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Game Name: Pokemon Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Demo 6
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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"So far, we are unable to determine the cause of this massive outbreak of this invasive species, and researchers are working around the clock to identify these humanoid creatures with characteristics unlike anything we have come across before. Until a conclusive answer can be achieved, we will refer to these creatures as..."

Lots of stuff has happened in the years after Red had beaten the Kanto League and disbanded Team Rocket. Many youths from all over had followed in his footsteps (Even if they didn't quite know it.), such as Gold in Johto. Ruby and Sapphire in Hoenn, Lucas and Dawn in Sinnoh - they all saved their respective regions from takeover by factions that sought to destroy it. Natural disasters have stricken and been recovered from, such as the Cinnabar Volcano eruption, and the mudslide of Route 23. Things have tested the resolve of humans and Pokemon alike in these past 8 years. But none of these events were anything compared to what was happening now - an invasion.

Two years before present day, Professor Oak, head professor of the Kanto region, led an expedition to the Cave of Origin located in Sootopolis City, Hoenn. It was there that the first of the invaders were spotted. Upon first glance, they were mistaken as normal Pokemon, but various tests proved otherwise. Eventually, these invaders started spreading all over.

Eventually, Pokemon were driven out of their habitats by these species, now called Puppets, and their fighting. Pokemon have gone into hiding since then, some even taking refuge in an island preservation south of the Kanto region. Very few trainers have Pokemon left with them, and those that do seldom fight with them.

Within a year, Pokemon became the minority to the Puppets.

Two years have passed since the invasion of the Touhoumon, and humans have adapted to the new ways of life. Trainers capture and train Touhoumon, and enter them into the various Regional Leagues around the planet.

You play as either Maribel Hearn or Renko Usami, two females who are on a search across Monsekai, the Pokemon World, to discover why the Puppets have invaded, the rumors behind this mysterious alternate dimension, and how the both of them are connected. However, the questing won't be easy, as corrupt factions from a decade ago -- Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, are all beginning to make their return, and embrace this new opportunity with the Puppets, and restart their plans for world domination. Your quest to find the Land of Illusions will be interrupted by Team Rocket, who seek to do the same. And as you do that, Team Magma and Team Aqua rise up from the depths of the earth and ocean, and begin to hatch a scheme to take all of Monsekai for themselves this time around. Will they be successful, or will they fall to the might of your team of Puppets?

List of Features

  • Touhou characters, from Touhou 1 to Touhou 13.5, will all be obtainable within the game.
  • Pokemon will make appearances throughout the game, however limited. Very few Pokemon can be found in the wild. Others will be found by protective trainers, special in-game events, or the Southern Continent Pokemon Preservation.
  • Being able to visit regions from Gen III and downward (Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn), as well as the ability to traverse the Land of Illusions, Gensokyo.
  • The game runs the Touhoumon 1.8 Mechanics, which means a different type chart (Provided with the downloaded), as well as the Physical/Special Split on moves.
  • A Mystery Gift system, which can be accessed as soon as the first town, with already accessible gifts. To use Mystery Gift, you must go to a Pokemart and examine the piece of paper on the counter. This enables the Mystery Gift function.
  • There is a fully functioning Speed Button for the GBA-aholics here who enjoy their speed. To toggle the speed up, press the S button while there isn't a dialogue box of sorts on the screen. Preferably on the Overworld. This cannot be disabled unless you repeat in the same manner.
  • Game progression is less linear than Pokemon proper. It draws more heavily from the Gamecube games than the actual handheld games. The gym challenge is optional, and the Elite Four is not the End-All-Be-All of the game.
  • Since gym badges aren't required for game progression, the use of HMs is replaced with items that don't require badges. Examples of such: An Axe for Cut, a Lantern for Flash, a Pickaxe for Rock Smash.


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Developer: Derxwna Kapsyla

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=293880