again, along with a purple-haired girl. She seems to be really strong according to the twins, having fought three undeads without any HP loss. Her name is Freya, and it's possible that she just has an urge to kill undeads. She comes from a base that is unfortunately packed, so no safe haven for us. But she mentions the direction to go to find the Machine. She basically "joins" the group here, and everyone leaves. Continue north and left.

Picnicker ???: Phanpy Lv27, Slowbro Lv31, P620

Janitor ???: Klefki Lv30, Dunsparce Lv31, Trevenant Lv32, P1024

So that's the same janitor from Dreaded Hills!? Wait, I don't recall there being a janitor there. Head south for a Lum Berry, then head NW past the janitor. When you get to a fork, go south first, then east at the next fork and head south.

Bug Catcher ???: Yanmega Lv33, P396

Pick up a PP Up, then head back to the last fork and head west from there. You'll be behind the second web. Go west again until you get the Super Potion. Now head back to the first fork and head west to find a house. It takes you straight to Wynar Farm.


Finally, a peaceful location. First off, head all the way north to see Zyro and Joel learning how to battle. The item bag to the left is another Potion. Go south and around the pond all the way to get a Rare Candy. At the NE end of the farm are three houses, with Freya and Zyree in front of one house. Enter the southernmost house to pick up an HP Up. Head upstairs and inspect the bookshelf, yes, the bookshelf, for another Super Potion. If you inspect the blue present, surprise! It's a Rotom Lv34! It seems to be treated like a special encounter but I'm sure you cannot catch it. The PC has a humorous message which is supposed to be to a Youngster Joey about the Rotom, but whatever.

Anyways, Freya and Zyree don't have anything important to say. Freya just says to look around for supplies or whatever. The old man inside the near house is weird. Pick up the Ether and Moomoo Milk here. The topmost house has another Moomoo Milk. The person here has an interesting sprite. His name is Aizen, and apparently we met his sister, who is Jalice. Remember her from Dark Rising 2? Aizen is her brother, and it seems that Aizen was the magician who used forbidden magic and was seemingly banished. He doesn't have any magic or Pokemon with him, so he's not a threat. He does however have the ability to read memories, and knows of the past dealings that our character has been through. Guess we'll have him be a part of our weird little entourage. Talking to him also allows us to head further north to a place called Section 13.


Mons found:

Volbeat: 30%

Illumise: 30%

Flaaffy: 28%

Crustle: 10%

Drifblim: 2% (as usual the Lv40 encounter)

Uh oh, what do we have here? Looks like Hoopa has found the group. Yes, it's the one responsible for the death of the Dark Rising protagonist, and even tries a fourth wall-break. Hoopa was the one who created this "order". While you're determined to end all this now, Hoopa just flat out disappears. Well that's no fun. Continue north to find Freya and...another Mega Stone it seems. Freya states that Section 13 is right here, and this is where we part ways with her. Pick up the Mega Stone and let's go east. Let's head south first, cause there's an item there (a Super Potion). After you get it, it's time to go north.

Lass ???: Volbeat Lv33, Illumise Lv33, P528

Expert ???: Dunsparce Lv33, Crustle Lv33, P1320

Head north to find the rest of the gang. Get the Potion to the NE first, then the Ether next to the building. Aizen says that it gives mixed emotions for the group. You see a gym, while the twins don't see anything, and Joel sees a childhood memory, according to Aizen. The sign of course is a welcome sign by Hoopa. Granny (from well before) saw this place as a mansion. It's time to enter.


Mons found:

Magneton: 50%

Ferrothorn: 23%

Gurdurr: 15%

Trubbish: 10%

Steelix: 2% (Lv40 encounter)

This is basically the Power Plant layout. Follow the path and keep going east at the first fork. The dead end you come to has TM22 Solarbeam. Back to the fork, head south and east. You will soon come to a Rhyperior blocking the way which you must fight. I don't know what their weakness is, because both Water and Grass moves seem to do normal damage. Keep going on the path and head to the north side when you see the barrels. A Rare Candy is here. Head back and continue west.

Secret Agent ???: Fletchinder Lv31, P1488

Secret Agent ???: Fletchinder Lv31, P1488

Before heading east, examine the rocks to the west. The SW contains a Rare Candy. Now head east until you get to some machines. Examine the spot in front of the machine for a very-easy-to-miss Max Elixir. Another Rhyperior is in the way, so get rid of it and head west.

