Pokemon GS Chronicles Basic Walkthrough

GS Chronicles Basic Walkthrough

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Author: Ruki Studios

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Title Screen

  • Choose your Gender
  • Select if you want to randomize the game or keep the game normal

New Bark Town

  • 1st Visit:
  • Recieve your starter
  • Talk to your mom after getting the starter
  • Name your rival after the rival fight
  • Fight Ethan/Kris
  • 2nd Visit: 
  • After getting all 8 badges get the master ball from Elm and go to Ecruteak City to fight the Kimono Girls

Cherrygove City

  • After getting the pokedex fight your rival here

Route 30

  • Go to Mr.Pokemons House to get the egg and pokedex
  • Side Quest:
  • Give Mr.Pokemon the Red Scale to recieve reward

Route 31

  • Fight a stranger that tries to sell you illegal slowpoke tails

Violet City

  • Defeat the Elder at Sprout Tower
  • Defeat Falkner at the gym
  • Go left of Violet city to recieve the odd egg from Ethan/Kris
  • Go back to the pokemon center and talk to Ethan/Kris
  • Head back Route 36 (left of violet)

Route 36 (left of Violet)

  • 1st Visit:
  • Hug downward until you reach another part of the route
  • 2nd Visit:
  • Talk to the girl NPC near sudowoodo before/after beating Whitney
  • After receiving the sqirtbottle (must have 3 badges to obtain it) interact with the weird tree

Route 36  (South of Violet)

  • Fight all team rocket grunts in the area

Ruins of Alph

  • 1st Visit:
  • Solve the first puzzle to get the unown report
  • 2nd Visit:
  • After defeating Jasmine surf down and talk to bugsy and Cynthia

Route 32

  • Fight Ethan/Kris

Azalea Town

  • Talk to Kurt to fight Team Rocket at Slowpoke Well
  • After saving the slowpokes fight Bugsy

Slowpoke Well

  • Fight Team Rocket and save the pokes

Ilex Forest

  • Fight your Rival
  • Save Farfetch'd from a Team Rocket Grunt

Route 34

  • Head to the Day Care and fight Ethan/Kris

Goldenrod City

  • 1st Visit:
  • Head right of goldenrod to the radio tower and grab the key outside
  • Head into radio tower and go to 2nd floor to receive the dexnav
  • After grabbing the janitor mask head to the bottom right to go into the sewers
  • After saving Bugsy go fight Whitney
  • After beating Whitney and talking to the girl near sudowoodo go next door to get the squirtbottle
  • 2nd Visit:
  • After defeating your rival at Blackthorn fly back here and head to the radio tower
  • Fight Team Rocket and Beat Berkel to get the key to the Underground
  • Go to the upper room in Underground and enter and fight your Rival
  • Solve the Puzzle and defeat Team Rocket Grunts and Petrel
  • Head back to Radio Tower and fight the Team Rocket Admins
  • After defeating Elder Mokai in Ecruteak City fly back again and fight Archer at the very top of Radio Tower

National Park

  • Go to East Building and give the janitor the key to receive the mask to enter the Sewers

Goldenrod Sewers

  • Defeat Team Rock and save Bugsy

Ecruteak City

  • 1st Visit:
  • Go to the Ecruteak Shrine and talk to the elder
  • Go to the Burned Tower and fight Rival
  • Go fight Morty (warning he has fog which both helps and hurts you)
  • Go to Dance Theater and fight Team Rocket Admin
  • 2nd Visit:
  • After the 6th Gym and Ruins of Alph go back to shrine and fight Ethan/Kris to unlock Mega
  • 3rd Visit:
  • Defeat Elder Mokai to prove your worth then go back to Goldenrod
  • 4th Visit:
  • After getting the Master Ball go back to the Theater and fight all 5 Kimono Girls
  • After defeating the girls got o the Shrine and head right to the Bell Tower
  • Fight and Catch Ho-Oh

Route 39

  • Side Quest:
  • Bring the Rare Bery you got from Jasmine to heal the sick Miltank to be able to buy MooMoo Milk

Olivine City

  • Head Towards Lighthouse and fight the News Reporter
  • Go through the Lighthouse and talk to Jasmine
  • After curing Ampharos go fight Jasmine
  • After beating Jasmine you get a phone call....go to Ruins of Alph

Cinawood City

  • 1st Visit:
  • Head up to the Cave Area to fight Ethan/Kris
  • Head to the very top of Cinawood and fight Suicune Dude
  • After that fight Chuck and recieve the fly ride
  • Before you leave back to Olivine go to the Pharmacy and grab the secret Potion
  • 2nd Visit:
  • Go back to the cave area, grab the rock climb ride and hear to Route 47

Route 42

  • After getting mega powers fight karate dude outside of middle Mt.Mortar (you will need surf)

Mahogany Town

  • After fighting/catching Gyarados head to the middle building and fight Team Rocket Grunts and Admins
  • After that fight Pryce's Substitute Gym Leader
  • After getting the 7th Badge you will get a call but dont do anything until you get to blackthorn

Lake of Rage

  • In order to get into lake of rage you need to have completed the following:
  • Save Bugsy at Goldenrod Sewers
  • Go talk to Bugsy at Ruins of Alph
  • Defeat Ethan/Kris at Ecruteak City after the 6th Gym
  • Defeat the Karate King outside Mt.Mortar
  • Go up and Catch that Red Gyarados
  • After Catching Gyarados talk to Lance and head back to Mahogany Town

Blackthorn City

  • Defeat Ethan/Kris then you will get another phone call...fly back to Goldenrod City
  • After dealing with Team Rocket in Goldenrod go fight Clair
  • After defeating Clair she will complain and tell you to go to the dragons den which is behind the gym

Dragons Den

  • Go to the very back of Dragons Den and talk to the elder and answer the questions correctly
  • After that and you leave the den Elm will call...fly back to New Bark Town

Route 47

  • So you notice that a guy and a cubone is blocking your path...what you need to do is in the cave room with 2 ladders you go all the way down and surf until you see the rock climb area

Victory Road

  • After going through the maze you must fight Pryce to see if you are worth of holding his Gym Badge

Pokemon League

  • Well this is the end of the road....hope you are ready because you need to prepare for 6 fights to become the first johto champion

Post Game

  • So you have become the first champion.....now what? well you can fight the gym leaders again just fair warning....they scale to your level