Pokemon Silver Yellow (NDS)

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Download: Mediafire

Hack Name: Pokemon Silver Yellow
Platform: NDS
Hack Original: Pokemon SoulSilver
Status: v1.15
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackNDS
Playable On: 
Mobile, Pc, Emulator


It's an NDS hack based on Silver Blue/Soul Silver and lets you start the adventure in Kanto like you're playing a Yellow remake.

List of Features

  • Pikachu as starter with edited moveset and status
  • Redesign of Kanto's wild Pokémon
  • Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur obtainable through Pokémon Yellow events
  • Primal Town and Team Rocket epic event
  • The God's Garden as a new area
  • Mega Charizard X instead of Y
  • National Park with many different Pokémon
  • Red as the protagonist
  • Mew, Deoxys, Jirachi, Suicune, Registeel, Regirock and Regice, and many more catchable
  • Blue is now at Mt. Silver with a team composed by some of his Pokémon of anime/games/manga
  • The Pokémon who need to be traded to evolve can do it reaching level 36 or using the required item
  • Wild Pokémon edited
  • Trainers' levels balanced
  • Some Pokémon attacks edited (see the "read me")
  • Lucas (Platinum Hero) can be challenged at Victory Road
  • Kanto starters (Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur) can now mega-evolve
  • EV Training Road


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Developer: brtatu

Original Source: https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-silver-yellow.520045/