Secret Agent ???: Fletchinder Lv31, P1488

Eventually we find our gang confronting Hoopa again. We're not jealous, but Hoopa says that Hoopa is technically all of them. It seems all of our friends from the previous Dark Rising games have been scattered all around the world, alone and scared much like our player character. Arceus was of course the mask that Hoopa used, and we of course did away with Darugis. Hoopa is in control of dark and light, good and bad, order is true and everything is perfected, so to speak. It doesn't battle us or anything and everyone leaves. Keep going and you'll find Aizen and a big machine. Guess what? This acts like a PC! Although you probably won't find that much use for it, other than using the "PC Heal trick" which can heal your mons for free like usual. Talk to Aizen and he mentions that a mysterious power may soon come up ahead. We could be in some serious trouble if we don't put some mons in the PC, so we might wanna put some in for now. Actually, don't. You'll see why in a moment.


First things first, attempt to re-enter. You can’t (unless you use a walk-through walls code or something). Now you’ll realize why I said do not put any mons in the PC. Head up to see the gang again with Hoopa, and pick up the item to the west. Who would have thought? Aizen is a traitor and is working against us with Hoopa. You see why I told you not to put any mons in the PC? Apparently it was all a set-up, and you could tell this by the fact that if you tried to re-enter the Poke Center HQ, you could never enter it. Anyways, hopefully you are ready to battle Aizen with your mons right now.

PKMN Trainer Aizen: Conkeldurr Lv32, Drapion Lv32, Clawitzer Lv32, Mega Blaziken Lv35, P1400

So guess what? Hoopa gets to decide who lives and dies after a battle. Looks like Aizen won't be dying soon. Hoopa then spills the beans that it had helped the Dark Rising 2 protagonist, as well as sending the real Arceus to oblivion and masquerading as Arceus and such. It'll then say that both the previous protagonist as well as Light (another important character in the Dark Rising lore) had the most potential and the previous protagonist was the child of the one who defeated Darugis before. Not to mention Light being a descendant of trainers who guard the sacred grounds of Arceus. And the character we control now? Only a part of Hoopa's big plan just for the sake of it. They then leave.

So let's go into the house here. Hoopa's the only thing around. Hoopa seems to be a generous troll, even telling you that Rare Candies have the ability to revive mons, even though it sort of breaks the whole "faint = dead" rule that was put to place. You get ready to end this reign of terror, and Hoopa says all the chosen one stuff from the last games was all fake, praising Arceus while blaming Darugis, lots of crap, and Hoopa got rid of them so that there is only Hoopa. You get ready to battle, but Hoopa just disappears instead. Leave the house and head east now.


Mons found:

Sawsbuck: 30%

Noctowl: 30%

Snover: 20%

Froslass: 9%

Weavile: 9%

Abomasnow: 2% (watch out, Lv60 encounter!)

Joel is cold. The twins are nearby, and talking to Zyro will progress. But there's also a dead Liepard here that you could skin to help Joel feel warm. Or actually you can't, because it's morally wrong. Zyro hopes we can bring order back and be free.

Lass ???: Lombre Lv33, P528

Get the Awakening and Ether here. Enter the clear square east of the Lass and go to the NE side. Face east and inspect the grass for an Oran Berry.

Black Belt ???: Primeape Lv34, Primeape Lv34, P816

Next item is a Super Potion.

Officer ???: Blastoise Lv36, P288

You'll soon find a new person. He immediately disappears when you talk to him. Pick up the Rare Candy and continue east. Two people, two buildings. Before talking to either of them, head to the tree stump below the first building, face south, and press A. You'll discover a leftover when this ROM hack was made :). Anyways, the one in orange is basically Velma from Scooby Doo, saying "Jinkies" and having dropped her glasses. And she won't move, so we might as well talk to the other person. She detects a strong radiance from you and has placed a sacred holy barrier here. Except the barrier will soon fade, and wants to aid someone with the power before it happens. We have to battle her.

Channeler Theresa: Grumpig Lv40, P1280

She invites you inside the home. The kids are all here. The twins apparently wanna stay here while they say to take Joel with us. Dunno about that. Talk to Theresa. She must be using her channeler powers, saying that Joel's burden should not make him succumb to darkness, but shockingly saying that the twins don't have a future! Their aura is difficult to read. She needs more time. For you, the future is bleak and that your life will end prematurely if you don't come to terms with yourself. We need to prevent our undoing more or less. So I guess we're taking Joel. In my opinion, all I can do is channel the often-said phrase from Star Wars. "I have a bad feeling about this...". Anyways, Velma has left, so we can go north now.


