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Game Name: Fakemon Aventures
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Status: Beta 1
Language: Spanish
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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"Welcome young traveler, I see that you have dared to enter. HAHAHA, I thought you would not dare and flee like so many others when faced with the possibility of feeling and seeing how your reality crumbles.

Sure, it's not easy for the moronic minds out there to accept that there is a world of unimaginable creatures walking among us.

Because there are those who want to silence my investigations, there are those who with their tricks seek to destroy everything I have built. But I trust you, traveler, there is something in your look, in your actions, and in the way you breathe that tells me that you are the one to explore this vast new world and thereby destroy those vile people who seek to seize the power of these creatures. "

"You must know, dear traveler, that strange creatures inhabit this world, the inhabitants of the island have decided to call them fakemons, short for Fake Monsters, by the great Fake Corporation, a transnational company that has taken control of more than half of the island and have exploited these beasts to greatly reduce their native population.

"This is Osarti, my fellow Fakemon, at first glance he may look like an ordinary polar bear dressed in a peculiar hood, but if you pay attention to his abilities you will be surprised to see the control over the cold and ice that he possesses. he in this place there are creatures capable of controlling fire, water, wind, and earth as if they were characters taken from legends all over the world.

"You must be able to choose between one of these three creatures to embark on your journey. Hofanti, the vegetal elephant; Aguamar, the voracious squid; Fuegrino, the flaming rhinoceros. By choosing your companion well, you can become a great adventurer and explorer within This beautiful new world."

List of Features

  • A NEW PLACE TO EXPLORE: The Campana archipelago whose main island is Isla Esmeralda is the place where the adventure will take place. Completely new and created to give players a unique experience.
  • NEVER BEFORE SEEN CREATURES: No, there will not be a Pikachu, or an Eevee, or a (insert any pokemon you want) the idea of ​​this project is to take the original concept and give it a few turns to give life to something completely new and different, Maybe in the betas I got to use Pokemons to fill empty spaces, but the final project will not include them.
  • A NEW BATTLE SYSTEM: Again it has only the name, the truth is that the concept takes the original idea of ​​Capsule Monster (first drafts of Pokemon) to give it a different appearance. 
  • A SYSTEM OF CODES TO OBTAIN FAKEMONS: The concept comes from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories on PS1 in which there was an option to enter codes from the cards to buy unique cards that could not normally be obtained in the game.
  • A NEW MESSAGING SYSTEM: A bit old idea, but I have always found it much more comfortable and feasible for the face to go inside the text box than flying around using a "pokepic" (Thanks KleinStudios)
  • KICKING PALM TREES: The concept of Kicking Palm Trees having a key object, now you can travel around Emerald Isle facing those unfriendly Palm Trees and see if in the process you manage to make yourself a cute Fakemon.
  • NEW DEX DAILY STYLE: It is common to see in the Pokemon franchise that the DEX works as a device, here in Fakemon it works with a diary, in which our protagonist will record the creatures that he discovers.
  • SUBSPECIES: In the purest way of the Alola forms of pokemon with a touch of one hundred and one different types of Agumons, or the differences in colors between gabumon and psychemon, is that in Fakemon Adventures there are subspecies, which in some cases translate into total appearance changes and other simple color changes and something more...


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Developer: Karlsetin

Original Source: https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/gbc-fakemon-adventuras-31-10.55120/#post417150