Mons found:

Sawsbuck: 30%

Noctowl: 30%

Snover: 20%

Froslass: 9%

Weavile: 9%

Abomasnow: 2% (Lv60 encounter)

Yeah, Velma found her dang glasses. Go to the rock left of her, and a space left from that rock, then three spaces north, is another leftover sign that should have been removed from the hack :). There's a Carbink in front of a cave, and for some reason, it talks! It seems that you are a pure-hearted trainer, able to hear a Pokemon's thoughts, so the Princess can help you! I think I know what this entails, but you DO need a Fairy type in your party to get it. This place is Cocoon Cave, and you'll see the Carbink with, what else, a Diancie! It's name is Diantha, and it will basically be an in-game trade so to speak. Just as long as you actually have Carbink with you, you can trade for a much better Diancie.

Head east now. A space SE of the officer you find has another leftover sign :).

Officer ???: Pyroar Lv35, Pyroar Lv35, P280

Next item is an Ether.

Youngster ???: Rufflet Lv35, P560

Next item is a Super Potion.

Youngster ???: Linoone Lv35, P560

Next item to the SE is a Focus Band! Head east to find Joel and...Sludge! He scolds us for thinking we stand a chance against Hoopa. Seems that Hoopa gave Sludge a bargain, his own kingdom, but only if he got rid of you. Joel meanwhile is getting sick. Time to battle this tough guy.

PKMN Trainer Sludge: Toxicroak Lv39, Scolipede Lv40, Swalot Lv39, Tentacruel Lv36, Mega Gengar Lv41, P1640 (all of his mons hold the Black Sludge)

Well get out of the way Sludge. That kingdom isn't coming soon. Hoopa then intervenes in the conversation, telling you you showed Sludge his true feelings. Even worse, when we battled secret agents at Poke Center HQ, they slowly turned human? This showed the character as a killer. Anyways Joel runs off, and we can continue.

Expert ???: Linoone Lv35, Rufflet Lv35, Krookodile Lv37, P1480

You'll find two caves here, with Joel and that man who disappeared quickly in front of the left cave. You can't enter the cave on the right, so talk to the mysterious man. He plays a flute, hypnotizing Joel. Then you see more children near the entrance of the cave. The mystery man does mention two more children who aren't affected by his talents. So Zyro and Zyree seem to be on his hypnotize list soon. And he's another who works with Hoopa. The mystery man then disappears with Joel. We gotta follow them.


Pick up the Macho Brace. Let's start by going east first, there's a juicy Mega Stone there!

Hiker ???: Steelix Lv40, P1600

Hiker ???: Steelix Lv40, P1600

If you've followed this guide properly, you should be able to mega-evolve one more mon on your team, which is Diancie. Do so, then take the left path.

School Kid ???: Bergmite Lv34, P680

Camper ???: Piloswine Lv35, P560

Camper ???: Beartic Lv38, P608

Well, this is DEFINITELY NOT GOOD. Joel now has a blue face, he's one of “them”! The twins are also here, and so are Aizen, Hoopa, and the mysterious guy with the flute. As a matter of fact, we learn that the man here is in fact a "Pied Piper". A nice little allusion to a nursery rhyme, turned evil! Even worse, Hoopa told Joel how it was you who killed his sister.

PKMN Trainer Joel: Delibird Lv40 (holds Rare Candy), Rotom-F Lv41 (holds Nevermeltice), Walrein Lv41 (holds Mystic Water), Mega Glalie Lv44 (holds Leftovers), P1760

As saddened and angry as they are, Zyro and Zyree have their eyes shine, and then they chant to restore order! All of a sudden, Joel seems to turn to normal! The twins faint, and Hoopa is now very angry. It even blames Zygarde, who I don't believe was in the previous Dark Rising games, for spoiling Hoopa's fun. And guess what? Zyro and Zyree are the children of Zygarde! It explains why Hoopa's illusions had zero effect on the twins, as well as the Pied Piper's songs. Zyro and Zyree are half-human, half-Pokemon, offspring of Zygarde and some woman who was the only one to escape Arctic Mirage. Well, that turned out far more interesting than expected! We can head north now.

In this room, head all the way up to a black-haired woman. It's another cameo character from the games!

PKMN Trainer Zinnia: Whismur Lv41 (holds Silk Scarf), Salamence Lv43 (holds Dragon Fang), P1720

She's just as mysterious, not dying from the Trainer's Curse. One thing's for sure, she thinks we're gonna restore order and that she's definitely not with Hoopa. The kids we were with are important to our story and that they will be key to our victory. You can inspect the slates when she leaves (or actually the spaces in front of them), but you won't understand them. Leave the cave and head to the one next to it.

It's another section of Luring Cave. Head all the way up, ignoring the side paths since they lead to dead ends. Talk to Zinnia, and she mentions that if we catch up to Hoopa, who went this way, we can end this. Zinnia reveals she's the real guardian of the Omni Megastone. There used to be only one until Darugis had shattered it and gave pieces to defeat the "chosen one". We also confirm that the Dark Rising protagonist was killed, and that Darugis had never guessed that Hoopa was behind all of this. She knows not of what had become of the real Arceus, sadly. Even though Darugis had trapped the fake Arceus (Hoopa) so that the DR protagonist does all the dirty work. With Hoopa in control now that Arceus and Darugis are gone, we aren't even certain of its true power. Your character has to protect the twins though. Zinnia will look for another way if this fails, knowing of the outcome, but not participating in the battle. Guess what? Whismur can heal your mons! Make use of Aster (that's its name by the way) and continue.

The grassy plain you come to has the gang and that shadow person who claims to be you. Great, even the kids are wondering if you are the real you.

PKMN Trainer Shadow: Mega Charizard X Lv45, P1800

But then you admit that that is you, but that he is also a part of you. The other half, of course. You wanted to destroy the world and recreate it just like Hoopa did. Yet the DR protagonist showed you the error of your ways. You accept the shadow and everyone smiles. Looks like this is a reconciliation. Move into the cave now.


You can talk to the kids here. Joel says it's not your fault that his sister attacked you, it was obviously for protection. But all of this is the fault of Hoopa. He'll also invite you to battle him some time. Zyro doesn't have much to say, but has a new catchphrase I guess. He's confident. Zyree doesn't know that she and Zyro had the power, but surmises it's why the twins had been sheltered away from the world. It's the key to defeating Hoopa, after all. But she's also concerned about being a possible test subject again. Enter the cave when ready. You'll see the kids, giving you your pep talk, and we've gotta go up against the Pied Piper and Hoopa now. You tell Hoopa that the twins are just normal humans, even Joel is rooting for them. Even though your character feels he won't win this, he's determined to weaken Hoopa. If anything happens, you tell Zyro to flee with the others. And the game even gives you a disclaimer. You actually cannot win against this battle, even though it is the final battle of the game.

PKMN Trainer Pied Piper: Hoopa Lv100, P4000

The money info is there in case you decided to cheat and max your mons stats and levels or something like that. But you cannot win this battle normally. Hoopa by the way is Ghost/Psychic type with stats that match that of Darugis from the previous Dark Rising games, as well as Wonder Guard. If you win, Hoopa still makes the rules, and it says you have completed Order Destroyed's True Ending (?). You're stuck in that room in that case, and also cannot rematch Hoopa again if that happens. But when you eventually lose this match, the words show that the kids did escape. In any case, the game advertises Dark Rising 3, the 3rd installment which would eventually be on RPGMaker. In any case, that's actually it for Dark Rising: Order Destroyed. Yep, it was a very short ROM hack, meant to bridge together the second and third mainline installments. The gameplay was assuredly different and a new challenge too. In any case, thank you for taking the time to read this FAQ and I hope it helps those who wish to take the challenge that this ROM hack provided!


Pokemon to acquire: Since this game does not make you catch Pokemon the traditional way, we’ll be dealing with mons that can be acquired throughout the game. They are listed in order of when you can get them.

Mega Charizard Y: Vendell Town (inside house, with PokeDex)
Absol: Vendell Town (Redwood’s house)
Carbink: Vendell Town (Redwood’s house, this will take all your money)

Electrike: Vendell Town (Redwood’s lab, inspect a crate)

Mega Lucario: Redwood Field (after battle with Katherine)

Froakie: Amber Cave (after finding the children)

Diancie: Cocoon Cave (trade for your Carbink)


-DarkRisingGirl for the hack itself

-Game Freak for Pokemon Fire Red, the game that the hack is based on.

-PokeCommunity, and anyone who is willing to help make this walkthrough better and more accurate (this includes you if interested!)